Last year can be summed up like so: 11 days notice, no money saved for equipment we thought another crew would provide so "bring whatever you have and we'll make it work somehow" was the name of the game. We had to scratch all of our planned "extra coverage" as what little equipment we had was now part of the streaming pipeline. Most unfortunately, we had to use an old video capture card with its best output being S-Video because that was "what we had."

The production value suffered greatly, but there was a stream. In fact, I'm so thankful that there was a stream because unless you were at the event, it was the only way folks were able to see the grand finals as demos weren't gathered. On top of that, VODs were never released... which, given their production quality, is understandable.

But that was last year, and we wanted to set our sights on improving QuakeCon coverage beyond anyone's expectations.

What a Difference A Year Makes...
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