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first impresions (1 comment)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:46 CST, 30 November 2022 - iMsg
Finally tried this game for the first time. I had fun yesterday, entered some "pratice game", whatever this means, im not even sure if I was playing vs real people or bots. Could have been because I didn't play games for a long time and I was hitting plenty of shotgun.

Today I played again and realized the mouse has some sort of input delay to it, it doesn't feel instant. Same shit as Diabotical. I have vsync disabled, max fps 144, refresh rate 144.

I've put my same sens and accel as in QL. Raw input mode.

What would be the cause? but anyway

The game just feels weird. I wasn't even able to create an empty server, the options are limited/confusing. I can't seem to create a local match so no one joins and I test things up.

Then again there isn't much to test. Apparently you can't even bind to different crosshairs per weapon etc.

Max FFA players is like 8, there isn't the fun clusterfucks from the Q3 days with many players.

The default weapon is some sort of weird plasmagun and I felt that I was making more damage with that than the rest.

Rocketlauncher felt lagged with a weird splash damage

I entered a quick match thing and played like 5 times, i ended up pissed off because I wasn't going above 4th place.

I had to enable auto switch because i didn't know what gun i was picking

I don't have the patience anymore to learn new maps and shit. I don't see why I would play, if I wanted to play some Quake I would just play QL.

And the game feels like a bit blurry, I miss the clean look from Q3.

And the fucking random ping because there isn't a server list to pick from, you just get thrown into this bucket and you''ll get a random ping from 100 to 50ms. At least I was able to play FFA fast, but I was always getting thrown into a match that had a lot of the same previous players.

And the grenades. What happened to the grenades? now there's some sort of triple rocketnade thing.

And having to learn every single character's special hability which is key for the picks and bans in duel is too much work tbh

Not even sure what I think about this game. It's sure better than zoomer trash but yeah.
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how do you protect your table? (11 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:39 CDT, 21 April 2022 - iMsg
Whenever I buy a table eventually the side were I rest my keyboard hand gets the paint scratched from the usage. What could be used? I remember those wrist things that czm used but these look annoying.
In modern times there are the extra wide mousepads but these are annoying to carry for LANs. Maybe if there was an extra wide qck heavy with 6mm thickness I would think about it but the one i've seen has 4mm thickness and im too used to the 6mm.

What are you using?
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qck heavy question (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 14:20 CDT, 10 April 2022 - iMsg
Has anyone tried the wide one? I realized the paint of the table I use has been scratched a bit due to usage, so im considering buying a wide one. The problem is, the wide one is only 4mm thick and im using to the qck heavy having 6mm thickness for more than 20 years playing with this model. Has anyone compared both?
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For how long does the new QCK smell funny? (22 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 09:28 CDT, 9 July 2021 - iMsg
Ive had it for 2 days and it still has this industrial plastic sort of chemical smell to it. Ive been using QCK heavy for ages and I dont remember the smell being this annoying.
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Anyone considering the XG2431? (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:29 CDT, 5 June 2021 - iMsg
According to blur blusters it will be a good monitor. I really want to replace the XG2401 because the blacks are garbage. I can't see at night on darker games, or watch movies. The blacklight bleeding or whatever it's just so bad you can't see. I was playing Doom, the wad that John Romero released, and I can't see on the dark sectors of the map. I miss CRT colors so bad but no way im going back to these huge monsters.
Then again I also want to play some Quake so I can't use high latency and blurry stuff. So I was told the IPS pannels on the XG2431 could be as good as the XG2401 in terms of latency and so on but I assume with better colors due IPS. So we'll see. Apparently out this september for $450.
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Quake 3 server browser in 2021? (25 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 18:37 CDT, 2 May 2021 - iMsg
Which software could I use?

I've tried qtracker but it gets stuck trying to find the servers. Eventually they show up but it takes like 3 minutes for some reason.

Any alternatives????
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Idea to bring back Quake 3 and stablish a standard (125 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 00:03 CDT, 25 March 2021 - iMsg
Quake 3 is objectively the best game ever, now and in 10000 years. Having stablished this fact, what is needed is to set a golden stardard like chess. Eventually the masses would wake up to reality and they would "click" and realize the people they've been calling "pros" are in fact noobs. Their idols would be fools that get destroyed in a real game.

What im saying is: Drop the failed QC experiment, take Q3 as the base with perfect aesthetics (varied, with both high-tech and dungeon-ish stuff convined that somehow works) and perfect balance of fast but not too much (VQ3 vs CPM/QW) and perfect engine (all other engines have annoyances: Q4 felt cramped, QW had the annoying stairs that stopped your flow and was too brown, Q2 had the weird looking models and it just didn't feel "e-sporty" like Q3, finally QC is a mix of everything bad in between, knockoffs like DB will never be Quake).

Basically, assume this is a niche for 800-1000 players at best, this is higher than the 340 players of QC right now which stopped playing Q3/QL because they were forced to move to QC to find some matches and the rest left when forced to pick a champion and deal with the shitty engine.

Those 800-1000 people are the core of the game and you reduce it everytime you release a game that isn't Q3 with an updated engine (without changing the movement feel, just visuals etc) to further stablish an inmutable standard of duel/TDM.

However, here is the catch: that doesn't stop you from trying to pick up a share of the masses. Everytime there is a trend, you can capitalize on it without having to release a new f*cking engine that is worse than Q3, you just add new gamemodes. (Hint: Epic will never release a Fortnite 2)

So here is my idea for the new gamemode: A Quake Arena battle royale where people jump from and fall into the arena, pick weapons and so on as usual, try to survive until the end, but here's the twist: The last 2 standing players enter into a duel and everyone else is spectating, those spectators can place bets on who will win to incentive they stay until the end of the match. Find a way to make use of said tokens, hell or even allow Bitcoin bets with lighting network. After surviving the battle royale, then the epic ending with the duel, the gambling and so on, would bring the tension of dueling which is the only gamemode that can give you these feelings, all in the best engine and aesthetics possible time tested across a million years.
Add in rankings of how much people have earned, lost, as well as an ELO system.

Organically it would pick up players. Invest in assorted twitch streamers to get the ball rolling. People love seeing stuff when money is involved, the gameplay and aesthetics of Q3 would do the rest.

What id has is the power of having The Golden Standard of dueling for the next 10000 years and they keep fucking it up because they don't know how to take the right steps. They just keep fucking things up, now in the form of QC.
If they did what im saying, they would have a core playerbase higher than the 340 they have now, it would go back to 800-1000 players, slowly would pick up more players as the highest the core amount of players is, the highest chances of exponential growth as per metcafe network distributions. The future is crypto betting in game and there is nothing more thense than a Q3 duel with money involved, the battle royale aspect just adds a fun/casual aspect to it before the final showdown resolved in the duel. This would pick up people slowly. It's a long term investment.

You have the brand, the gameplay, the aesthetics, and a loyal small playerbase enough to keep at least these needed small amount of people playing to reach organic growth. Use it properly.
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Any 24inch ish OLEDs? (12 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 23:36 CST, 12 February 2021 - iMsg
Can I replace my VG2401 with something that has better black colors but doesn't suck for Quake or im still stuck?
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Ant good monitors to be released? (67 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 22:13 CST, 18 December 2020 - iMsg
I would like to finally own a panel that has decent blacks. I haven't enjoyed watching a movie since I got rid of my CRT as I have been forced to use shitty panels in order to have low input latency and high hz.

Is or there will be something that you can use to play Quake while having good colors? around 24 inch, 1080p is enough, non curved.

The VG259QM looks good but I don't like that it says "TUF GAMING" on the platform.
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Why some Doom 2 players kick so much ass? (10 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 09:34 CST, 13 December 2020 - iMsg
Doom 2 is such a simple game, duel maps barely have any item timming, yet some players dominate a lot. They move in such an annoying way to shoot and blast you with SSG. There is a certain technique to it that I never fully dominated and I remember playing Zdaemon back in 2002.
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How to convert fov, sens and accel values? (29 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:42 CDT, 19 September 2020 - iMsg
I don't trust the in-built conversor, starting by the fact that it doesn't even say Quake Live, just Quake Champions and Quake/Source whatever the fuck that means.

Can I get some accurate formula to translate the values?

Also how do you even set mouse accel value in Diabotical? there's even a fucking graph in there, I have no idea. How do I add cl_mouseaccel 0.2 ?
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Diaboticle anticheat wouldn't update (9 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 08:52 CDT, 7 September 2020 - iMsg
Im finally giving this game a try and the first thing im faced with is with some sort of anti cheat that pops up and says "Updating" or something but it doesn't update, so im stuck. I disabled tinywall and enabled diabotical.exe and diabotical-launcher.exe in the windows folder protection exception thing in windows 10 and same shit

Why wouldn't this fucking work already?

And eventually it prompted a window with "do you want to play offline" and I said yes just to test with it bots. Well, there are no bots, and none of the training maps work, I press play and it wouldn't do nothing.

So wtf is going on with this?
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Maps are TOO bright (25 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:49 CDT, 27 August 2020 - iMsg
r_mapoverbrightbitscap 220 is ok for DM6 and ZTN for instance and it gives it the look I want that I used to have in Q3, but it's a clusterfuck of brightness in other maps like House of Decay, Asylum, Trinity... so i've been forced to change this r_mapoverbrightbitscap value pretty much every time the map is changed which is hell.

Was there a good workaround for this? I don't want to resort to using this dark nonsense setup. I like my Q3 to look nice and clean like it's 2001
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Someone explain this to me.

Akiles never cheated, he performed excellent in WCG2002. He was very good, could have been a dominant player if he had a decent internet connection to practice with and better LAN partners, also he was like 25+ back then and stopped playing as much. In any case, this guy is supposed to be a Quake historian, and he just dropped the cheater bomb just like that. What a joke. Im assuming he confused him with SombrA which was accused of cheating given an screenshot (and some made a case for it being a setup). It's either that or he is the average fanboy that hates when their idols get beaten by the guy that was supposed to lose. Or just good ole brittardation twisting historical facts against all things Spain.

In any case, Akiles never cheated. Imagine you spend years perfecting a craft to have some supposed expert were people go to to learn facts from and the guy says you are a cheater. Or some lazy ass "oh I think he was caught cheating later on on some online tournament, so even if he was the second best player in the world in 2002 it doesn't matter, but im a certified historian". Honestly what a fucking tool.
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qtracker can't find servers (1 comment)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:58 CDT, 23 August 2020 - iMsg
qtracker can't find servers or takes ages to show up the lost for some reason. I've whitelisted qtracker.exe and qtuplink.exe on tinywall. Any tips¿?
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how to make flux work with ioquake3? (7 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:12 CDT, 20 August 2020 - iMsg
Expected flux to work with a modern exe but doesnt. R_ignorehwgamma does nothing, i changed from 1 to 0 doing vid restart and also from 1 to 0 and just does fucking nothing. I cant play without flux at night, its too bright, and if I dont disable flux, it's too dark.
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which server browser for q3 still works? (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:38 CDT, 20 August 2020 - iMsg
So with Q3 being made free by Bethesda recently (not anymore) I want to play some games.

Is there any software that still works? I remember the nice feeling of All Seeing Eye, something like that.
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Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:57 CDT, 16 August 2020 - iMsg
Or so they say:

But when I go there, it's still for sale at 9,99€:

So not sure how do you pick it up for free?

There's no point in doing this probably since no one will be playing it online, not sure how that launcher works, probably no way to add mods and stuff? And I have Q3 gold's cdkey

But anyway, I like free shit so..
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How much did Riot Games spend in influencer-garbage? (37 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 11:02 CDT, 12 April 2020 - iMsg
Every single gaystreamer is playing this counter strike clone.

Seriously. I hope coronavirus wrecks the entire fucking species.
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f.lux makes ezQuake darker (7 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:27 CDT, 26 March 2020 - iMsg
How do I avoid this? I don't want to disable f.lux to play at night.
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How to set correct aspect ratio for 1920x1080? (4 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:59 CDT, 24 March 2020 - iMsg
I downloaded ezquake and the image is too wide. I've been tweaking stuff and I don't understand why "Fonts" widens or stretches the image, when it should only stretch I guess the letters? (fonts..?)

This is weird as fuck. Why isn't there a r_aspectRatio cvar for 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 etc?
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Is there any cvar to make the image sharper? (11 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:34 CDT, 24 March 2020 - iMsg
I always hated how QL has no anisotropic filtering for some reason.

Is forcing anisotropic filtering on nvidia or amd settings accepted in tournaments?

Btw I cant stand the game without filtering, looks like minecraft.
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how do you check people's rank ingame from qlstats? (4 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:12 CDT, 21 March 2020 - iMsg
how the fuck does this work? the old site was better
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the weapon has no ammo?

For example, bind e uses crosshair 1, bind q uses crosshair 2.

When the weapon binded to e is empty, I switch to another weapon, and if by mistake I press e, it switches to crosshair 1, but im still in the weapon binded to q since the weapon binded to e is empty and I have cg_noAmmoChange set to "1" and cg_switchtoempty "0"

This is annoying. Is there a way to ignore weapons that are empty so even if you press the bind, the crosshair stays the same?

I wish Syncerror worked on stuff like this back then instead of dumb shit.
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It looks a bit changed, its subtle, but its there. The textures have a bit of a "mold" look. Remember the difference between r_depthbits 32 to 16? something like that.

Is there something to make it exactly the same as before? perhaps something on the nvidia display options is fucking this up.

For instance, notice at the upper wall on the first pic, that is the old AMD. Now look below at the same place, the wall looks whiter. Also the wall looks seems smooth, in the sense of it looking a bit more like r_picmip 4 than 5. Look at the floor. Its just different, and its annoying me. Any way to make it look like on the previous GPU?
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how to disable sparks gibs? (4 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:12 CDT, 19 March 2020 - iMsg
When I gib a model it does the sparks thing. cg_gibs is set to 0.
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all those years went by so fast

i wonder where aaron is, profile says 53 years old, that guy was the developoer for cpma right? oh wait, arqon was it right? not the same guy

i wonder what happened to all the girls that played back in the day. did fox marry trito and had a kid? and what happened with sophie, that blonde hottie that stermy dated? looks like she dumped him or something. did liefje marry purri?

what about nicky? she was an admin here

i wonder what happened to kdawg, he always fighted with jamerio

what other old nick i remember lets see... eehh therailmccoy, whatever happened to that guy

and what about voodoochopstiks? he landed a job as a level developer, one of my pipedream jobs.. is he still working?

what about z4muz, and all the russians? fucking hell
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How does one OC the USB port in Windows 10? (13 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 22:15 CST, 27 February 2020 - iMsg
Im finally forced to move to this OS after Win 7 lost support. How do I make my WMO run at 500hz in there? I even had signed drivers that didn't require me to go in test mode for this. I hate having to use Win 10 but I need to use it.

There are no WMO replacements yet so don't bother with just buy a mouse bro.
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What's your source of legit WMO these days? (4 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:49 CST, 20 February 2020 - iMsg
Luckily I bought 3 back then on ebay from some chinese seller, but one of them was busted and acted weird, so im only 2 left. I would like to know where to buy a legit WMO these days if I never need to.
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Hows the 2020 QCK heavy mousepad compared to older ones? (19 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:29 CST, 16 February 2020 - iMsg
I remember back in 2013 or so, I bought the original QCK heavy, this one:

Notice the old logo? Then years later, I bought this one:

When I got it, I noticed it felt cheaper compared to original 1 in materials, but still got the job done.

Now, I see they've changed it again, the new one has only the logo and doesn't say "steelseries":

So what im asking is, what can I expect? is it going to be worse than all previous iterations? considering everything in "esports" gets increasingly shitty, I wouldn't be sursprised they are saving costs with even worse materials these days.
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when will monitors stop sucking? (82 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:50 CST, 30 January 2020 - iMsg
Everyone knows monitors for Quake suck since the last CRTs went out of production, and I also got sick of having a fat ass monitors.

When can we get OLEDs that challenge the best TN pannels in terms of low input lag and hz while having good colors?

its like i havent washed my eyes since 2005 or whenever i replaced my 19 inch samsung CRT with my first TN panel. Now I have a 2401 viewsonic and still didnt get used at how shit the colors are, specially dark scenes.

Ive seen theres some up and coming monitors but they are 55 inches which is retarded, i want a regular 24 inch screen.
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When will we get Quake 3 RTX? (47 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:56 CST, 13 January 2020 - iMsg
Its meant to happen. It would fit way better than Quake 2 RTX.
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Anyone has the new Ryzen CPUs? do you get microlags? (27 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 23:58 CST, 15 December 2019 - iMsg
Do you know that random micro stutter where the lagometer dies and there's a small gap for a second? ive been dealing with this for years with my old q6600, I just hope when I upgrade I can finally play as long as I want with no stuters
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Latency issues with AMD 3xxx series relevant for Quake? (32 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 14:59 CST, 15 December 2019 - iMsg
It's expected to fix a lot of the latency issues plaguing the 3000 series right now due to their chiplet design.Core 1 sharing resources with core 7 for example currently nearly quadruples latency compared to core 1 sharing with core 2, because they're in different chiplets.

Ryzen 3000 is also a tick, Ryzen 4000 will be the "tock" of Zen2. It's Zen2+ where all refinements are done before new architecture is expected and baby Zen2 is fantastic but it's not without its flaws. The flaws don't really matter for anything but gaming so if you don't care about 1% lows and gaming performance then buying Zen2 right now isn't going to be bad. What wouldn't be a bad idea would be buying a Ryzen 5 3600 and then going with a Zen2+ Ryzen 9 when they're out as your upgrade but honestly IMO and in my current position it's worth waiting to see how it plays out because it might be worth replacing your memory for Zen2+ as well because latencies and memory speed ideals may differ. In any case, buying cheap RAM for the 3600 today wouldn't make for bad spares down the road.

If you need a PC right now I'd buy but I wouldn't go HEDT or buy a Ryzen 9 just yet.

What does this MEAN on practice? Do those modern computers really add some sort of added ms due too many cores?

Im on an old ass q6600 10 year old Intel computer and im looking forward to get a 3900x, however im having second thoughts because this "latency" talk doesnt sound good on paper.
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webm thread (No comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:33 CST, 14 December 2019 - iMsg
Can we have a webm thread? post cool webms to show why this game is fucking awesome and zoomers got nothing on us.

fox dodges rockets
flick rail + flick rocket combo

would be cool if someone told me how to embed webms
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Keyboard that is silent, small and doesnt suck? (No comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 00:01 CST, 13 December 2019 - iMsg
I have been using this one for like 7 years and its busted:

Any replacement thats small like that?

Are modern mechanical keyboards silent? I dont want to wake up neighbours while playing quake at night or something.

It has to be as silent as possible but without being some stupid compromise to do so that makes it annoyng to use.
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How do people become big on twitch? (59 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 22:15 CST, 5 December 2019 - iMsg
In YouTube it seems to be a matter of good CTR+watchtime+luck

How do people grow on twitch? I want to make money being a neet

PS: being a girl, a pro player or YT with former followings doesnt count
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who is THE BEST QW duel player of all time? (64 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:06 CDT, 19 October 2019 - iMsg
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how do i fix my schelude? (21 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 23:29 CDT, 29 August 2019 - iMsg
its 6 AM Again

i just watch content on the internet endlessly until its 6 AM

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Is Duke Nukem 3D overall a perfect SP game? (11 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:16 CDT, 22 August 2019 - iMsg
Sure not literally perfect, but overall, what more of it can you ask?

Every level is instantly recognizable, so unique. The different texture/sprite themes are fantastic and very fitting. The maps with the sector lightning made it very immersive, I always wanted to see the next level and keep going. All enemies are recognizable, original designs. Same for the weapons. The sounds are cool, the music is great. A lot of stuff to do for a 1996 game. Very creative.

While not as technically impressive as Quake, I had more fun playing its SP than Quake which by the time I finished episode 2 I was having an headache with the constant brown-ish theme.

Damn, im looking good.
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Imagine if Q3 was still big and we had GTV (14 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 22:01 CDT, 15 August 2019 - iMsg
And we were able to spam like on the good ol days. Instead of spamming PACO we would be spamming SANCHEZ
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What happened to Angel Muñoz? (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:21 CDT, 15 August 2019 - iMsg
Did he ever pay whoever was waiting for a check?
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Difference between 125 fps and 250 fps (46 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:20 CDT, 15 August 2019 - iMsg
Im finally moving into a modern computer, coming from a 2008 quadcore into a 3900x I expect to hit 250 fps.

The question is, is there any difference at all? what's the point? After decades of playing at 125 fps im not sure if I want to make that change.
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S A N C H E Z (13 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:09 CDT, 9 August 2019 - iMsg






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Not even a single Q3 tournament for the 20 year anniversary (10 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:04 CDT, 9 August 2019 - iMsg
We have to watch unsufferable (non-Q3) games, and not a single tournament for the 20 anniversary, not even a fucking sad BYOC one.

Just end it. Send a nuke everywhere.
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2019, june, any replacements for wmo yet? (128 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 09:12 CDT, 29 June 2019 - iMsg
wasn't bst supposed to release some next level shit?
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x570 motherboard with overclock USB? (1 comment)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 15:08 CDT, 28 June 2019 - iMsg
Does anyone know if any x570 are shipping with the thing we saw with the "Fatal1ty port" that allows you to overclock the USB port without having to use dodgy ass unsigned drivers? Given that there will never be a wmo replacement I would like to keep using it when I upgrade to a ryzen 9 next month.
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Quake 3 RTX as an opportunity for revival (41 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 07:51 CDT, 29 May 2019 - iMsg
With the launch of Quake 2 RTX:

it is only reasonable to think Quake 3 RTX is comming eventually.

I propose that the launch includes higher rex textures, higher res polygons, and ragdoll physics so the corpses aren't floating in dumb positions intolerable for 2019.

It would be very interesting to see how the dynamics of duel would work like with realtime lightning, since you have shadows to worry about. You could say "but people will turn it off". Well hard code it and lock it. Eventually everyone will be able to move the graphics as raytracing graphic cards become cheaper within the next 10 years, it will be the new standard.

We've seen a massive Minecraft revival with these videos getting millions of views due raytracing versions. It's time bring back Quake 3 and bring it back bigly. A proper revival with modern graphics instead of trying to reinvent the wheel in the delusion that you can improve what is the gold standard 1v1 fps game.
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Apex Legends: what in the fuck (64 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 18:45 CST, 17 February 2019 - iMsg
There's no way this is organic growth. Looks like someone has paid a lot of money to big youtubers to shill this game all at once, like a massive ad campaign, suddendly everyone is playing it after the Fortnite bubble is starting to crash.

Again, how's another generic COD hitscan fest clone any interesting, just because it has spawning on the air? seriously now.

Jumping from one hypejob to another, this is the state of so called "competitive gaming". What's played is whatever has more ad money to spend on these retarded youtubers/twitchtards that think they are special when they just got lucky that their shitty generic content caught up within the google algorithms.

A lack of standard (aka Q3 as immutable 1v1 platform) killed competitive gaming. Anyone caught supporting modern games should be shot on sight.
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tricks to fall asleep faster? (57 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:24 CST, 21 November 2018 - iMsg
I seriously cannot sleep, 8 hours go by and I wake up tired because I didn't properly sleep. I hate t4 thyroid pills but still doesnt work. I hate feeling like shit in the morning no matter what i do.
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breakfast ideas (26 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:57 CST, 21 November 2018 - iMsg
Which breakfasts do you recommend? im tired of eating orange juice with toasted bread with cold cuts of turkey or jam and cheese for the last decade or so.
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When will QL be free to play? (39 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:42 CST, 11 November 2018 - iMsg
Why the fuck are they asking for money to play QL but QC is free to play? Scared that QL playerbase will be higher than QC?

Just let people play for free and let people create and host custom maps and content like in Q3, you disgraceful demons aren't even updating the game anymore. Fuck these fucking guys.
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ninox astrum? (31 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 23:29 CDT, 1 November 2018 - iMsg
so when does it come out?

I want to be disappointed again at the idea of replacing my wmo(s) with a modern mouse
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I'll tell you a secret (17 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:33 CDT, 8 October 2018 - iMsg
Quake 3: Arena is the best game ever.
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How to know if your mouse derped? (7 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:50 CDT, 22 August 2018 - iMsg
You know when you open QL and you aren't just feeling your mouse and feel like reseting your computer because something is off?

How can you guarantee this is the case, and not because you haven't played in a week and it feels off?

Measuring cm/360 may not be consistent if the problem is in the accel.

You can't be sure if it's placebo or not, you can't trust SyncDerperror software in being consistent whatsoever.
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Welcome To Quake 3 Arena (2 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 22:23 CDT, 16 August 2018 - iMsg

Enter the portal to begin combat.
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how do you get yourself from a shitty situation? (16 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:15 CDT, 6 August 2018 - iMsg
I dont know why but sometimes I have periods were in duel I get stuck, I just don't fucking play well and I see myself running around timing yellow armors trying to get some timings for RA and MH and try to annoy the guy so he doesn't pick them for free, but I just can't flip the fucking match.

rapha is able to play on the shitty part of the map (without RA and MH) for long times and he eventually takes control but it feels like so fucking lucky or something, it's just tiny details that make the difference

I also can't deal with rail aimwhores of ELO 2000+, LG aimwhores are also annoying

My inspirations are cooller and rapha because they dont aimwhore and have brain, but I dont know how the fuck they do it

In my experience, timing more than 2 items at once just fucks your mind up, you cant be at 4 places at the same time anyway

Anyway just some duel observations of lately when trying to play again after ages.
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Can anyone update OSP? (54 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:34 CDT, 2 August 2018 - iMsg
Trying to play some VQ3 duels and nobody plays CPMA VQ3.. everyone is still playing OSP.

Where the fuck are the OSP devs? all we need is just to have proper 16:9 crosshairs and huds, higher def crosshairs like the one in CPMA/QL.. that's all. An improvement in netcode to make it as good as CPMA wouldn't help but I guess that's dreaming.
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How to block switching to empty guns? (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 15:38 CDT, 30 July 2018 - iMsg
What was the cvar that blocked switching to a gun with 0 ammo in OSP and CPMA?
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It would be cool to have something crazy, like a $1,000,000 Q3 tournament, so it motivates all the old schoolers to come back which would face the new schoolers.

Many names come to mind, that im sure would come back for the challenge.

Fatal1ty said in the Thoorin interview that he felt robbed and abandoned when they got rid of Q3 for competition, and said how he would play it forever if there were big tournaments for it.

Pretty much everyone playing QC doesn't really like it and consider Q3 the 10/10 game.

Old school players like Polosaity still upload Q3 content in his channel and has many views:

I believe many people born in the modern era of shooters are becoming interested on it because they weren't born when it was around and find it interesting and very different to modern gaming. 4 million follower Leafy is said to have become obsessed with playing Quake, now that he is rich and retired he is probably playing.

Polos is also in contact with many old school russian players like n0bap. It would be cool to get them all back. Including many legends like uNkind. $1,000,000 is enough to get them all back and create an epic high skill elite tournament with players from all eras.



Imagine a lineup like that.

+leave some open spots to motivate people to train. Have invitational spots and have open spots.

A 64 player tournament with 32 invitational pros of all eras vs 32 open spots (qualifiers probably online, I don't see them pulling proper LAN qualifiers)

C'mon motherfuckers do something. They have the resoruces to do it right. And no don't be brainwashed by "oh but some of these players are too old". Once you've played Quake at high level you always have that competitive itch, it's just the money missing to justify putting many hours to it as an adult. Also don't believe reflexes go down after 25. Im on my 30's and my reflexes are as good as when I was 15. You just have to train and get good again.

Let's have a legendary Q3 tournament for the 20th anniversary. If QCon doesn't do it then someone else must do it. Get Carmac here, isnt't he still doing the IEM thing?
Even ESWC should do another. WCG. Everyone. You bastards using abominations for eSports can still do something useful and host an epic Q3 tournament.
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Was it ch_autoAction "3"

and in CPMA its the same cvar or another?

also vstr doesnt work in OSP? my gun vstr do nothing there
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fov too big when spectating (1 comment)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:46 CDT, 28 July 2018 - iMsg
Fov is too high when spectating for some reason, like 120 or so... how do I put the fov to my normal fov?

It seems to be showing when the enemy zooms but the default one is not mine which is 100
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small fps slowdown when changing weapons (21 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:33 CDT, 27 July 2018 - iMsg
When I change a weapon there's a mini fps slowdown hiccup, I can notice it if i constantly change back and forth between weapons.
How can I make it go smooth? even if im going on a straight line not moving the mouse, it happens. I think its the sensitivity value. I use lower sens for rail and shaft but like I said, even when im looking straight theres a small hiccup...

I noticed this happens when the crosshair changes even if same sens

for instance rl and plasma I use a different crosshair, same sens, but there's a hiccup
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original toxicity? (9 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:00 CDT, 27 July 2018 - iMsg
I may be tripping but I remember toxicity was used in one of the latest Q3 tournaments, which had one of these generic "cpmX" names but I can't find it. Anyone knows it?
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Stelam is a time-traveler (6 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:47 CDT, 26 July 2018 - iMsg

> Registered: 16 Nov 2001
> Last Login: 30 Nov 1999

Stelam has officially gone back to 1999 to try to change the course of history, in which 20 years later Q3 would be an elite billionaire discipline, The Standard of 1v1 gaming, immutable and forever, and Fortnite would be seen as yet another trend for noobs.

Stelam is our last hope now.
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Changing fov/crosshair in spectator (No comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:47 CDT, 25 July 2018 - iMsg
I remember you used to be able to be able to have your fov and crosshair change when spectating, so it would match your config (for example, I use fov 95 for rail and the open cross, so I would like that when someone changes to rail and im spectating, it happens too)

Can you still do this? I haven't changed my config and it isnt happening anymore. You used to be able to do it back then. I havent played in like 3 years.
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Yet another reason I want to punch developers in the face (No comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:35 CDT, 25 July 2018 - iMsg
I like to enter a server and leave the window minimized while I wait for someone to duel (which due unfortunate state of videogames in 2018, takes a while).

So once this smart person joins to play Quake instead of whatever the fuck other shitty game, I don't realize because (unlike QW client developers which actually add useful stuff to the clients) the minimized icon doesn't prompt me of chat activity or anything.

In ezQuake I can be minimized watching Youtube or whatever, and when someone comments the icon will let me know, in QL, of course, you don't notice, someone finally enters, you don't realize, then by the time you look again he has disconnected. FUCK this.
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WMO fully black and WMO with grey sides (10 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:44 CDT, 25 July 2018 - iMsg
I have 1 WMO that I bought many years ago, from a local shop, it's the 1.1a, it had no original box.

Then I have 3 WMO that are fully black, which I bought from ebay a couple years ago from dacheng I think. They seem legit. But they are all black.
They don't have the the grey sides as my 1.1a have (these ones aren't 1.1a, they are 1.1 but they don't say it, I guess they are the ones that came with the original box but he sells them in bulk).

This is how my 1.1a looks like:

As you see, the base/sides is grey. Notice how the wheel and cable is grey too. This is the most common WMO color set I see when I search for WMO in google images.

Now this is the weird thing. The 3 ones I bought from the chinese ebay seller are completely black. Black sides, black wheel, black cable. It looks kinda cool all slick black. Im just worried it's a chinese knockoff of sorts.

I wasn't able to find a picture of one that is completely black besides this one with the weird logo:

Mine doesn't have that logo, just the regular Microsoft logo, which has almost completely vanished by now, as it typically happens with the WMO, which makes it look even better tbh.

I was just wondering why the change in colors?

The boxed one seems to be grey wheel and cable and I assume base too:

Oddly enough on this picture it looks like the wheel is black while sides are grey:

And i've found this box that says "special edition". What's special about it?

Let's see if someone can put some sanity on this. Im just paranoid mine are fakes.
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n0bap interview (1 comment)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:27 CDT, 22 July 2018 - iMsg
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Why none of the pros are rocking WMO anymore? (108 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:25 CDT, 22 July 2018 - iMsg
Is it because they found technologically better+better shape mouses (doubt it), or because it's just a matter of sponsors/less trouble to set it up on lan due needing the custom drivers for 500hz etc?

These are the mouses I found from pros in QC.

Edit: Actually apparently Cypher still using a white WMO:

So is he playing at 125hz? I heard they dont allow custom USB mouse drivers in tournaments so??

Edit2: I found this which is supposedly updated:

Most WMO users seem to have migrated to FK2. Is it a proper WMO replacement?
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Does cg_viewsize have an impact on sens or accel? (3 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 19:35 CDT, 22 July 2018 - iMsg
I like to use cg_viewsize 90. The black borders help me focus, modern monitor are too big for me to handle.

I was wondering: Does this have an impact on sens and accel? We concluded that 4:3 to 16:9 does nothing since it's just black bars on the sides, but cg_viewsize lower than 100 adds a black border on the entire screen.

Also does it screw up with the sharpness of the pixels? The native resolution is the most sharp on LCDs because unfortunately as we know, LCDs suck with lower resolutions (I miss a SHARP 800x600 image on my CRT) so im forced to use native 1920x1080, however, does cg_viewsize lower than 100 mess with it? Im not sure but I think it does.
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Favorite Quake 3 era? (36 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 14:19 CDT, 20 July 2018 - iMsg
1999-2001 (the pre-historic era)

1999: The beginnings. I barely remember much from this era, other than having noob fun on Barry's World FFA servers with full GFX on, and having a blast railing people on air and seeing the gibs splat around.

Competitive names in this era? Probably the likes of Lakerman, Panicore, and Polosatiy where already playing.

2000 : The CPL era with fatal1ty, Zero4, chaoticz... USA reigned this era mostly, before russians took over.

2001: I don't remember much in there, other than watching some iC TDM matches on CPL London. I wasn't able to see much due bad internet. Americans still dominating big tournaments. I specially have fond memories of daler, an insanely aggressive player. The concept of eSports for a living shaping up here.

The golden ages (2002-2005)

2002: Skills were begining to sharpen up really high. Crazy flick rails. unk1nd was at his best with some crazy WCG performance. The first time I was seeing these insane rail flickshots with high accel. Players using cheap gear, cheap mouses and small mousepads, using that akward russian style position. The way he moved was different, due his accel and sharp movements.

A spanish player (Akiles) placing 2nd on WCG as an underdog was pretty shocking, I expected other names there. He did good. I remember a pretty good game against chaoticz in DM6.
This was the only WCG ever with Quake, unfortunately.
This is my most nostalgic era as I fall in love with duel and understood the dephtness of it all. I still remember djWHEAT being great as a shoutcaster. We were having a good time in GTV using Winamp with some pluging to sync the audio to the GTV. No trolling or complaining, just excitement for the matches. The increase in skill, people involved and the huge stage in WCG finals makes me mark this as the begining of the "golden age".

2003: Russian domination beggins with Cooller, amazed by the control in his game. Took item control and positioning to the next level. Amazing performance in DM6 by Cooller humilliating the great ZeRo4, he was powerless.
At this point there was a clear elite which would take you years of hard work to attempt to dethrone.

2004: Some good tournaments but didn't enjoy as much ESWC because of some weird point system for countries. I just liked the classic 1v1 individual thing.

2005 era: ESWC 2005 was the biggest tournament with Cooller and czm finals, pretty intense. Cooller still as the #1 dueller.
A grey cloud in the horizon made me worried that good times were going to end soon.

2006-2007: Quake 4 era

The 2006-2007 era: What can I say? The very mediocre game "Quake 4" ruined this. Here I was starting to get tired of games as a whole. Since I was predicting how "eSports" was going a shitty route and dedicating time to it was a waste of time, since we didn't had an inmutable standard (which would be Quake 3, when it comes to 1v1 competitive fps). Instead I saw how they would now start to shuffle shitty modern games around wasting everyone's time.

Still, we somehow had the CPL come out of nowhere with a Quake 3 World Season which I enjoyed, even if they replaced OSP with CPMA. Sure CPMA was technically better, but something about OSP makes me very nostalgic, I missed some things from OSP, like the customization of more colourful nicknames and some other details on the cfg. It also took me some time to adjust because my mouse felt different on that mod compared to OSP.

This also introduced some new maps, if im not mistaken, the early version of what is now known as toxicity was there.

Czm, jibo, cooller, z4muz and some others were the best performers.

2007-2009 (grey clouds era)

With Q4 taking out Q3 from ESWC and Quakecon not much was happening. We had a return of Q3 in ESWC with good games but it was again removed, so I dont remember many good times there, pretty blurry memories.

2010-2013 (A new hope - QuakeLive).

With QL we had some big tournaments happening again. ESWC, Quakecons, Intel Extreme Masters. Even online tournaments with good prizes and high level, since internet connections were starting to get really good, even in less developed countries. High skill, big stages, nice prize tournaments, Rapha dominating finally giving Cooller and cypher some problems. A pretty good era. ESWC dropped it after 2010 tho... but IEM made it interesting for the following years, also Dreamhacks and Quakecons, all these tournaments made players invest time in having a good shape.
I never liked the change from 15 minute duels to 10 minute duels tho. It made the thing way less deep. It made duels kind of sameish in it's development, not as many chances for a comeback. I liked the hardcore long duel tournaments of back then, you really needed some next level dedication and stamina. This is why I can't place Rapha above Cooller. Cooller was a master in coming back in these last 5 minutes of 15 minute duels when he had problems.

2014+ (Decadence era)

QL still kept the Q3 spirit alive in the form of Quakecons, but that was it, there were literally no other big tournaments that I can think of, and a competitive game can't be kept alive with a single tournament every year, well it can, but not at its full potential. If at least it was an epic tournament (kind of what F1 is in racing, a very elitist tournament for a very elitist game), but no, it was a pretty damn mediocre tournament. Players started lossing interest. We had many of them going into shitty games like Overwatch, Shootmania happened earlier I think... we also even had Cooller eventually going to CS:GO of all games.

QC was released and as I expected (beside the also expected problems engine-wise with again, very awkward physics/feel as experienced in Q4) it was just a gimmified Quake, moving away from The Duel Standard, trying to gain some popularity from the LoL hype, which would quickly die off to be replaced by a game that caters for all the addictive parts of every millenial game ever (the lame shotting and slow walking physics of CS, the building of Minecraft, the ludopathy-inducing opening of chests of Clash Royale, the Hunger Games hype...) giving birth to the abomination known as Fortnite.

All the foundations of solid, worth-calling-eSports-for gameplay was lost at this point. All these epic nerve-breaking sudden death times on 1v1 between two elite players have been replaced by gimmicks, which have broken any hopes of having a true standard. "Profesional gamers" are forced to jump from game to increasingly shitty game because otherwise they can't make more than minimum wage. The idiocy of trying to reinvent the wheel. Just imagine Kasparov and KO getting told that the chessboard and rules will be changed every year. This is what eSport is, a clusterfuck of retardation that broke 10+ years of fine tunning skillsets invested into the best game ever, in exchange of short lived mediocrity.

Unless somehow the Quake 3 Duel Standard gets adopted by a future generation or someone with a lot of money decides to host a big tournament to keep it alive high skill wise, I guess we are stuck here forever, kind of like the universe in 100 trillion years. The dark era.
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Apparently c58 team still alive? (9 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 14:52 CDT, 12 July 2018 - iMsg
Right now there's a stream with some people playing:

Seeing "c58" reminds me of my early teen years when I was watching Q3 demos, downloading them from the c58 website. I was watching cooller, lexer, unkind, polos and the loot all day.

I haven't bothered with gaming since Q3 days due games being shit but im glad to see the team is alive. Who is still playing in there? I hope they go to quakecon, apparently they are asking for donations.
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if there is ever a WMO replacement... (12 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:15 CDT, 11 July 2018 - iMsg
I will go out in the street naked and scream like a madman "WMOOO WMOOOOOOO"
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Finally switching from 4:3 to 16:9, any tips? (34 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:39 CDT, 9 July 2018 - iMsg
I have finally switched from a 4:3 resolution to the native 16:9 resolution, it was simply too much of a disadvantage to not see the corners of the screen. My brain is still adapting to the asymmetrical distances from the center of the screen (crosshair) tho.

Should I tweak my mouse sens and accel values in any way or do they translate 1:1 and everything should be fine?

Also btw, im using an special sens value for the rail because I use a lower FOV value (all that super geeky mathematical formula that gives you a value and then you multiply this value for the sens used in the normal fov). Is this shit still needed? my config is pretty old.

Any tips on this is appreciated.
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Finally gave Fortnite a try... (48 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 00:21 CDT, 6 July 2018 - iMsg
and it fucking sucks.

1) Absolutely random loot at first. Unlucky landing spot and you are dead. Game over.
2) Completely dull movement. 0 deepness during combat. There's not much to do but to jump like an idiot since attempting to strafe just slows you down.
3) Weapons are like 99% hitscan with ping 200 due bullets not being actually hitscan. Too many variations of weapons, not enough focus.
4) Everyone just makes towers and camps.
5) Your finger will hurt from sprinting across an hueg map.
6) Boring farming of materials

Seriously, when will this latest trend go away?
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clawz is a retarded hypejob (53 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:43 CST, 3 February 2018 - iMsg
The nightmare has become real: The world champion of "Quake" is some unknown teenager. This is how shit the game is. He also disrespected Vo0 by ignoring a handshake.

This guy would get crushed in a real game (as in VQ3/CPM/QW). Daily reminder that Quake is dead.
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Help me choose parts of new computer (21 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:01 CDT, 27 October 2017 - iMsg
The parts im keeping are:

GPU: MSI R7850 (still kicking ass)
PSU: Enermax 720W (very solid PSU)
HDD: Got a couple Seagate 7200's for data
Case: Define R4, nice silent and slick.

I need:


The ones I had in mind:

CPU: Not sure. My monitor is Freesync. Is this relevant to CPU or GPU? If not then I gues I will stick to Intel unless you can prove me the new Rizen thing is much better, so far its not even better in DAW (music making) which is another hobby I have beside gaming. I do some video editing too. So let's say I get the Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7Ghz BOX (400€)

CPU FAN: (The big Noctua one that's the most silent not sure)

MOBO: I want the Fatal1ty one with the USB port that allows you to run the WMO at 500 or 1000hz without the annoying test mode drivers, but im not sure what one to buy because that one must be too old for the new CPU socket and m.2 SSD

RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury White DDR4 2133Mhz PC4-17000 32GB 2x16GB CL14 (297€)

SSD: Samsung 960 EVO m.2 1TB (446€)

Aaarrgh i need some help to know if everything will be compatible.
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I cant run Q1 on android (17 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 14:31 CDT, 29 July 2017 - iMsg
I got qi4a, put the id folder on the sdcard/qi4a folder and it doesn't work.

I tried a couple different pak.0 and pak1.0, nothing seems to register as legit

Wtf is going on?
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My WMOs look different to the original I had (4 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:10 CDT, 28 July 2017 - iMsg
Im still using the same WMO from the 4 batch I bought back then, but after I bought 4, I had one which broke. After I learned how there would never be a proper replacement, then I bought 4 at once to have hopefully lifetime suplply.

The first one, which had that grey tone to it in the base and was my first WMO, died years ago, then I got this 4 WMO batch from a chinese retailer. For some reason, the ones I bought are all black, the first one I had had the grey base:

Also notice that the wheel is grey.

The ones I bought in ebay, are all black, base is black, wheel is black, cable is black, it looks pretty sexy tbh with the reg light. Im just confused, why is this the case?

I remember asking this back then, and I think someone told me that the grey base ones are the ones that came with the original case, and the all black ones are the ones that are OEM in other words they ship without case. It's strange, because I never had any case for the WMO

Anyone can explain the difference in colors? from what I gathered, they are not chinese knockofs, they are real. Someone posted a guide of the different codes, and I remember that I concluded it was real, but I never got any explaination on the difference of colors
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display port = dumb shit (6 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 16:28 CDT, 26 July 2017 - iMsg
I can't believe how annoying display port is.

1) When I turn the monitor on, it turns itself off and on a couple of times, this happens randomly, sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't.

2) Sometimes randomly (I think when Catalyst finds an update or something) it flickers off and on



This is so fucking dumb, and from what i've gathered there's no fix? the fuck is this, fuck fuck fuck fuck, fucking technology.
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Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 09:17 CDT, 11 July 2017 - iMsg
I was trying to find this satisfying sound. I was surprised to see it's not uploaded in youtube. I can find all the Q3 sounds but not the gib.wav which brings also memories of IRC when it disconnected by accident.

gib.wav is the best telefrag sound ever also.
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Am i nuts by still play at 4:3 res? (88 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 20:17 CDT, 18 April 2017 - iMsg
I got my new 16:9 monitor, coming from my old 16:10, which I still used 4:3 res

I tried 1920x1080 but it just feels weird

I know its a big disadvantage because I cant see if there is someone sneaking in on the corners (example, in ztn on RL area, I cant see if someone is coming from the left without actually moving the mouse a bit)

but I cant see Q3/QL without 4:3, feels weird on my brain

I can play QW in 16:9, but not Q3/QL

Im trying to get used to 1920x1080 with downsized 1 time so the screen feels smaller.
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Does a mouse that can replace the WMO exist yet? (39 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 05:53 CDT, 10 April 2017 - iMsg
-simple design (2 buttons and wheel, by 2 buttons I mean left click right click, no side buttons)
-similar size
-similar height for nice russian style claw handle

The only thing I dont like about the WMO is it doesnht have native 1000hz, so I have to always run that annoying trick to overclock the USB port, and I only do it to 500hz because im scared 1000hz will break something. 500hz is good enough tho.

If there are no replacements for this great mouse, I will continue to enjoy it for years to come as I will buy the Fatal1ty motherboard with the USB port that can has native support for higher hz without having to run windows in test mode.

I have 3 more spare WMO.
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Anyone owns a ViewSonic XG2401 monitor? (29 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 08:32 CDT, 8 April 2017 - iMsg
What settings do you use here?


From Tomshardware:

There are six view modes that correspond to various tasks. One of them is called Game and that contains seven further presets. All provide various combinations of brightness, overdrive and input lag settings. The best video and gaming performance we found was in Standard mode.

SmartSync is something we haven't seen before. ViewSonic says it "automatically selects the best refresh rate and response time, and lowest input lag needed in FPS games." We're not sure why you wouldn't simply choose settings that give you the best possible performance. And FreeSync should eliminate any need to mess with refresh rate settings. When we turned it on, it engaged the dynamic contrast and reduced overall image quality.

AMD FreeSync is off by default so you'll have to check this box during the XG2401's initial setup. First however, you need to visit the Setup menu and enable DisplayPort 1.2 (shown below).

Response Time is the same as overdrive and has three levels of operation. Ultra Fast results in the least motion blur but adds a bit of ghosting. It was easy to see in test patterns and extremely detailed games. After playing a while, we returned it to the Standard setting.

Low Input Lag also has three settings that reduce processing overhead. On the Ultra Fast setting, we recorded results comparable to other 144Hz monitors and it had no ill effects on video quality. See our tests on page seven for more information.

Black Stabilization is a low-end gamma control. If you're having trouble seeing detail in dark areas of the screen, turn this up.

Advanced DCR will vary brightness based on content in four steps. We think this enhancement is best left off.

How do I set this out for ideal Quake playing?
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Im trying to find the best monitor to replace my 2233rz

After much research, it seems like Viewsonic XG2401 and LG 24GM77 are the best options

I was considering the new LG (24GM79G) since the 24GM77 is discontinued and hard to find

I asked in reddit, and someone claims some people here has no clue:

Most people agree 24GM77 has better colors

This is provably false by reviews with accurate measurements, and some of these ESR people have no clue. In your second link the author (clerictgm) claims the iiyama B2 is awesome, even though the Hardware Info measurements clerictgm links to prove it's trash due to its insulting low sub 1.8 preset gamma.

Also, according to the review in korean (I think) of the new LG, the new LG is worse than the old LG and the Viewsonic XG2401.

Major disappointment if he is right because I was waiting to buy the new LG... if he is legit then im buying the XG2401

You linked to Playwares 24GM79G review which contains almost all of the accurate measurements one needs to see to know if a display is good, as well as proves that the 24GM79G has inferior color preset accuracy or image quality compared to both the 24GM77 and XG2401.

He seems like a legit guy and has run decent tests:

So should I trust fellow Quakers or this guy? Now I don't know what to do.

Has good ol ESR failed me to assess the best Quake monitor?

ESR vs Reddit; let the games begin.
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this game sucks (125 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 04:59 CDT, 3 April 2017 - iMsg
1) Feels clunky, like UT/Q4
2) The powerups messed everything up, no more exciting overtimes
3) Weapon models look like spaceships
4) Everything that made OSP/CPMA great isn't there (no forcemodels, no enemycolors, no brightskins, no complex weapon configurations, no hud modifications
5) Sounds are awkward and uninspired
6) Timers on items nailed the coffin

I could go on.

Btw, I have not even played the game, im just doing a prediction.
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Anyone has the 24GM79G-B yet? (5 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:28 CDT, 27 March 2017 - iMsg
This is the only place on the internet I can find it:

"Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks."

Can't find reviews or anything.

I was about to buy the LG 24GM77-B to replace my dead 2233rz but I can't find it anywhere. I guess I will wait a couple of weeks for the 24GM79G-B to arrive in local shops and see some reviews to guarantee they haven't somehow ****ed up something with the new model and hope i don't go blind in the meantime (im on the laptop)
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Buying LG 24GM77-B today (79 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 05:47 CDT, 27 March 2017 - iMsg
I think im replacing my 2233rz with this one.

From what i've researched, the LG 24GM77-B beats the competition.

Lowest input lag, best colors.

The only thing I don't like is the ugly buttons on the front. What were they thinking?

Does anyone even use those buttons?

Anyway, just asking for the last time before I pull the trigger. Unless someone can convince me to buy any another monitor, im buying it today. I can't stare at my 60hz laptop screen any longer.
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displayport vs hdmi (23 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 21:19 CDT, 26 March 2017 - iMsg
After doing much research, seems like I wil be replacing the 2233rz with the LG 24GM77-B

With the 2233rz I always used the DVI cable that came with the monitor.

The 24GM77-B also includes a DVI cable, but no HDMI or Displayport cable.

My question is: Should I buy an HDMI cable or a Displayport cable? Anything noticeable? Should I even bother with those or just stay with the DVI default cable?

The monitor is 1080p/144hz.

DisplayPort cables seem to be more expensive compared to HDMI.
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ALARM: MY 2233RZ IS DYING RIGHT NOW (23 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 08:01 CST, 9 February 2017 - iMsg
Holy SHIT my 2233rz is finally fucking dying as we speak. It was making a noise a couple months ago, did some tweaking with the settings and managed to get rid of the noise by adjusting intensity or something else, now the noise is back, the colors went cold as fuck, like everything is blueish, then I now adjusted it again to "warm" settings to compensate, but the noise doesn't stop, it's an high pitched subtle noise that makes my head hurt, I can feel the colors deteiorating by the second. This is my only monitor so I need to buy one before it dies

What one can I buy? I still play Quake so I want one with low input lag and at least 120hz.

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Any 2233rz replacements? (64 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 05:34 CST, 10 December 2016 - iMsg
Back in the day I used to use the Samsung 19 inch CRT, the famous one used all over WCG2002, it was so good. But I got sick of the space a CRT takes away from your desktop, and the cable was fucked anyway, so I got a 2233rz because it was the only flat panel that would give me smooth 120hz with the best input lag possible. I was happy with the smoothness and the lack of ghosting, but the color was dogshit compared to the CRT. I have never been able to enjoy dark games like Doom 3 or watching movies on this thing.

My question is: Has technology progressed anything at all, or are we still stuck with shit tier panels color wise if you want smoothness and fast input response and no ghosting etc?

Is there any objectively better monitors than 2233rz for someone that still plays Quake from time to time?
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uNkind making Q3 demo comentary in TV (11 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 16:06 CDT, 1 August 2016 - iMsg

Im not sure if its TV but looks like some sort of Russian TV program. I was glad to see that he is ok (I heard rumors of him having problems with drugs) but looks healthy and also seems like he didn't forget Quake.
Also interesting to see that what cooller said about him changing his name was true, he is presented as "Mark Morozov" lol.

He was one of the best ever in WCG2002, too bad he never was a solid player after that. His performance in WCG2002 is simply perfect. The aim, movement, timing.. I really loved his flick style of moving and shooting, really sharp and cool to watch.

I wish that Q3 or a game like Q3 was huge and im sure he would have been around and the rest of great russian players would have been more dedicated too.
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proZac videos on WCG 2001 and ESWC 2003 (10 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 15:49 CDT, 1 August 2016 - iMsg

Good ol times. I still remember seeing some demos of that MENENDEZ guy (yes, he used his nickname all on plain white capslocks).

I also remember the WCG 2001 finals. uNkind delivered one of the best performances I've ever seen. The spanish guy "Akiles" was also really talented. I was dissapointed to see that in ESWC 2003 both players didn't make it far.

I also remember proZac signing Britney Spears on stage.

It sucks that Q3 isn't mainstream anymore and no other game will replace it. QC will suck and will die quick, no great 1v1 rivalries to be seen. It will be a short lived meme.

If you weren't there when Q3 was big you are dogshit.
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What group will first crack Doom? (49 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:55 CDT, 11 May 2016 - iMsg
Im betting on razor1911, they are legends and I remember playing cracked psx games by them since I was a kid.
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Carmack claims that Quake 3 was his best (46 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 10:40 CDT, 27 April 2016 - iMsg

I also remember another interview or speech where he said he still had a "be all end all Quake" to develop, where he would put max emphasis on geeky stuck like device responsiveness and so on.

I think the guy will eventually come back to id some day to fix this fucking mess and make an actual good, new Quake. Until that day, Quake 3 was the last good MP competitive game that reached mainstream status, not accenting this cold hard fact is coping.
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2233rz making a humming noise (22 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 12:55 CST, 22 February 2016 - iMsg
It's pretty annoying and gives me a headache. I've had this monitor for years because I wanted 120hz for Quake. The color quality was shit coming from a CRT but I adapted eventually. I still hate the fact that dark games are unplayable and movies are pretty annoying to watch.

Anyway, I don't have money now to get a new one, so I was wondering if there is something I can do about this, or just the capacitors or something starting to die.

I have no idea when it started, I have noticed lately that I had a headache, and I noticed an instant relief after turning it off, I realized the humming noise then.

PS: In case there is no solution, im interested in alternatives, i'll start saving money. I want it to be at least 120hz and I want it to have better colors than this, specially for dark games.

Edit: I've just realized turning down brightness all the way up eliminated the humming noise, im coping with it by playing with the contrast setting, for now it will have to do. Thank god max brightness on this monitor is not too aggressive.
Maybe I can use software to lower it a bit?
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The insanity of a lack of "restart map" (17 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 07:34 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg
I cannot believe that this hasn't been thought yet.
So you are enjoying a session of practice on a particular map, and at the end of the map, you are FORCED to go to another map where you can only choose 3 maps from and a lot of times all those 3 maps suck.
But most importantly, you want to restart the map to keep practicing a particular map.

WHY can't we have a clickable option next to the 3 maps that says "restart current map" and this counts as a vote to restart the map??

WHY id doesn't see the objective necessity for stuff like this?

Jesus H Christ.
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Can we have the original announcer? (61 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 13:01 CST, 3 November 2015 - iMsg
As a steam workshops downloadable thingy? Or would it go against some cuckpyright laws?

Also, why isn't Vadrigar the default voice instead of the douchebag sounding guy?
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Overwatch Sucks (188 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 17:20 CST, 1 November 2015 - iMsg
Shootmania part 590023402, LOL edition.

X, Y, Z... im not going to say names, you all know who you are. Time to stop looking for the next trendy shitty game and get a real job. You were once good at a great game, have some decency and just cut the bullcrap, modern e-sports are a joke. Keep supporting our game at a small underground level, play the odd online tournament, whatever, just drop the act about becoming a "professional gamer". Modern FPS suck serious ass and MOBA's are all dominated by autist asians, not worth anyone's time.

Sorry, had to be said.

PS: Q5 will suck too. By the time it becomes playable at a competitive level (after the community fixes it) everyone that's still around will be back to casually playing Q3/QL and watching Cooller kick ass on Twitch.
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