all those years went by so fast

i wonder where aaron is, profile says 53 years old, that guy was the developoer for cpma right? oh wait, arqon was it right? not the same guy

i wonder what happened to all the girls that played back in the day. did fox marry trito and had a kid? and what happened with sophie, that blonde hottie that stermy dated? looks like she dumped him or something. did liefje marry purri?

what about nicky? she was an admin here

i wonder what happened to kdawg, he always fighted with jamerio

what other old nick i remember lets see... eehh therailmccoy, whatever happened to that guy

and what about voodoochopstiks? he landed a job as a level developer, one of my pipedream jobs.. is he still working?

what about z4muz, and all the russians? fucking hell