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plus system fucked (21 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 15:48 CDT, 2 September 2012 - iMsg
After recent changes regarding the plus system, I've noticed the following:

- Users on probation can't plus regular users' comments.
- Users on probation can plus news posts.
- Users on probation can get plussed.
- Users on probation can plus comments by other users that are on probation.
- Also, regular users have had trouble plussing other regular users, although I can't find the post now.

Also, the error messages and warnings are pretty useless. "Does not have access"... lol
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Mission Reset (66 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 14:43 CDT, 16 August 2012 - iMsg
Greetings fellow habitants of ESR.

Shortly upon arriving at this unique and multicultural hub of Quake and all things Quake related, it came to my attention that it's freedom of speech was being abused by a certain lifeless being. Seeing something so
beautiful be ruined by something so ugly was unsettling to say the least.

My newfound objective was to cleanse ESR of this cancer. With
Jamerio never being one to admit defeat, and me failing to make him realize that his life was not heading in the right direction, the only way to achieve this cleansing would be to drag him down with me on an endless avalanche of pointless crap spanning several threads, until we were both inevitably put on probation.

I apologize for defacing the aforementioned threads, but I think it was well worth it, and some of you have no doubt found them to be highly amusing, as I have, providing some classic moments of
self-ownage . While I don't expect him to remain on probation forever, I can only hope, for the benefit of ESR and Quakekind, that it will be a very very very long probation indeed.

And now, I shall disappear.

The boys are back in town!
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What's the deal with strenx? (78 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 02:36 CDT, 11 August 2012 - iMsg
I just saw this and Stermy's comment reminded me of some drama regarding cypher and avek in Shootmania.

Apparently strenx kicked avek and cypher out of their Shootmania clan? What happened exactly, and why? And what is strenx doing these days?
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Guild Wars 2 (7 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 08:46 CDT, 30 July 2012 - iMsg
The only MMORPG I've played was WoW... and I enjoyed that until the first expansion arrived and it just got shittier and shittier from then on, so I stopped shortly after the second expansion arrived.

I've only heard good things about it so far, and I've also heard that you don't pay a monthly subscription, just a one off payment for a license.

So, what are your expectations for Guild Wars 2? Are you looking forward to it? Or will it be shit?

In any case... I only really played WoW because it was suitable entertainment while I listened to my favourite music while being stoned out of my eyeballs. Shit was $$$$.

Official Guild Wars 2 Wiki
Wikipedia Article

Dem Buildings
Dem Clouds
Dat Foliage
Dat Bloom
Dem Shadows
Dat Shockwave
Dem Boobs
Dat RL
Dat Ass
Hurr I'm A Burr
jake u crazy dawg
it's not all pretty
Dem Tats
stargate + lolcats = ???
Dat Siege
lol wut

More ingame screens

If you like concept art you'll jizz buckets in Google Images

tl;dr - will Guild Wars 2 be suitable for getting blazed like a motherfucker and listening to 1337 musics?
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Cheats (288 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 14:51 CDT, 2 July 2012 - iMsg
- Being a respected member of the community is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Being very good is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Having played at a LAN is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Having played at multiple LANs is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Losing a match is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Playing like crap is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Getting completely owned is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- Finishing a match with 9% rail is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.
- A demo is not proof that somebody didn't use cheats.

That is all. Carry on.

Edit: The purpose of this thread is to educate all those who use one of the aforementioned examples as proof of their own, or someone else's innocence.
Edited by wotan at 13:30 CDT, 3 July 2012 - 35155 Hits
Quakecon? (8 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 19:43 CDT, 28 June 2012 - iMsg
So QL is full of adverts again, including Quakecon2012... but the latest news entry on the official website is from April still. Does anybody have any additional info or is it all very hush hush still?
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Most exciting Q4 VOD (28 comments)
Posted by wotan @ 17:28 CDT, 25 June 2012 - iMsg

I'm searching for the most exciting Q4 VOD that you know about, and I'd rather it have casters so I can be assisted in getting excited :) Online or LAN doesn't matter.

Hint: I never really followed Q4.

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