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Lexer is back, bitches (21 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 15:01 CDT, 4 May 2019 - iMsg
Lexer is into gaming again, guys)
Here's his blog.
And his twitch. Hes gonna stream some poker and some games too.
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Moscow Cybersport Championship (4 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 03:00 CDT, 24 September 2017 - iMsg
For those of us who missed it (as i did aswell).

Moscow Cybersport Championship took place yesterday, the 23th of september, in Cyberspace Arena. Organized by the Moscow Federation of Computer Sport. Featured QC.
Mode - Duel.
Format - Single elimination.
Notorious participants - Cooller, Base, Nitrino, Inz, Undead, H8M3, Butcher.

The prizepool was more or less symbolical - 20 000 rub for the 1st place and thats it. But the top 3 got some prizes from the sponsors.

But judging by the quality of stream, it was pretty decent organized, at least better than the QCON. Especially liked the HUD.

See how it was in brackets

Or see VOD.


If somebody of the participants will tell us how it was, would be great. H8M3, maybe?
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Quake Champions Ranger Trailer (5 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 12:10 CDT, 3 May 2017 - iMsg
New map detected.
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Quake Champions preview by IGN (4 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 14:53 CDT, 18 April 2017 - iMsg
Big preview from one of the largest gaming network in the gaming industry (IGN claims to be #1 games media company).

Smells like esport networks are buying it.

They fucking have 10 million subscribers on their channel, gals. Now that looks like a real promotion.

Props to Z4, i guess!

And not a bad play in the video, not a bad at all, finally.
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Agent and Evil playing OW (22 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 10:03 CDT, 9 June 2016 - iMsg
"FUCK that fucking monkey!"
"...caught me on switch, little twat"
"strafe or dont strafe - no difference"
and so on
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Agent vs Rapha (38 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 11:28 CST, 13 January 2016 - iMsg
'Twas a huge ping difference, 120 raphas's vs 70 agent's, but still. Had a strange feeling as if watching a pair of sportsmen who shouldn't even meet in this version of universe. Like, Karpov playing Fisher. Wish a better ping for their future games.
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Agent and Cooller dueling w. voice chat (12 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:56 CST, 5 November 2015 - iMsg

Son, you need to see this.

Its like Cooller-Strenx show, only even more tense and funnier.

The goal is not a win, but to make opponent lose and lose real bad. Anton and Nikolay had a long and hot story between them and here they are, trying to settle things once and for all again, now with guest commentators - Agent and Cooller themself, live.

"....Get over here, ANTOSHKA!!"
"...And how's your face NOW, Agentura?"
"...Where is your control, Anton? Where's your fucking control now?"
"...And the aim AS ALWAYS has failed you, Agent"
"...You know how sweet that little 50hp-s was?"
"...Hey, Anton, when is the YA?"
"...Agent, where is the skill?"
"...Fuck, Agent, how stinky you are"
"...I'm permitting you to take one YA, Anton"
"...Are you fucking crawling, Agent?"
"...i AM fucking crawling"
"...Hey. Agent, let me give you a piece of advise: CHANGE YOUR FOV"
"...Its boring to play you properly, Agent, all these waiting for 3 armors... i'll better knock with 4 rockets into your head"
"...You're just like Nitrino, Anton"
"...Burn the FUCK down"
"...Have you experienced the motherfucking skill of the HUNTER, Anton?"

and HOURS of more.
starting 5 40 00 and 9 32 00
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2gd, Tox, Stermy, Winz playing Overwatch (146 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 06:51 CDT, 29 October 2015 - iMsg
Nothing especial, just the usual grumpy 2gd with hangover, almost silent tox, sceptical winz and stermy being narciss a bit. But its nice way to get yourself familiar with a new game seeing Ice Climbers playing together (with a handicap of old fart).
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How to send moar quakers to lans? (9 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:54 CDT, 8 June 2014 - iMsg
Just a few observations:

Fact 1:
- Esr ppl LOVE to bet, because its the only actual way how they could interact with the ongoing battles of the pros.
Fact 2:
- Fans are the only sponsors for qlive now, but those rare "campaigns" are very short-termed, focused only on a few names and the main thing - they lack ENTARTAIMENT and feedback, something that will award the participants and gather the bigger bucks during the whole year.

- What if we come up with the money-betting system for qlive? The main feature of that system will be constantly generating flow of $ (like, idk, 15% of all each cup's bets) which will fill the special fond for sponsoring lans and help quakers that we love, like ash, demon, pavel, tox, seven... agent))) to visit moar lans.
Some well-trusted people, like Memento, could deal with the money, so nobody will even think of a fraud.

I would bet a few bucks on a ql-horses. What about you?
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102 vs COLWN Match (31 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:55 CST, 12 December 2013 - iMsg
Why are we here? I mean, as a species.

Bloody hell, son, to see Deliberate Murder playing vs Colwn.

Each map with 10 minutes overtime.
Latrommi's 18 000 damage dealt vs winz 49% overall accuracy.

It will be a serious match, not some friendly sloppy shit for fun. We'll put an eternal glory and some decent cash on a table. No 2nd place. The winner takes it all.

We will raise at least 1000 euro even without such monsters as Alexey A, so the guys would put some effort into training for this. After collecting such a tonnes of gold for the DH, we could do it e-a-s-y. I myself will starve a little, but make a strict 100 euro input.

The match will be held online, but we'll make a real trophy. 3D-printers for the rescue! So, the winners will have their neverending glory in bronze, standing right there, on a top of a fireplace. And they will know just by looking at it that they're the the absolute best tdm-mofos Quake Live EVER had, Creme de la Creme.

Not just some champs of something. The. Best. Qlive. Team. Of all times.

Lets do it, bitches.
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What chess player Cypher would be? (31 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:27 CST, 12 November 2013 - iMsg
Rapha = Magnus Carlsen
God of Positional Play, could play his games with maximum concentration till the very end, maybe not the king of fights, but compensates it with fantastic positioning, champions attitude and therefore perfect execution in critical moments.

Evil = Garry Kasparov
God of War, probably the best fighter ever, has the most spectacular style, puts an enormous pressure on his opponents, they've even described the feeling of playing him as a Tsunami, constantly falling on their heads.

Cypher = Mikhail Tal
God of Unpredictable Moves, so talented that everything seems easy to him in game, has one of the most spectacular styles, best intuition, has nothing against drugs, i would put it that way.

Cooller = Vladimir Kramnilk
God of maneuvers and micro-advantages, the Professor of the game, could overplay anyone, but often fails to monetize on his advantage, dryed his game seriously, while moving from the attacking style to positional as the youth passes, the only one who has an edge with Kasparov-Evil. Feud with Strenx-Topalov.

Fox = Michael Adams
Bright mind, very inventive player, thinking out of the box.

Ash = Alexander Grishuk
Great technique, very strong with the initiative, but very non-pragmatic player, unstable, with champions mindset would have beaten absolutely everyone.

Guard = Hikaru Nakamura
God of no brain fierce attack, fuck yours strategic basics, fuck yours positioning, lets just fight, beatch.

Strenx = Veselin Topalov
The strengthened version of Guard, tries to play how position demands, but obviously dreams of no brain fights which lasts all the game till the very end, was even accused on cheating due to his god-like fighting skills. Feud with Cooller-Kramnik.

Czm = Paul Morphy
Fully unpredictable, obviously, one of the smartest players.

Demon = Nigel Short
Very strong fighter, in a good day could defeat everyone from elite, prefers solid "classical" play, maybe, even too solid, a little risk added in his style would made him more unpredictable for his opponents.

Tox = Tigran Petrosyan
God of Defence, unbelievable technique, prefers to win with counterattack, many believed he would achieve more if switched to more attacking style.

Dahang = Boris Spassky
Best all-round, "universal" player, incredible technique, fast flawless play, a little too good in everything to beat the very best players in something particular.

Agent = Gata Kamsky
One of the most skilled players, compensated the little lack of nature talent with thousands and thousands (and thousands) of games, squeezes his opponents to the death using micro-advantages.

Pavel = Sergey Karyakin
Great skills due to very hard work, tends to positional games, a little bit too "dry" player, always misses a tiny bit of something, seems not fully believes in himself.

Thresh = William Steinitz
The One who invented most of modern game basics, the first player with methodical approach to the game.
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Polosat1y commenting his games (42 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 04:05 CDT, 24 October 2013 - iMsg
Nobody's walking away from Quake. NOBODY. BEATHC.

After disappearing from the radars of quake scene for a solid decade, Roman "Polosat1y" Tarasenko comes back with the VOD of him playing losers final on CPL Cologne against Oskar "LakermaN" Ljungström. Analyzing a bit, but more about remembering good ol times. Polos gonna post some more demos, from time to time, his own and somebody's else. The next one is going to be... BarrysWorld 4v4 EuroCup. Devil's POV.
Fuck. Do you remember this sick game? And devils unholy shotgun?

And yes, he's commentating russian only for now, but its been asked already to provide an english subs, and Polosat1y's going to.

Polosat1y streaming TDM now with 102 guys.
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DHW: Players voted for a new Fraze (36 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 05:46 CDT, 22 October 2013 - iMsg
Its been said, the main reason is that players liked the first Fraze best. The Fraze they got used to train with right after the DHW 13 was announced. They said, soon Fraze has changed somehow... He still was Fraze, but not the exact Fraze they know. Fraze, but not the Fraze. He turned into somebody's else Fraze.

They know they couldnt get the very old Fraze. What's gone is gone.
So, they dream about completely new Fraze.

Kinda Frazer. Frazer than ever.

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The Truth about Cooller and the Quakecon (18 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 18:17 CDT, 14 July 2013 - iMsg
Why is Cooller not going to Quakecon?
Do you REALLY believe in this broken finger story?

A grown up man, a legend, fond of sport, had exactly ONE finger broken RIGHT before the event he was going to? Like, really?

I was surfing my usual inet roads when i found... this.

Actually, got a feeling i always knew it somehow even before i saw it.

We all do.


...and a fucking Anton "Cooller" Singov.
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MasterBlaster Cup (10 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 07:15 CDT, 13 July 2013 - iMsg
Recently Ash mentioned on 125 fps stream how he managed to fuck Cypher really HARD with an Agent voice in his head. Ash's technic and Agent's decision making combined just roxxed. Dont worry, It was a non-official game, of course, they did it once and just for fun :P

So, an idea came to my mind: a cup, where the toughest gorillaz is being supervised by the most cunning midgets sitting on their shoulders... hte MasterBlaster Cup!!!!

StrenxRapha vs EvilAgent vs PoniCooller vs ToxicCzm vs GuardPavel vs KillsenFox...

Fuck, yeah.

Who's the best MasterBlaster around?

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Reborn sniper weapon idea (26 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 06:55 CST, 11 February 2013 - iMsg
I dont know what weapons will be in Reborn yet, but to my mind attacking weapons that make game faster must be countered with the defencive ones, like railgun, which make the game slower.

My idea about such weapon would be:

Sniper rifle/railgun that shoots not when you click a button, but when you release it. It works like this: once you chose the railgun, you pull the trigger and when your enemy appers in crosshair, you release the fire button. If you just choose other weapon, railgun disappears without shot.

The advantage of this method is that you actually shoot faster like this, because it takes slightly less time to release button than to click. And that is significant with weapons like railgun, because you need to shoot at the enemy very quickly before he leaves your crosshair area.

Also the good thing is that it allows you to make railgun a really badass destroyer without overpowering it - because with that setup you couldnt fire every second - it must take a while, I would say that 1 shot in 2-2,5 seconds would be comfortable.

And also its kinda some new way of shooting and it could help Reborn to differ on the market of fps and its good when weapons radically differ from each other.

Everybody could try it in Quakelive, cvars aint difficult at all.
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Spartie's virus is killing quakelive NOW (68 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 13:12 CST, 6 February 2013 - iMsg
Right now Baksteen is playing and he's... forfeiting his games just after his first death!!! Its an epidemy!! Quake is fucking doomed!!
sdlkfhsdkg k;jgbdfskgbsdfkgsdgsdfhgdsfgh!!!!!!
omg omg omg zomg
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moscow lan 2v2 final NOW (13 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 04:24 CST, 3 February 2013 - iMsg

and yes, yes, cooller is playing.
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cooller, evil, pavel, agent - NOW (2 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 12:29 CST, 2 February 2013 - iMsg
Edited by wn at 22:47 CST, 2 February 2013 - 1665 Hits
Posted by iavoal @ 11:12 CST, 29 January 2013 - iMsg
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cooller vs evil NOW (21 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 11:27 CST, 28 January 2013 - iMsg
Edited by wn at 11:40 CST, 28 January 2013 - 6295 Hits
Posted by iavoal @ 14:31 CST, 27 January 2013 - iMsg
Winning Moscow lan 17 was not just a guest appearance as many of us thought: after schoolling reigning DH champion, Cooller claimed he's back into the competitive quake. He's not going to attend every one online cup, but when decent lan happens, Anton "102.Cooller" Singov will be there.

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Coollers back officially (55 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 11:28 CST, 27 January 2013 - iMsg
Winning Moscow lan 17 was not just a guest appearance as many of us thought: after schoolling reigning DH champion, Cooller claimed he's back into the competitive quake. He's not going to attend every one online cup, but when decent lan happens, Anton "102.Cooller" Singov will be there.

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chance vs dkt (3 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 15:06 CST, 18 January 2013 - iMsg
Inb4, some serious massacre took place between two unstoppable +forward travellers. Who'd got the upper hand - The mighty PotatoMouseMeister or The StrafeJumpInYoFace Guy?
Starts at 19,00
Edited by iavoal at 15:33 CST, 18 January 2013 - 4946 Hits
How to fight 3 enemies at the same time (30 comments)
Posted by iavoal @ 05:19 CDT, 11 September 2012 - iMsg
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