Rapha = Magnus Carlsen
God of Positional Play, could play his games with maximum concentration till the very end, maybe not the king of fights, but compensates it with fantastic positioning, champions attitude and therefore perfect execution in critical moments.

Evil = Garry Kasparov
God of War, probably the best fighter ever, has the most spectacular style, puts an enormous pressure on his opponents, they've even described the feeling of playing him as a Tsunami, constantly falling on their heads.

Cypher = Mikhail Tal
God of Unpredictable Moves, so talented that everything seems easy to him in game, has one of the most spectacular styles, best intuition, has nothing against drugs, i would put it that way.

Cooller = Vladimir Kramnilk
God of maneuvers and micro-advantages, the Professor of the game, could overplay anyone, but often fails to monetize on his advantage, dryed his game seriously, while moving from the attacking style to positional as the youth passes, the only one who has an edge with Kasparov-Evil. Feud with Strenx-Topalov.

Fox = Michael Adams
Bright mind, very inventive player, thinking out of the box.

Ash = Alexander Grishuk
Great technique, very strong with the initiative, but very non-pragmatic player, unstable, with champions mindset would have beaten absolutely everyone.

Guard = Hikaru Nakamura
God of no brain fierce attack, fuck yours strategic basics, fuck yours positioning, lets just fight, beatch.

Strenx = Veselin Topalov
The strengthened version of Guard, tries to play how position demands, but obviously dreams of no brain fights which lasts all the game till the very end, was even accused on cheating due to his god-like fighting skills. Feud with Cooller-Kramnik.

Czm = Paul Morphy
Fully unpredictable, obviously, one of the smartest players.

Demon = Nigel Short
Very strong fighter, in a good day could defeat everyone from elite, prefers solid "classical" play, maybe, even too solid, a little risk added in his style would made him more unpredictable for his opponents.

Tox = Tigran Petrosyan
God of Defence, unbelievable technique, prefers to win with counterattack, many believed he would achieve more if switched to more attacking style.

Dahang = Boris Spassky
Best all-round, "universal" player, incredible technique, fast flawless play, a little too good in everything to beat the very best players in something particular.

Agent = Gata Kamsky
One of the most skilled players, compensated the little lack of nature talent with thousands and thousands (and thousands) of games, squeezes his opponents to the death using micro-advantages.

Pavel = Sergey Karyakin
Great skills due to very hard work, tends to positional games, a little bit too "dry" player, always misses a tiny bit of something, seems not fully believes in himself.

Thresh = William Steinitz
The One who invented most of modern game basics, the first player with methodical approach to the game.