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UK Quake II Team interview from 1999 (3 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 06:29 CDT, 4 October 2018 - iMsg
UK Quake 2 Team
- The UK Quake II Team interviewed

Some cool nostalgia in here from LAN Arena 3 in Paris back in 1999. Chatting about practicing vs quality opposition rather than HPBs, BTs shit ISDN, and some other shite.

"At the moment UT seems a lot better than Q3A to me", Shigeru told us. "Although I haven't had the chance to play the new Q3A demotest thing much, I still seem to have trouble actually seeing the other players. Perhaps it's my eyes..."

"UT has a nice pace about it, and has more variation than Q3A, not to mention the ability to fire six rockets at once. I guess I'll end up split between them both, although Q2 will still probably be the game I'll play most. Something like a 50% UT/Q3 and 50% Q2 split."
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Claw grip & MX50/G400 - How are you holding it? (5 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 03:16 CDT, 9 April 2018 - iMsg
Just realised that I hold it what seems to be counterintuitively and always have despite using the shape for countless years, and wondering if anyone else does the same.

My thumb is in the left concave, and I hold the mouse a little sideways with my ring finger under the lip of the right concave. My pinkie floats free like the good tea drinker I am.

I'm thinking that the pinkie should be in that right concave, the ring finger in dead space between rmb and that right concave, and then the mouse would be held quite straight.

Useless post, just showerthoughts.
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G400 replacement (3 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 03:05 CDT, 4 April 2017 - iMsg
Looking for a new mouse here, but unsure what to go with.

Was a massive fan of the MX500 series, and when they came out with the second version of the G400 (without pixel snapping) I jumped over to that and have been using it since.

My G400's condition is alright, but I need a better mouse at work so that's why I'm looking. Logitech don't seem to be making them any more, but for 35 or so online I do have the option to just go with the same - would just be a little worried that I'd not get the second version.

I'm mega out of the loop, are there any other options I should be considering? Price point, shape and accurate sensor are why I loved these mice. Definitely don't want some MMO gloop with LEDs all over the place and more buttons than the ISS.
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Wait.. (3 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 19:11 CDT, 19 August 2016 - iMsg
.. is Diabotical the same game as Reborn?!
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Best Quake video ever? (103 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 07:05 CST, 28 November 2014 - iMsg
I know this comes up from time to time, but let's do it again.. What's your thoughts?

There's so many amazing videos.. DDE3 (QW), Annihilation, Get Quaked 3, Event Horizon, Used and Abused, kicked & removed, w3sp strafes, trixo, Fatal1ty Vs Aim, Memorial, Sorrow (Q4), DaHanG 2010, and a million others that deserve a vote..

Mine goes to Mercurial though. Such a sick video. Awesome pacing, music, editing, and mental moments all the way through.

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* N U K E D * (2 comments, locked)
Posted by Nuked User @ 13:03 CST, 23 February 2014 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

Headphones for under 100 (31 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 17:22 CST, 10 November 2013 - iMsg
Broke yet another overpriced gaming headset, and I promised a long time ago I won't be buying any more gaming oriented headsets. I know it's a relatively common question here, but what are peoples' best picks for proper headphones? Definitely under 100, but preferably significantly less - I'm not venturing into HD595s or anything higher yet, I just need a decent set of headphones before making a proper investment later.

Only preference is closed cup (for keeping noise both in and external noise out), but I can live without that if the audio quality and price are a good enough quality. No need for a mic.
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reddit insight (44 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 15:34 CST, 4 November 2013 - iMsg
reddit teaches me new things every day.

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Best mechanical keyboard for around 50? (5 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 12:29 CDT, 24 October 2013 - iMsg
Asking for a friend, anyone know of any? Preferably browns..
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Halo CE PC settings, tweaks, tips, etc.. (24 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 15:29 CDT, 17 October 2013 - iMsg
We're having a Halo CE LAN tourney on the PCs in Uni on Wednesday.. Never played it on PC and haven't played it in years, what should I know? How do I force resolution and change FOV, and can I somehow use something to force player colours?

Got any little tips and tricks for actual gameplay, too? I know you can weapon switch and then melee to let you shoot quicker upon respawn, at least. Are spawns like Quake?
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Logitech getting technical about mice (44 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 09:14 CDT, 7 June 2013 - iMsg
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Rage Tool Kit released, finally.. (36 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 19:07 CST, 8 February 2013 - iMsg

Not much use to anyone any more by the looks of it, but yeah - They finally released the tool kit.
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Anyone looking to get rid of a 2233rz? (1 comment)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 21:38 CST, 22 January 2013 - iMsg
Just wondering, I wouldn't mind a second one so that my monitors actually matched and as a 'just in case'.
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Rage mods (13 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 06:41 CST, 29 November 2012 - iMsg
Curious about Rage here. I bought if on release, but only played around half an hour of it.. I thought that I had some graphics settings completely wrong, and wanted to fix them to make the game look as good as possible before playing, but never did.

Anyway, I remember that the game had strafing in it - Were there ever any sort of mods developed for the game? I'm interested, though I highly doubt that such a thing would have went under the radar. Whether tricking mods like DeFRaG or a duel type mod, anything at all.

I know I could just Google it, but I was already on ESR and I thought I'd ask.. Y'never know, people might actually discuss something. :p

Edit: Carmack tweeted here last month saying that mod tools should finally be 'coming soon'.
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Rage + Headset = Fucked 2233rz (64 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 12:49 CST, 24 November 2012 - iMsg
this thread is a year old and the monitor is fine.
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First Promotional Art for Reborn (4 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 10:22 CST, 15 November 2012 - iMsg
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Maverick Servers file mirrors (6 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 18:03 CDT, 6 July 2012 - iMsg
What's the craic with these? I don't think I've ever been able to download a file from them, do they just remove them/make them private after a while? Is there some secret ESR username and password I don't know about? I tried 'raythenoob' and 'ih8tierslummers' but it never worked.
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Sometimes people are pretty quick (25 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 16:50 CST, 5 March 2012 - iMsg
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PQL Movement Exhibition (32 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 01:49 CST, 17 December 2011 - iMsg
I've made a (second) video showcasing the new PQL physics in QuakeLive. I don't have great movement by any stretch of the imagination (*glances at hox's video*) , but I wanted to get it out for people to see what sort of things can be done. Hopefully some will find it interesting and perhaps some will learn something they've not seen or thought of before.

There's some useful tricks, some useless tricks, some CTF fastcaps, minimal editing (read: none), and the music isn't synced, but check it out anyway. Apologies for the music if you don't like it.

PQL Movement Exhibition

Uploading it to MegaUpload in case anyone wants it. Also, not sure how to format this post properly for download links, etc.


edit: Shite, I put this in the ESR subforum. It's 8am and I haven't been to sleep. Dipshit.
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Tenkey Cherry MX red keyboard? (71 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 06:17 CST, 14 November 2011 - iMsg
I've been so tempted for yonks to get a decent mechanical keyboard, and it seems red switches are the way to go (anecdotes and experience welcome, though), but I'm so used to a the numpad that I don't think that a Choc Mini would be for me.

Anybody have any idea what keyboards are actually worth getting, and are (relatively) decent bang for buck?
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What awesome frag videos am I missing? (60 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 20:10 CDT, 13 September 2011 - iMsg
Looking to top up my frag video collection to include the classics and awesome videos which I've seen either on streams and forgot to download, or which I had on my old drive which done gone killed itself.

There's 80GB worth here, but I know I'm missing lots of essentials and favourites of my own.
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Posted by EmSixTeen @ 09:53 CDT, 7 September 2011 - iMsg
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Some shitty MW3 multiplayer footage. (26 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 22:18 CDT, 2 September 2011 - iMsg
tejbz (whoever that is) has posted some directfeed multiplayer gameplay from the CoD:XP. Gonna have to say, it looks wank. MW2 was the shit stain on the CoD crown for me, and this looks like it's just another big dollop of the MW2 formula.

Gimme 1/2/4/Blops any day.
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ISP choices for students (8 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 11:23 CDT, 18 August 2011 - iMsg
Trying to get my house sorted out for when I move in in September, and obviously we're going to need the internet.

Our letting agency has a deal with Virgin, can't remember exactly what but I remember the guy saying and it was pretty cheap.. Thing is, Virgin is obviously absolute pish, as we all know. All 3 of us will be gaming online in the house, though the other two are pretty casual and will probably only be on XBL - They're not really aware yet how bad Virgin actually is. Due to living in a dense student area too, the line is going to be an absolute shitter.

.. So I've been looking around trying to see the craic with other choices. Immediate thoughts are Be and O2, with O2 looking the favourable as it's cheaper at 12.50 per month and they own Be anyway. However, you then need to lump line rental on top of that so it'll be significantly more every month. Then there's making it a student/rolling contract.

Basically, the fuck can I do to minimise costs and convince these guys that Virgin is spastic and to get something else. Rambling here.
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Another good Carmack interview (1 comment)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 06:12 CDT, 15 August 2011 - iMsg
Of course it's pretty lengthy and technical, but Carmack is the dog's bollocks.
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (32 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 11:13 CDT, 12 August 2011 - iMsg
News is out that there is a new version of Counter-Strike in development named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve have seemingly been taking (20) prominent figures in the community in for playtesting and feedback. They haven't had to sign an NDA, but they're unable to take pictures or video.

* Much more like Source than 1.6.
* Competitive and casual mode.
* There are new guns.
* New nades such as molotovs and decoy nades.
* Big changes to maps like Dust and Aztec to make them more competitive.
* Air movement is like CS:S.
* Armour is currently free but that'll be changed.
* Has wall-spamming.
* Flashes like 1.6, smoke like CS:S.
* Random recoil rather than predictable at the moment.
* Recoil in a circle rather than square pattern at the moment.
* Tap-shooting was 'pretty much impossible', sure to be tweaked.

So, yeah.
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[+] without reloading the page (16 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 11:42 CDT, 8 August 2011 - iMsg
Any chance of getting this implemented? A la upvotes and downvotes on Reddit.. Lets the rep flow more freely.

Middle click and opening in a new tab is grand and all, but ugh, it's the Internet here and people are lazy.
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Razer CPL and CPL Babbages (3 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 20:58 CDT, 6 July 2011 - iMsg
I've tried looking around for coverage, but I can't really find much. Just want any and all demos of these events that people have archived on their hard drives, results (and brackets if possible), and any nice anecdotes about the events.
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raythenoob (7 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 10:44 CDT, 12 June 2011 - iMsg
Can someone just go ahead and ban this ballbag? So he can't post under Anonymous, either.

Fuck sake he's nothing but a pollutant, even p0rt is better.
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2 cfgs: Essentials & Comprehensive 'Pro' (48 comments)
Posted by EmSixTeen @ 09:28 CDT, 14 May 2011 - iMsg
God, the title length here is short as hell. Anyway, yeah, I posted this on the official QL forums but I may as well stick it on here too. ESR isn't really the intended audience, but feel free to look at it or link people to it if you think it'll be useful. The whole point of these is to have one config that newbs who know they're missing out on something can load up, and another for people who want to know more but don't know what the fuck they're doing. Pasted below:

Hi there folks,

Sparked by a discussion in IRC, I've made 2 config files which are aimed at 2 different groups of people. Read on if you want to know more..

Quake Live is an extremely configurable game, unlike almost any other. You can change so many things that new people usually don't realise, including some settings which provide an obvious benefit to you. A lot of new people often consider it as cheating because they didn't know about these things, but in reality the customisability is a large part of what makes Quake so good.

Here I have made two separate config files. Both include a bunch of essential settings and tweaks which I think every player should know about and use.

The first is just there settings, without any extra settings which are just personal preferences. I feel all of the settings in the config provide a benefit in-game, through one way or another. The second is a very comprehensive config which includes most of the configurable settings someone may want to change in the game, aside from very personal ones such as mouse sensitivity and accel.

The configs are very heavily commented - I have aimed to explain to people what each command does or why people use it. Sections include:

1. Ease of use tweaks
2. Video settings
3. Mouse settings
4. Weapon settings
5. In-game visual settings
6. HUD settings
7. Audio settings
8. Gameplay tweaks
9. Network settings

tl;dr - 2 configs. 1st is for new people who want the 'edge' other people have, and the 2nd is for people who want to delve further into customisation, but aren't sure what to change or what settings do. If you download them please read them - Just open it in Notepad or something.



Please download and reply with comments, especially is it helps you.

How do I use this config? Where do I put it?
Put this in your Quake Live \baseq3\ folder. If you don't know where that is:

Windows 7/Vista: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3
Windows XP: %appdata%\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3
GNU/Linux: ~/.quakelive/quakelive/home/baseq3

.. So for example, in Windows 7:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3

Then you will need to load it in-game. Use the console to do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+`, or CTRL+ALT+~ depending on your keyboard's regional layout. Then type:

/exec m16-qlessentials.cfg or /exec m16-qlpro.cfg depending on which config you downloaded. Then to restart the game with the settings, type in console again:


More info:
Yakumo's 'Ultimate Quake Live Guide':
My blog:
Contact: EmSixTeen @ #quakelive
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