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Post your diab config (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:06 CST, 23 November 2020 - iMsg
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I'm there to educate you. (17 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:30 CDT, 18 August 2020 - iMsg
There will be 3 subjects,

1st one will be about FOV.
2nd one will be about DPI.
3rd one will be why you shouldn't trust most pros settings.

Those topics will be theoreticals and backed up with facts.


The consensus is that, when playing fast-paced "arcade" fps (or AFPS is you prefer), you better have to alter your fov's value and particularly increase the default value that is 90 (4:3) on most games.
This is where it gets interesting; there's actually no point to increase your fov's value above 95, in 2015+.
You will instantly tilt and say to me "retard, fov is only personal preference, and a higher fov gives you larger angles of vision, thus making it an advantage over "low" fov."
The thing is, you have to take into consideration that fov 90 on 4:3 is NOT the same than fov 90 on 16:9. The same thing for fov 90 at 1080p(1920) compared to fov 90 at 600p(800).
Basically, the wider your aspect ratio, the higher your screen resolution, the more angle vision you will get from fov 85/90.
There's also the vertical fov, that's prolly the only type of fov that won't change much from screenres and aspect ratio.
But we are talking mainly about horizontal fov there, as most people do care mostly about horizontal fov.

Now you'll ask me, "why would I stop using my 105 fov @ 16:9, I love the very large horizontal angle vision that it gives, I can see people coming from the sides of my screen earlier than cunts using low fov, this is clearly an advantage".
Yes but... No!
Yes, because obviously you can see more people at the same time with such an insanely wide angle vision.
But no, you won't get any real advantage actually, because the higher your fov, the worst your mouse will feel, in a sense that it will just make it both slower and less snappy, as well as less "pixel perfect" type of aiming possibilities.
The remaining downsides of high fov is that everything appears smaller, while the "camera motion" will feel kind of unnatural, as the whole screen has a deformation especially at the edges of it. Try some ridiculous values like 130+ and you'll understand my point better, and prolly also get motion sickness. Keep the same sensitivity, then try 90 afterwards. The camera motion will feel tremendously more natural and "round", so to speak; and making a perfect circle with your mouse will be easier.

Another thing that you have to know, is that 90 fov @ 4:3 is 90 horizontally, while at 16:9 it's actually ~106(!).
Basically with the current gaming monitors, you get much larger horizontal vision without even adding deformations at the edge of the screen neither giving "motion sickness" compared to an old CRT.

Fov 103+ made sense on a CRT, but doesn't make any sense on a recent gaming monitor.

To summerize, fov 90 on a current gaming monitor is actually almost the equivalent of fov 100+ on an old CRT, and on top of that, the screen deformation that you get from a CRT will be almost non inexistant on your recent gaming monitor.


It's fair to say that mice that use 16 000dpi as a marketing value is so wrong at so many levels. We all agree on the fact that 8 000+ dpi is literally useless.
Actually anything above 3500dpi still doesn't make sense at all. Will prolly make sense on 8K monitors, but considering that 4K isn't even the standard yet... we got plenty of time.

Now the real deal, DPI actually matter! As long as you stay within a "reasonable" range.
Why does it matter ?
First of all, all mice with 3310/3360/3366/3389 etc sensors actually perform without any prediction/smoothing/shitsThatMakeSensorFeelBad at any dpi values from 400 to <3500dpi. Above 3500dpi, things are getting fucked up because of predictions added to the way the sensor behaves etc.

Have you ever heard of pixel skipping ? I guess so, but you might be unaware by the fact that it happens even at 1600dpi. Basically, whenever your sens is above 1 (value in quake/source engines), you get pixel skipping, to some degrees.
To have a better understanding of pixel skipping, you might want to try 400dpi with sens 8 and then try 3200dpi with sens 1. Zoom in, put a tiny dot as crosshair, and move your mouse very slowy on a wall. At 400dpi, the mouse will cleary skip pixels, while at 3200dpi, it will be pixel perfect. It's especially true if you play at 1080p+. It's especially true if your screen res is FULLHD or 4K.
Pixel skipping is altered by the relation between your sens value, your dpi value and your screen resolution.

Another example, 1600dpi sens 1 at 4K res will make it skip some pixels, while at 1080p, no pixel skipping at all. The solution then if you're playing at 4K ? Try 3200dpi sens 1, skipping will be gone again.
800dpi sens 1 will not skip pixels at 720p/768p/600p while skipping some of them at 1080p, and skipping a fairly large amount of them at 4K+.

It's almost always better to increase your dpi value rather than your sens value if you want a higher sens.
Pixel skipping is a thing, for real, and it happens way sooner than you might think.
Some people still think that 800dpi sens 2+ doesn't have pixel skipping and that it only becomes noticeable on past sens 5+. The reality is that THERE IS pixel skipping at sens 2+, but barely noticeable in most situations, at least compared to sens 5+.

"Now what?", you ask me.
I'd say, set your sens value accordingly to your dpi value and screen res.
Basically, if you're a very low/ultra low sens player, and you're not on 4K screen res, then 400dpi might still be an option, especially if you're still using 4:3 low screen res (CRT-like).
If you're on 1080p and your sens is med/low, 800dpi could be a solution... At least if you don't mind at all having little amount of pixel skipping.
If you're on 720p and your sens is low, 800dpi is the solution.
If you're on a high sens, 3200dpi might be the best choice. But never go past 3500dpi, and 400dpi is an outdated value that obviously can still work decently, but actually makes no sense in 2020.

3°)Most pros don't know shit.

The reason why prolly 80% of the pros are still using 800dpi is only because there's an old video of a logitech engineer in which he said "anything above 800dpi is not possible unless you add "artificial pixels" which would result in more calculation from the sensor and thus making it less snappy, let alone accurate (which was true back in the days, but not true anymore with 90% of the modern optical sensors).
The other reason is because most pros haven't tried anything else than 800dpi and they don't see the point to do so, they play with what they're used to, for years.
All of these reasons + placebo and psycological effect "I'll play worst on 1600+dpi, and I feel comfy enough with my current 800dpi, so why change?"
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I gave up at being the best at LG ;D (22 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:30 CDT, 13 August 2020 - iMsg

Never won LG only games against him tho, and that for some months now. Kid has like ridiculous LG, feels even more retarded than serious' :O
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AIMER7 back to high sens please! (5 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 18:56 CDT, 7 August 2020 - iMsg
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My diab stress test weekend summary (26 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:29 CDT, 27 July 2020 - iMsg
So, first of all, I'll tell you if I like the game or not. The answer is, yes, I love it.

It isn't perfect but already near perfection and better than QL/Q3 for quite a lot of aspects.

Keep in mind that QL, altho being an excellent Quake, is still a poorly optimized version of Q3+MODS, current Q3 CPMA is actually smoother than QL,
That said I do prefer vq3/cq3/vql gameplay over CPM considering the fact that it's less extreme, a bit slower, more accessible and slightly more tactical overall.
In term of skillset, both vq3(cq3/vql) and CPM requieres an insanely high skill at sub-top to top level. CPM is still slightly harder tho, but as I grew up (and also right when I started Q3 back in 2001), I actually do enjoy more the guns play, the balance and the pace of vq3(cq3/vql); it's kind of like music tastes, some people enjoy adhd music style, others like slow paced with strong beats more, etc.

All that to point out diabotical gameplay. It... is... the evolution of vq3, we can call it vq3 in 2020, which means a lot. View height is shorter, RL is slightly stronger (which is a good thing considering the fact that RL was already the dominant weaps in many situations at QL, and has always been the most iconic weap of quake), LG has a faster firerate but is harder to play it defensively with highest effectiveness, and very very risky in close range against a RL master. The new idea/approach towards the rail is a nice and refreshing one. Rail is still very strong, rewards high risks/cluth play more, but you gotta think first if you'll chose it in difficult situations, with a lot of tension etc, whereas in Q3/QL, the rail was still a high risk high reward weapon, but much more consistent and predictable, and usually to "easy" at long range.

So yeah, I can see diabotical as a slightly more offensive version of QL/Q3, which is what people usually want from an AFPS in 2018+.

Now let's talk about the performances, graphics, smoothness/responsiveness and features of the game.
Performance: nearly perfect, nothing to really complain about, runs faster than QC and... Fortnite ;P.
Graphics: cartoon art design is needed in 2020, it looks less brutal, more approachable for new players, will prolly bring younger players into the game, doesn't look crap after 5 years (cartoon gfx are lifetime gfx for an e-sport game), and the overall design is simple as fuck, visually very easy to understand, etc. I like it.
Smoothness: I would never have expected saying that so late, but the 125 tickrate coupled with 250+fps, multithreaded inputs and so on, actually makes the game feel so accurate (90% of the time) that sometimes you feel something is wrong... Seems like for so many years we got used to 30 tickrate and rather low fps and "average" netcode etc, so when playing diabotical it feels... too accurate/responsive.
Actually will take time to adapt at 100%.
The features: crosshairs are dope, huds are dope, and no needs to nerds the cfg cvars/commands in order to make the perfect config. All you have to do is to either set it up to default or just put everything to low, maybe import a hud you like from someone else if you're too lazy to make one, set enemies/teamM8s colors, and you're basically done. Kind of like a "plug & play" game, or let's say an "install and play" game.
And the menu looks sexy as fuck, so clean, no bullshit, simple; Perfect.

Last but not least, I do not like neither overwatch nor fortnite, for various reasons, but I actually do love the engines of both games. Having diabotical to be some kind of "in between" feels extremely right to me, there again, smoothness + cartoon = future of e-sport (and actually already present, too).
And having MMR and many other cool features to facilitate a lot the players experience, is obviously something we have to expect in 2020, but it's at FN/OW level, whereas QC, for instance, has it too, but put in a rather "unprofessional/aborted" way, so to speak.



My plans remain the same, practicing 6-8 months straight, either be it arena 1v1 or a teammode that isn't TDM (not because I don't like TDM, but just because I'm more than shit and untalented at it, I'm too bad at keeping track of so many informations at the same time and focus on aim, too elitist for me, and too much brain I won't bother learning, I still do understand why so many people love it deeply tho, it's prolly one of the most difficult gamemode ever, altho at the end all gamemodes at top level requiere so much practice and dedication, even instagib), and then setting up my stream with my dope as fuck setup and internet connection :>. And play regularly while streaming and talking/interacting with viewers (if I ever got some ;D, we will see).

This week-end I played approx 90 games of MMR arena 1v1, and... Holy fuck I'm baaaddddd ;D. Not THAT bad but nothing you would expect from a thunderstruck nerd.
I was at peak 1980 SR, top11 the 1st night, then top25 the next day and... 46th at the end of my 2 days practice session.
Yes, this is something to be ashamed from, considering all that cocky and arrogant talking about myself being this or that etc.
I lost to serious obviously, with a significant skillgap between him and me. I lost the fayefps aswell, my rox didn't connect as I wanted them to. I lost to ins. I lost to busdriverx. I lost to... stermy, even tho it was barrow's gate map and I played rail to rail near perfection the 1st minutes but then literally made mistakes over mistakes. And nitrino... dominated me with rox 5 times in a row (we did rematch etc) :D.
That said, I still do beat 1950+ SR rather comfortably.

Now the part that's going to be ego-driven and mindset strengthen.

I am actually not going to give up AT ALL, it is only the beginning, And losing games won't affect my dedication aswell as my motivation and fun having to play. Arena 1v1 has always been my favorite gamemode right when I discovered Quake, and will prolly forever be. It's still so much fun to play to me.
I'm now a 31 year old grown up alpha male (;DDDDDD), as odd as it might sound, my mindset is actually close to perfection atm (except from time to time when I do rage, but I'm a human after all). I've got this kind of raisy's dedication coupled with cooller's arrogance/xp and cypher's comeback abilities.
Losing is part of my practice method. Fearing noone even if currently large skill gap between some players and me. Will play anyone, anytime, whatever the outcome, nothing to lose, everything to learn. People will hate me or support me, but at the end it's a fight against me and myself (not in the evil's way tho :p).
I know that, especially at past 30 year old, I won't improve as fast as I did when I was 10 years younger, but I noticed one thing these past years: as long as I keep enjoying what I'm doing, as long as I play regularly, I tend to improve "naturally", means that it's some kind of sub-conscious improvement(s), you might not notice it even after 2 weeks, but if 1 month has past and I'm still dedicated, this is exactly where I can clearly see an improvement, even if it's a 3-5% improvement, means that the next month will be another 2-4% improvement and so forth. I'm like this kind of an atypical dude that improves endlessly if playing regularly, unlike most players that get stuck to same level after a while. Might sound pretentious, but this is actually how my psychism and hand-eyes coordination as well as xp gain, work :O.

"what matters is when you win when it does really matter" (c) toxjq

I'd say for me: "as long as I keep my serotonin level slightly above average, as time past I'll get better and better, just like a good froggy wine" :D

Once I'll adjust 110% to short viewheight, faster rox, overall slightly diff weaps def, new maps (even tho arena 1v1 maps are easy to learn), weeballs mastering, the man in the shadow for so long will rise again and make himself the true Heartless.

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crosshairs in fps (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:39 CDT, 10 July 2020 - iMsg
any other crosshairs are shit/gimmicks
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My streaming setup ready (39 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:24 CDT, 7 June 2020 - iMsg
Laptop: | OMEN by HP 15.6"

Monitor(s): Included IPS 144Hz 15.6" laptop monitor (main monitor, for playing) | Secondary monitor (for twitch chat and windows) <--- BenQ GW2780 27" IPS 1080p 60Hz

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H (6 cores, 12 threads, ~4.3GHz and cache 12Mo)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 with Max-Q Design (for improved cooling of the gpu) (8Gb DDR6 memory)
RAM: 16Gb DDR4 2666MHz (2x 8Gb)

Storage: 500Gb Intel Optane last gen SSD

Gaming gears:

Mouse: Zowie by BenQ EC2-B @3200DPI (13cm/360°)
Mousepad: Logitech G440 hardpad (34x28cm)
Mouse bungie: Camade from Zowie

Keyboard: Logitech G413 carbon mechanical with Romer-G switches

Headset: Sennheiser HD 300 PRO
Mic: Included in the laptop

Webcam: Included in the laptop

Internet connection:

2GB/s down | 600MB/s up


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ESR is dead, long life ESR (13 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:39 CDT, 30 May 2020 - iMsg
i'm pissed off by the level of retardation this site has reached, but it's still a good punching bag

i'll put this song for you to maybe understand something

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Toxjq is overrated at duel... (229 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:25 CDT, 28 May 2020 - iMsg
... but still one of the best player of all times at TDM

even tho nowadays plenty of TDM freaks got similar skills, just less xp

people keep sayin all the time "tox sick 1v1 player, best combats-skills, most complete player", which is actually not entierely wrong, but if you look at all the dominants duels players from 2002 to 2020, long time gone where tox could win by relying on his sick mechanics (by past standards) alone.

k1llsen has better rails, cooller has better lg/dodges, rapha has better brain, cypher has better rox and so forth

you have to realize that when tox dominated 1v1 it was at q4 when the game slowly but surely started to dying out, even cooller & co didn't bother anymore to practice or just play tournaments, because when people we all hyped about q4, i still remember 1v1 match between cooller and tox where tox clearly looked uncomfy. The only player that stood out when q4 declined, was av3k, and at that time the dude was a 16 yo kid and managed to win a major against tox

i think if diab is a success, toxjq should focus on team modes rather than duel, because there's no way he's gonna do good at duel (for his standards) against players like cypher & new bloods

tox qc stream is still entertaining tho, for some reason
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What's wrong with reflex compared to cpma ? (15 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:08 CDT, 4 May 2020 - iMsg
Can someone explain to me detail by detail why people left Reflex Arena for going back to CPMA/CPM ?

I mean, Reflex engine is good, netcode is good, menu is good, config customizations are at the lvl of Q3/QL, graphics are fine (clean and kind of cartoonish), there's matchmaking ranked, etc

I mean like, reflex is the only quake game where you can have like 400/500fps easy, where on top of that the netcode is very good and the menu is clean and complete. That plus the fact that it's easy to run & go (not like CPMA, as good as it can be, is much harder to get, configure and run from the perspective of an AFPS noob).

The game also already have everything that diabotical will have (race & maps & other contents etc).

So tell me, why did the cpm guys leave reflex for going back to q3/cpm ? I mean, I kind of guess it's because of balance issues and how the movements feel overall (but all of that is easily fixable with a patch, right ?) ? Or am I missing something ?
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diab & ql , same config (2 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:27 CDT, 25 March 2020 - iMsg
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Diab current weap balance (11 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 07:11 CDT, 16 March 2020 - iMsg

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Valorant (Project A) (19 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:19 CDT, 12 March 2020 - iMsg

you like ?

me likes
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mimimiimimimimimmiimmi (6 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:48 CDT, 11 March 2020 - iMsg
[21:42] heartlesss: i'm so smart the smartest motherfucker is too dumb to call me the smartest motherfucker
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Best forum thread ever (30 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:22 CST, 9 February 2020 - iMsg

once you'll see this test you'll see why i'm still not 100% fixed mentally speaking, even tho I'm on meds. And prolly will never be. I'll always have insanity in me that people won't ever understand, at least on earth.

Now listen, I might not be the most sane person on earth let alone EU nor France, but I'm prolly the most sane person in the whole universe.

Being the most sane person on earth = on other far far away planets, with life on them, often even intelligent life, will make you literally insane in front of "aliens" that live there.

There are actually multiple ways to approach what we usually call intelligence, intelligence at the end, and even as a result pure sanity, is still something we can't explain fully in 2020.

Something that is useless in 2020 doesn't mean will still be useless in 2033+. Look, for example, in the past, we used to fight with swords and shields, and that worked perfectly well, but now try to fight an army with swords and shields only, you'll get literally dominated but any nowadays army weapons.

Time and patience is key. When "aliens" will start to colonize earth, or like literally change the way most humans thinking processes work, I'll already be ready to collaborate with them and understand them, unlike most sane person on earth in 2020.

The infinity of the universe and the way time tends to "travel" across multiple different spaces, make it so nothing is set to stone nor definitive.

We can't actually predict what will happen in 100 billions years, neither even in 10 years (with being 110% accurate in our predictions). You'll then start to ask me, but what about your predictions ? How can you be so sure of yourself ? You're just driven by your mental illness else anything you can say about the future etc doesn't make much sense at all and is biased. Remember, we actually killed Jesus, we never stopped to fight each others with ideologies and all those things that serve as arguments to make killing and/or hurting people actually legitimate.

I actually consider myself as a new Prophet, prolly 1% will understand me in 2020, but when the right time will come, I'll start to strike back and most people will actually realize that insanity was the solution to understand new form of intelligence(s).

My goal in life is now to survive and be patient.
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2 700€ laptop (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:44 CST, 16 January 2020 - iMsg
144hz 1080p ips monitor included onto the laptop
rtx 2080
i7-9750H 4.6 ghz 6 cores 12 threads 12mo of cache
512gb nvme m2 ssd

qc duel running at 350fps average at renderscale 100% + 1080p and texture/filtering respectively set to medium and high
3 secs to be on windows screen after pressing the power button, 5-6 secs to load everything
laptop is so fucking thin and small for those specs, i don't even understand how they managed to do that with such a beasty setup
doesn't even produce too much noise even at full charge



(laptop is omen by hp)
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Holy shit guys (13 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:38 CST, 6 January 2020 - iMsg
i always thought that these "custom mechanical switches with low travel and quickness" was just fucking marketing bullshit and that a 6gv2 was the wmo of keyboards

bought Logitech g413 carbon with romer-g mech switches, just cuz my 6gv2 was dying.

and.... WTF holy shit the quickness and feeling of the romer-g, it's like i'm playing on a laptop keyboard except with very good tactile feel and... instant onscreen response, by instant i really mean it, FUCKING FAST

ofc it doesn't make you like, 10% better, but unlike what i used to think, keyboard isn't only a matter of comfort.

it feels like mirror strafe-aiming is PERFECT mirror wtf, and the variation in dodging is larger than on my old black switches, like, not only a feeling, i made some test, pressing adadadadadad as fast as possible and looking at the speedmeter's line, it's smaller than on my 6gv2 :O

remember, won't make a HUGE diff obviously, but i trully think it can make you dodging or strafe-aiming prolly 3-5% better, which is already insane tbh
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vote for most out of his mind esr user (10 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:19 CST, 4 January 2020 - iMsg
vote for the mostestest weirdo/annoying/attentionWhoring/troll/autistic ESR user of 2020:
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#1 (33 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:45 CST, 1 January 2020 - iMsg
banned from :


aiming for :
xron (will be hard as fuck tho, wish me luck) <---- edit, done \o/ easier than expected
base (lmao he won't understand a single word of what i'm saying)

do you guys know any other good stream i could get banned from ?
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Hey capitalists (16 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 09:19 CST, 24 December 2019 - iMsg
long live communism

soon eu = russia

russia vs china grand finale
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My plan for diabotical (60 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 09:39 CST, 6 December 2019 - iMsg
I know prolly 80% of you people don't give a shit about my life BUT

Diabotical 1v1 arena ranked with leaderboard, I'll dominate it. 1st 6months i'll be in top20, after that i'll try to stay at top3/1 as long as i can.
I'll then start streaming, cuz i've got i7-6700k 4GHz + 16GB ram and GTX 1070. Hopefully will build a community out of it. 200-300 viewers average would be my dream, and who knows, if i'm very lucky, i perhaps could reach 600-900 viewers, but it's wayyyy to early to know.

Atm i have a work, i'm far from rich, but i can live decently enough, and my goal isn't by any mean to be rich, that said if the opportunity comes and i can make a fair amount of money, fine BUT, i'll just keep what i need to have a decent life (food + small/very small appartment with good internet connection and my current pc/setup), and use all the remaining money to help people, in any ways possible. Giving money or buying gaming gears etc for broke people.

My stream will also be open for ANY sort of advices i can give, because i like helping people to get better, in any ways.

Most people don't like me cuz i either say stupid shit or seem cocky/arrogant/french, but for those who got to know me deeper, really i'm a very nice guy IRL, and even with my friends online. But nobody is perfect :)

And for those who think i'm delusional, well, it's your opinion and it's prolly also driven by the fact that you don't like me. But trust me, lately i've been doing more than good at thunderstruck (or let's say 1v1/2v2 CA), what i'm about to say will again sounds pretentious/cocky/arrogant, but it's a fact : I've been beating all the best combat-skills players, i won't tell you who, because some of them might dislike me even more :D, but i'm confident as fuck and tbh for the time being i don't think i'm beatable anymore. The king of thunderstruck is back. That's not false statements nor self-proclamation, neither lies, if you want to know more ask the players that met me recently.
ANNNDDDD... obviously i'm not talking about duel, tdm, ctf etc cuz i'm shit at it, again, i'm talking about 1v1/2v2 CA, and i care only about that, that's why i'm REALLY looking forwards to diabotical arena.

/end of rant, thank you if you read it all, otherwise, tl;dr :D

hf people
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A tried Diabotical today (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:44 CST, 29 November 2019 - iMsg
just kidding,
just want 1324613617 hits
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does it look good enough ? (5 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:11 CST, 25 November 2019 - iMsg
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LMAO @ SANCHEZ (227 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:32 CST, 23 November 2019 - iMsg
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Recommend me some XXXXXL cloth mousepad (11 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:45 CST, 18 November 2019 - iMsg
currently have qck edge L cloth (40cmx45cm)

do you know any good cloth mousepad with like insanely large size, for example 90cmx80cm or something ?

the reason why i want such a huge mousepad is because with my 26cm everything is pretty much perfect but sometimes i end up in uncomfy hand position on the mousepad, and i tend to hit the edges.

i don't want to go back to high sens since i feel like insanely comfy now with 26cm, but like i said, out of 20 situations, 1 or 2 of them makes me uncomfy with my position on the mousepad etc
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When You'll See It... (12 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:57 CST, 7 November 2019 - iMsg
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Got i7-6700K (4GHZ) (19 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:45 CDT, 16 September 2019 - iMsg
So, I got an i7-6700K a week ago, but I'm still waiting for the thermal paste to arrive at home.

Once I'll get it, I will manually change my current CPU (i5-6500 3.2GHZ) to the i7.

I've got some questions:

1) Do I just have to shut down the PC, then open my case and remove the ventirad, extract the i5 and put the i7, refix the ventirad, close the case replug everything in, and bam, i'm done ?

2) What is the amount of thermal paste i have to put on my i7 ?

3) I don't plan on overclocking my i7, but i heard i7-6700K is ~1.2V, and i've checked with cpu-z and it seems that my current i5-6500 is at ~1.1V, do i have to change the voltage of the cpu right after i started my pc again ?

Something to mention:

Some months ago i already changed all ventilators speed to maximum, means that not based on inside case temperature aswell as cpu temp. I also changed something but can't remember what exactly, so that my i5 works at full speed all the time. And I also already got a good ventirad.
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Wow this is actually pretty exciting (3 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 10:40 CDT, 19 August 2019 - iMsg

seems like the new dev team of warfork (previously named warsow, obviously) have actually goals to make the game enjoyable and more popular.

looking forward to this tbh, got me a bit excited.

at least now it's on steam for free and the devs ain't as clueless as the previous devs, it seems at least

let's hope!
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Hello there people, I am Heartless' psychiatrist (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 16:56 CDT, 2 August 2019 - iMsg
Be carefull of the most recent and upcoming Heartlesss' replies/threads etc, I changed his medication recently and this is just an experiment. I wish him all the best at his diabotical and quake career as well as all the best in life.

People might want to know why I decided to change his medication. The answer is simple:
lately he started to hear voices and see things that don't exist, this is one of the major symptom of schizophrenia but most of all, meant that his medication wasn't working properly anymore.

Best regard,
Heartlesss' Psychiatrist

Yes I am Jew.
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Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:23 CDT, 2 August 2019 - iMsg

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Petition to allow drawgun 2 @ diabotical (5 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:57 CDT, 2 August 2019 - iMsg

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nosfa is a god and cooller is the goat (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:09 CDT, 27 July 2019 - iMsg
Brazilnosfa 9-9 21-21 0 22.5p

for his 1st major LAN against the very top quake duelers and coming from a country that ALMOST never made Brazil shine at Quake, nosfa did an INCREDIBLE performance, taking maps off the favorites of the QPL, beating cooller at bloodrun with an improved IF-22 playstyle and showing astonishing defensive mechanics with solid overall aim.
And as you can see above, his scores made the standard level out of all the pros, because he got 9-9 21-21 and more of all 0, which makes him right in the middle of all the current pros playing quake. He's like a benchmark you know, if you beat him, you're in the top8 minimum, if you lose to him you're in the top16.

Looking forward to this dude in the upcoming QPL events, watch out carefully guys.

RussiaCooller 17-2 35-7 +28 38.5p

cooller is just the goat, dominating the whole event at 32(?) year old. Showing that even if you lose to a lot of players at practice games online, you can still shine on /!\LAN/!\WARNING COOLLER/!\. His dodges as well as his lg and overall gamesense are probably unmatched right now. I'm pretty sure he'll beat k1llsen in the grand finale, altho I like k1llsen a lot too, cuz he pushed rail-skills way further than any other rail whore.
Something is magical about the last emperor cooller, when you don't expect it, he pulls it out and deserves a lot of respect from everyone.
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COOLLER (89 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:06 CDT, 10 July 2019 - iMsg
guys, how comes cooller has always very close games against most of the top aimers (especially toxjq) if not winning most of the matches, despite having worst overall mechanics (except LG, but i'd say the way he plays with lg is rather about experience and thinking than pure mechanics like serious/toxjq etc), playing less than most of the pros, etc ?

because, don't tell me it's because of brain, cuz cooller even tho being a very smart player ain't even close to rapha when it comes to pure brain.

so i'm wondering, how does he do that ? This dude is something special.


(might also be cuz he's a pure dueler and doesn't perform as well as for example toxjq at team modes)
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burp (9 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 09:36 CDT, 16 June 2019 - iMsg
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Reflex (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:34 CDT, 3 June 2019 - iMsg
Let's do a revival for Reflex ?

Game has everything done right except gameplay (weapons/physics) that is a slightly worst version of CPMA.

1°) Gameplay is easy to tweak, considering how easy is it to change everything in Reflex.

2°) Engine is perfect, solid 400fps average on my i5-6500 + GTX 1070, no lag, no stutter, butter smooth.

3°) Graphics looks good and kind of texture-less/cartoony(to some extent) and has limited ammount of polygons to make the game run smoother on low to med end PC (150fps stable is easy even with a 6 year old setup).

4°) Maps that look good and are well optimised are VERY easy to make.

5°) I also like the idea of being able to customize how your robot would look, some comestics ain't bad at all considering how modern gaming has evolved.

6°) The ingame menu is very well made and easy to use, and it looks good, cause of its sobriety, no shinny effects everywhere etc, kinda looks like youtube or facebook.

7°) The game is customizable to death, from gfx to HUD to everything :D. Kind of similar to QL but easier and slightly less "elitist" by the fact that the main settings are at the menu and the "hidden" cvars are easy to find and remember.

8°) The netcode is CPMA-like, which means really good, even on high ping. MUCH better than that crappy QL's netcode.

9°) There's already matchmaking, server browser, basically everything that we need in a modern game.

And considering the fact that diabotical takes forever for release and basically is a copy/past of reflex but with vq3 physics and some new gameplay elements as well as instead of robots, balls with smileys at their faces :D.

I find it sad that a game that took so much effort from a very small dev team and has already the "pmx-like" spirit gets forgotten by everyone. Not fair at all.

If arQon was still around i'm pretty sure he would have worked on reflex.

So guys, are you up for a reflex revival ? All you have to do is playing the game and suggest new things to the remaining developpers to make reflex even better, and hopefully end up with a gameplay that has everything done right, the same way than CPM.

Some people will prolly say "why not just playing latest version of CPMA ?" mehhhh, tired of q3 engine, tired of 250fps lock, tired of always the same overplayed maps, tired of the fact that to install cpma, it's still a pain in the ass, at least if you're not a quake veteran. And let's be honest, reflex at full/maxed out GFX looks MUCH better than q3 at full/maxed out GFX.
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Rail should be 80dmg unzoomed and 90 zoomed (20 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:35 CDT, 13 May 2019 - iMsg
Since in the current PTS RL and LG got a slight nerf, I think the RG needs a slight nerf too
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best crosshair ever (8 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:53 CDT, 26 April 2019 - iMsg
Edited by Heartlesss at 13:54 CDT, 26 April 2019 - 4105 Hits
Diabotical movements system? (4 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:34 CST, 21 January 2019 - iMsg
Will it be purely vq3, or purely cpm, or both, or a mixture of both, or a completely new movement system never seen in any quake before ?
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Current QC's champions meta and suggestions (14 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 07:27 CST, 16 December 2018 - iMsg
First of all, let's list all the champions available at the moment, we have:


Obviously, that's a total of 16 different champions.

Out of these 16 champions, 3 of them ain't played anymore, or at least VERY occasionally. Current QC's meta has never been so good, but there's still many rooms for improvement(s).
The weakest champs at the moment are respectively Scalebearer, Sorlag and Deathknight.
Scalebearer in early versions of QC was one of the main champion, without being particularly overpowered though. Sorlag was one of the main champion for a long time and prolly one of the most OP champion in early versions of QC, because of the speed you could move around the map and the fact that he had a shitton of health combined with a very strong active ability. Deathknight was OP due mainly to his too strong active ability, which got nerfed a lot afterwards.

Now let's take a look at light, medium and heavy champs most played:

- Light champs: 1°)Nyx, 2°)Anarki, 3°)Athena, 4°)Slash (from most played to least played)
That's a total of 4 light champions.

- Medium champs: 1°)Ranger, 2°)Eisen, 3°)Visor, 4°)Galena, 4°)Doom, 5°)Strogg, 6°)BJ
That's a total of 6 medium champions.

- Heavy champs: 1°)Keel, 2°)Clutch
That's a total of 2 heavy champions.

See what's wrong there ?
Only 2 heavy champs compared to 4 light and... 6 medium... We could say that atm QC is mainly a matter of medium champs and thus plays more like VQ3 than any other movements itterations of all quake and quake derivatives combined.

So, basically, what's the solutions to improve the variety of gameplay elements (especially movements) of QC ? Let's keep it simple without going into more details:

Sorlag and especially Scalebearer need a buff, slight buff for sorlag and big buff for scalebearer as he is the weakest champion in the game at the moment. I don't know specifically how you could buff both of them, but maybe you guys got some interesting ideas.

Deathknight needs also a slight buff, so that he becomes playable again, and effective. Tell us in comments how you could buff DK without making him OP like in the previous version.

And finally, Slash and Strogg also need some slight changes to make them not particularly stronger, but at least slightly more played.

Hopefully the next champ added with be a heavy, to improve the current meta.

What do you guys think ? Any suggestions/ideas to improve the current meta ?
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Yours truly is back #2 (25 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 10:57 CDT, 21 September 2018 - iMsg
No more ponytail :>
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Is this dude legit ? (44 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:02 CDT, 25 July 2018 - iMsg
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Duel should be reworked, like this: (59 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:27 CDT, 16 July 2018 - iMsg
I think the actual main goal for id software at this point is to balance all the champions so that at least 80% of them are playable with equal chances against any other champion(s).

With the previous and current patch(s), we've seen a lot of different "meta", with like some champions definitely put in "top tier" and others in "low tier", but overall the latest patch is going in the right direction regarding champions balance, and we're starting to see more champions played than before, without a "mega strong pick" that is a must choice.

So, once they'll all be at something else than the crappy "overwatch meta", (let's be honest, overwatch isn't a bad game but obviously it's not quake and it lacks some proper movement system, and there is actually too much heroes (25?) with like 70% of them not used during true competitive environment) which is obviously not something we want with QC, we'll finally be able to play with the champion we like the most (because of how it looks, how it works, what playstyle it brings), and not "forced" to play the strongest picks.

id software also mentionned many times that QC is not like OW, in a sense where their objective is not to force the players to play the strongest meta, but rather play with the style that suits them the most.

That said, here we go:

1°) Make duel 1 champion pick only, without the possibility to change champion at each death or suicide/respawn
2°) Make the champion's pick for both players hidden before the match starts, so that situation where "if I pick Nyx he will pick visor", won't happen, but anyway when the balance between the champions will get better, I think there won't be such things like mentionned previously
3°) Make it timelimit 10
4°) Make it fraglimit 20 (since it's 50 for 2v2 and 75 for 4v4, and I think a fraglimit would be less frustrating for beginners or lower tier players), remove the round system, go back to "classic" 1v1

AND THAT'S ALL :-). Idk men ez, the ball is on your side id software.

Also, quake = 1v1 and 4v4, especially 1v1. Period.
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it's me again with my obsession (39 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:07 CDT, 26 May 2018 - iMsg
and my new crosshair

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Look at this baby I got (8 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 10:00 CDT, 21 May 2018 - iMsg

Smoking to the next level.

90€ REALLY worth it :).
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What crosshair to use ? (8 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 06:26 CDT, 21 May 2018 - iMsg
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Got permanently banned from tox' stream (68 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:16 CDT, 2 April 2018 - iMsg
cause of too much trolling.

drejjk wanted to say this before i left :

: drejjk tox now using 3366 + big fat black interracial crosshair, time for you to move on from something else than wmo and qck
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Clutch needs a nerf and anarki a buff (42 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:26 CDT, 24 March 2018 - iMsg
Clutch needs to be slower, it makes no sense that a heavy champion is the fastest champ in the game. Going agressive with Clutch is too "easy" considering the amount of speed you can get with his movements, and it's not even quake movements.

Anarki need prolly a slight hp/ap buff, cause he's the 2nd fastest after Clutch, but dies in a matter of seconds cause not enough health/armor.

Btw i have nothing against Clutch, i think his movements are a better version of Unreal Tournament, but if you look at the current state of duel, it all comes down to who will play Clutch the better.

And I actually don't like anarki, but it's unfair that those who do like him can't pick him because he's too weak
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Your current settings ? March 2018 (11 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:09 CDT, 22 March 2018 - iMsg

Mouse: Zowie by BenQ EC2-A
DPI: 400
USB Polling rate: 1000hz
Accel: none
Pitch and yaw: default (0.022)
Windows sens: default (6/11)
Sensitivity value: 4.000 (26cm/360° = med-low sens)
Crosshair: standard "+" with a hole in the middle (default QC and CS:GO crosshair), color cyan
FOV: 106 @QC (= 90 @QL)
Mousepad: SteelSeries DeX (mix between hard and cloth; 32cm wide)
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Let's analyze rapha (give your opinions) (83 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:12 CDT, 12 March 2018 - iMsg
So, I made this thread to know more about rapha's playstyle, his strenghts, his weaknesses, his settings and what makes him so good at quake overall.
I will give you my opinion on this subject, but I want your opinions too. Let's all contribute to this thread please :), thank you.

Here we go.

Razer Abyssus v2, 800dpi, 500hz, 20cm/360°, default small + crosshair (the white one with black outlines), FOV 116/126? (116 = 100 @QL; 126 = 110 @QL), 144hz 144fps cap.

- outsmarting most of his opponents
- always getting the best positions to make aiming easier for him and harder for his opponents, and to always give rooms to escape a potential fight loss, or give rooms to finish off an opponent that tries to escape a lost fight attempt; or even to be first on a major item
- items timings, near to perfection, to the second and that with multiple items (mainly the major ones)
- decisions making, always making the best possible decisions, like going from a point A to B for example, 5 steps ahead of most of his opponents, very calculated decisions, nothing random, most of his decisions can give him an advantage over most of his opponents
- knows very well to both play in control and out of control
- god-tier dodges, along with cooller and cypher, but using them in a pretty different way/style than them
- experience, lots and lots of quake experience

- raw aim not at the level of toxjq, xron, raisy, clawz or even DaHaNG
- sometimes tends to overthink, while the opponent can just make a rather stupid move and surprise him
- gives too much respect to some of his opponents, making him lose some confidence, making him play too cautiously at time
- tendency to think about quake like if it were chess, sometimes forgets that combat-skills alone can make a difference, sometimes not relying to them enough (because his combat-skills are underrated)
- needs more time to adapt to different playstyles than most of the pros, too used to cypher cooller and DaHaNG playstyles
- have a tendency to adapt to his opponents playstyles rather than imposing his own playstyle and force the opponents to adapt to that instead

BEST WEAPONS (in order of effectiveness):
1°) RL (god-tier)
2°) RG (top-tier)
3°) LG (good)

1°) NG/SNG/PLASMA (top-tier)
2°) SSG/SG (excellent)
3°) HMG/MG (good)


With all that said, I'm curious about how he would describe himself, how he would rate himself. I remember at some rather old interview that he described cooller as a boa constrictor/pacman, but what does he thinks about himself ?

What do you guys think about rapha ? Is his aim underrated ? Is he really THAT smart ? What made him so successfull at quake according to you guys ? Do you like his playstyle ? According to you guys, is he worth to take inspiration from, or are players like toxjq for example much more worth it ?
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QC rebalance suggestions (16 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:30 CST, 17 November 2017 - iMsg

All weapons are fine, except the LG. They should either tweak again the hitreg or keep it as it is but make it do 8dmg/hit instead of 7dmg/hit (currently).
Not saying that cause I'm an LG abuser, just that I want the holy trinity (RL LG RG) to be as much balanced as possible.
At the moment most pros players just ignore the LG, it's ridiculous to see how this game has become RL-only. The railgun is fine tho. You also have to take into consideration that most light champions are very fast, so rushing with RL becomes easier.
For all of those reasons, LG needs a buff, so that people like evil, strenx, clawz can play their favorite playstyle again (LG-based playstyles). That said, even with a LG buff, the game would still be balanced and open to a lot of different playstyles (RG-heavy, RL-heavy or LG-heavy).


Currently there are 3 different tiers of champions. Top-tier are slash, anarki, doom and nyx. Middle-tier are sorlag, ranger and clutch. Sub-tier are galena, scalebearer, B.J. and visor.
You can either nerf the top-tier champs, or buff the sub-tier champs.
At the moment, it's ridiculous to see that 90% of the best players are using slash, anarki and doom/nyx.
We don't want a game with "Overwatch-like-approach", where some champions/heroes are definitely better than the rest. We want a perfectly balanced game, where every players can just pick his favorite champs based on their own playstyles.

Quake has always been about balance and letting the players develop their own playstyle/way of winning.
It's sad to see that at the moment QC is only about rockets and light & fast champions with a lot of mobility.
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Screenshot of your setup 2018 (63 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:57 CDT, 9 August 2017 - iMsg


CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (4x 4.00GHz)
GPU: PNY GeForce GTX 1070 O/C'ed 8GB GDDR-5
RAM: 16GB Crucial DDR4 2133MHz (4x 4GB)
HDD: Crucial SSD 250Go + Seagate 2To
CASE: Fractal Design Define R5
MONITOR: Zowie by BenQ XL2411Z 24" 1ms 144Hz 16:9 1920x1080p
KEYBOARD: Logitech G413 Carbon Romer-G mechanical switches
MOUSE: Zowie by BenQ EC2-B @1600dpi 1000hz (26cm/360°, no accel)
MOUSEPAD: SteelSeries QcK Edge size L cloth pad (450x400mm)
HEADSET: Razer Kraken Pro 7.1
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Zowie by benQ mice and dpi steps (12 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 18:27 CDT, 2 August 2017 - iMsg
Ok, so, since all the latest zowie mice got the same sensor and same sensor implementation as well as the same dpi steps levels, and since the sensor is "raw" 3310 (one of the latest sensor ever released), I'm tempted to think and ask myself "what would be the perfect dpi step, in term of snappiness/responsiveness/accuracy/'low inputlag'?".

I heard many times already that the 3310 sensor and above (3360/3366 etc) doesn't have any "native" dpi step, which basically means that it will work the same at ANY dpi step. Not sure about "jitters" at very high dpi settings though (basically any values above 2000dpi).

The dpi steps are 400dpi, 800dpi, 1600dpi and finally 3200dpi.
From my own experience, 3200dpi with ultra high sens (1-3cm/360°) feels snappy enough without any "jitterness"; 400dpi with low sens (26cm/360°, sensitivity 4 ingame, basically the current cooller's sens settings) just feels right too, except that ofc compared to high sens it feels slower, not less responsive, just slower (which is 200% logical considering it's a low sens); 800dpi with medium sens (~20cm/360°), there again, the mouse just peforms as you would expect it to do, it's responsive, good feeling, no "jitter", everything seems fine; and finally my current settings 1600dpi sens 1.8 ingame (14.4cm/360°), the settings i feel most comfortable with.

So basically, I tried pretty much every settings but failed at finding even the slight difference(s) between all those settings in term of "input lag"/"smoothing"/"snappiness" etc.
When people said 3310 sensor just performs the same at any dpi step, I tend to think it's true, from, like I said, my own experience but also the multiple threads etc I found on the internet. However, I'm no god when it comes to technical stuffs regarding mice, ofc I know the basics and further, but that's all. And I'm still asking myself "if I didn't find any notable differences, is it because I'm unable and not sensitive enough to "feel" them, or is it because there are obviously no notable differences at all?".

One last thing that makes me have doubts, is that pretty much all the pro players (be it CS:GO or Overwatch or Quake) use either 400dpi or 800dpi. Is it simply because they feel they don't need more dpi and/or they are using low sensitivities, or is it because actually these 2 dpi steps work the best with any zowie mice, in comparison to 1600dpi and 3200dpi ?

I'm worried because I might actually use the wrong dpi step (1600) just because I might fail at finding any noticeable difference(s) between 400, 800 or 1600 (like I'm not sensitive enough).

TL;DR do all 3310 zowie mice perform the same at all dpi steps (400, 800, 1600, 3200), or is it better to use them (the mice) at either 400dpi or 800dpi, if you want best responsiveness/snappiness/accuracy/etc ? TL;DR
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I'm now playing on 1600dpi 14.4cm (41 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:20 CDT, 26 July 2017 - iMsg
lowered my sens from 2 to 1.8 (14.4cm/360°), but still at 1600dpi cause it's best for high sens <3

you'll see me dominate soonish :D
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What's your size/weight ? (100 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 05:53 CDT, 13 July 2017 - iMsg
182CM 90KG
5'11" (or closer to 6') 198.5LBS

this is not a troll thread, i'm just curious of the average size and weight of my fellows quakers :D
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Suggestion(s) to balance Clutch (24 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:56 CDT, 9 July 2017 - iMsg
- make his shield cooldown 2x slower
- 2x less speed increase when dashing in the air
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Just imagine Agent on good settings (198 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:42 CDT, 9 July 2017 - iMsg
- fov 100 instead of his current 130
- 15cm 1200dpi 1000hz instead of his current 7.7cm 1800dpi 500hz
- deathadder elite instead of his current deathadder 2013

that dude would dominate QC duels
Edited by He4rTL3sS at 14:01 CDT, 9 July 2017 - 41282 Hits
"The world doesn't need another hero, it needs a monster" (50 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 16:01 CDT, 2 July 2017 - iMsg
"The world doesn't need another hero, it needs a monster" (c) Ranger@QC

The world doesn't need another hero, it needs MORE MONSTERS (c) Heartlesss@AddictedToMonsterEnergyDrinks
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QC more crosshairs/crosshairs options to come (15 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:55 CDT, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
SyncError: We're adding tons of crosshair options, but I can't confirm when they will be added.
SyncError: We may add temporary options until our 'crosshair system' is done & in.

Can't wait :D
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I'm bored and need to wake up at 12.30PM (32 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 22:17 CDT, 30 May 2017 - iMsg
So, what you guys wanna know about me ? I can tell anything, everything. I'm not ashamed of being an autistic weirdo, so just ask your questions, I'll try to answer as much precisely as possible.

Can be about my life, quake, anything.

Maybe you wonder about my retardness or something, so perhaps you can ask a question such as "Why are you such an attention whore, and playing meaningless thing that is thunderstruck 1v1 24/7, drinking high amount of energy drinks, making retarded threads about configs and sensitivities, and on top of that a fucking arrogant asshole ? You french faggot :/".

You can even say here in the comments that I made another retarded journal entry only to seek attention, and that you don't give a fuck about me, it's not like I'm a super-star like cooller or anyone else.

You can even troll me or insult me, give me advices to be less retarded, I'm open for anything really :)

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4L of monster energy at once (47 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:09 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg
I did it.

Feels good man.

Side effects ? you're shaky for 30min, but after that, all fine. Diarrhea, but it feels like it's a good one, like something that "purify" your body.

sugar free and calories free.
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some random French hip-hop song (12 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:38 CDT, 26 May 2017 - iMsg

tell me if you like it !
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400dpi(26cm, low sens) -VS- 1600dpi(13cm, high sens) (77 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:31 CDT, 24 May 2017 - iMsg
First of all, before starting explaining everything, we have to list all the different kind of sensitivities:

- from 0.5cm to 5cm = ultra high sens
- from 6cm to 9cm = very high sens
- from 10cm to 15cm = high sens
- from 16cm to 25cm = medium sens
- from 26cm to 35cm = low sens
- from 36cm to 45cm = very low sens
- from 46cm to anything slower = ultra low sens

Then we have to list the different dpi steps to use according to each type of sensitivities:

- ultra high sens = 3000dpi and above
- very high sens = from 2000dpi to 3000dpi
- high sens = from 1200dpi to 1800dpi
- medium sens = from 800dpi to 1000dpi
- low sens = from 400dpi to 500dpi
- very low sens = 400dpi
- ultra low sens = 400dpi and lower

And finally we can start about why I made this thread:

Comparing low sensitivity at 400dpi -VS- high sensitivity at 1600dpi; 26cm and low dpi -VS- 13cm and high dpi.

I'm currently using a Zowie by benQ ZA11 at 1600dpi 1000hz and 13cm/360°. For testing low sensitivity I used obviously the same mouse but at 400dpi (and then set it to 26cm/360°).
One thing I have to mention is that high or low dpi steps, the feeling, the responsivness of the mouse is basically the same, might not be the case on some other mice (depending on sensor(s) and native dpi step(s)).
I have to mention also, that, over the years, I tried basically all kind of mice, from Razer Krait with angle-snapping to Steelseries kinzu v1 with hardware accel to abyssus 1st edition with no acceleration nor angle-snapping etc, to some other Zowie, Razer and Logitech mice. Also tried many different dpi steps on all kind of mice, from 400dpi to 3500dpi.

Ok, so, basically I played 2 or 3 days for like 3 hours/day on 400dpi 26cm, coming from 1600dpi and 13cm.

Now let's list the pros and cons of low sens compared to high sens:

+ at long range, railing is stable and when you do the "wait for the enemy to come into your crosshair", you rarely miss a shot due to the stability of the sens
+ at long range, flick rails are ultra precise, as long as the opponent doesn't do too large movements (but if he does you rather use strafe-keys and wait for him to come into your crosshair)
+ med to long range LG'ing is very stable and feels good, as long as the opponent doesn't do too large strafes (in which case you might get fucked up, or just try to "mirror strafe-aim" his movement pattern)
+ med to long range RL shots are effortless
+ shakyness is almost non present, your aim is almost very stable all the time
+ if you're young, and got a lot of adrenaline inside you (:D), you might like the fact that you have to basically do table tennis on your mousepad (:D)
+ sharp & solid aim in a 10° to 80° angle

- some quicker flick rails are almost undoable
- some larger flick rails requiere much more effort to be done properly
- obviously you have much more trouble, or at least need to put much more effort, against med-to-long strafes, especially if they are spammed
- RL at close range is awful, so you have to rely on your positioning and movements more in order to not get tricked by the opponent's dodges
- fast mid-air at close range forces you (again) to make more effort if you want to hit them
- if the opponents leaves your screen, or in other words leaves the 10° to 80° angle, you react much slower and there again have to put much more effort to make an accurate flick shot
- LG at close range makes you more dependent on your movement pattern, countering someone "circle'ing" you is harder and you have to use the right movement pattern in order to compensate that
- LG at med-long range is harder if the opponent starts to do a mix of med and large strafes or goes in the same direction while doing so
- 180° turns are doable but are done slightly slower and, once again, requiere more effort (because you have to move your arm very quickly on a rather large distance)
- 360° turns are doable but much slower, even if you got very quick arm
- certain rocket-jumps are almost undoable
- strafe-jumping and bunny-hopping become harder if you reach a certain speed because you have to make quicker and larger movements with your whole arm, basically
- after 2 hours straight of playing, your hand and/or arm/forearm starts to lose some of its "power", so basically, if you play more than 4 hours on low sens, you start to play worst and losing stamina
- need more space on your desk / bigger mousepad
- you often end up in "unnatural" mouse position on the mousepad while tracking long strafes
- more effort, slower
- more effort, slower
- more effort, slower... and so on...

Noticed how many times I used the word "effort" ? Why did I do that ? Simply to emphasize the fact that in most situations, you have to put 2x the effort you do compared to when you play on high sens.
Noticed how many times I used the word "slower" ? It's obvious, the wrist is ALWAYS faster than the forearm, and when on high sens, when you have to move your forearm, the distance you have to travel is 2x shorter, means that you can do that 2x faster than on low sens, for the same result.
Actually, hitting very hard is basically possible in any situations with low sens BUT you need more effort and sometimes you just can't, you have to compensate with your movements, which makes you more predictable.

High sens gives you more freedom at the end, open possibilities of more playstyles / movement patterns.
Low sens makes you more predictable, ofc you can still hit hard as fuck with low sens, but if you want to adjust or change something, you often end up forced to use your strafe-keys in order to make it effective.

Also, one last thing, which is very important in my humble opinion. I'm not talking about low sens -VS- very high or ultra high sens. Because anything higher than high sens (1200dpi - 1800dpi 10cm - 15cm) is too extreme. Basically with very or ultra high sens it's the same problem than with very or ultra low sens : you have less freedom, you are basically forced to almost use the same movements/playstyle, and trying to be like ultra-good at it (practice practice practice (c) Fatal1ty), but in this case you become more predictable.
For example, on ultra high sens, it's VERY hard to track short strafes properly, which means that you'll have to force large/long-strafes ALMOST all the time.

People often say that the sweet spot for sensitivity is between 22cm and 30cm, not too high, not too low. Actually, they are wrong, the sweet spot is from 10cm to 15cm (high sens). Because with such a sens, you still have to move your forearm in some situations, you can still track short-strafes if you "calm down" and do small mouse's movements. You can move faster with less effort, do 360° faster, do flick/mini-flick shots snappier (it's just that you don't use your whole forearm in order to do so, at least compared to very low sens and slower), you're not limited to a "10°-80° angle type of aiming", you're FREE :).

The reason why people are using 400dpi and low/very low/ultra low sens is because they just copy/pasted all the CS:GO pros, and some aim monsters at Quake, without trying to find by themselves which setting is worth considering.
Having 45cm+ at CS:GO makes some sense because it's almost always long range fights and the opponents very rarely go out of your "10° to 80° angle" of vision. But in any fast-FPS high sens is the sweet spot. Not too high, just high.
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Nyx (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:22 CDT, 18 May 2017 - iMsg
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LG's range nerf (59 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 16:45 CDT, 14 May 2017 - iMsg
From 960units to 768units (like in Q3/QL)

Do you think it is a good thing considering the fact that some Champions can move ultra fast and "bullrush" at you mindlessly then RL.
I know there's some kind of counter to "bullrush", and this counter is about picking up a tank Champions. But still, it's annoying.
And when they'll fix RL delay these kind of moves will be even easier.

I'm personally not against a range nerf, but why not 900units or even 864units instead of 768units ?
Also, you have to take into consideration that some Champs (usually the fastest ones) got smaller hitboxes, making them harder to hit.

Let me know what you think in this poll I made :
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TL;DR (12 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:35 CDT, 7 May 2017 - iMsg
Random nice discussion with my friend alborz. Talking about mice, sensitivity, crosshair, fov, weapons balance in both QL and QC, top quake players including well known pros, evolution of Quake throughout the years (starting from 1996 up to QC).
Not even sure why I'm making that thread but maybe some of you will understand more my point of view regarding Quake in general, and settings etc. If you got time to kill, read it 'til the end :D.

HF and peace out guys! <3

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All the hate towards QC (166 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:33 CDT, 20 April 2017 - iMsg
Guys, seems like 80% of the ESR userbase just wants QC to be Q3 with new engine/graphics.
This is stupid. Why ?

Because we already had it, it's called quakelive. Yes, same engine than Q3, but improved slightly especially on the textures and on some visuals effects. QL is basically Q3 in HD with 16:9 support and HD screen's res support, with relatively high definition textures.

See how it went ? Basically every big e-sport events dropped QL, only left is QuakeCon. Majority of people just got bored of the same Q3 gameplay @ picmip 16. Reflex already tried CPMA/CPM on new engine, but didn't take off, and people went back to Q3.

Most hardcore die-hard fans of Quake are close-minded and way too elitists to see that actually id made a good move with QUAKE Champions.
With every new version of Quake we saw changes. Especially from Q1 to Q2. And Q1 was a major change from DOOM 2, and already at that time, die-hard DOOM's fans complained about how Q1 is not DOOM and why it sucked compared to it.
When Q2 came out, Q1 die-hard fans complained about railgun, slow movements, not-like-q1-at-100%-gameplay etc...
When Q3 test came out Q2 players complained about the fact that Q3 was just basically a worst version of Q2.
When Q4 came out, people complained about crouch-sliding being a worst version of air-control, Q4 gameplay to be an exact copy of Q3, but only a worst one.

Now QC brings to us the Champions and some new rules, die-hard QL fans are complaining about that.

Yes, new gameplay elements are always scary at first, but once you get used to them you start to feel again in your "comfort-zone", and start to realize that it's not necessarily a bad thing, just different. And what means different means NEW & FRESH, means "noobs" A.K.A. new players more tempted to try out the game, means better critics from the gaming journalists, means more FUN overall for the not "die-hard-quake-fans-playing-it-for-15-years".

And one last thing, QC will obviously not follow the same business-model than QL (which is a good thing like I said already), BUT, look, let's be honest, it still has :
1°) Quake-Like graphics
3°) Strafe-jumping, bunny-hopping, crouch-sliding
4°) Items to pick up
5°) Maps that feel just QUAKE
6°) Well known Quake characters models (ranger, visor, anarki etc) and some new ones that just look fantastic (Nyx is sexy af :D)

7°) IT'S STILL QUAKE AT ITS CORE-GAMEPLAY <----- MOST IMPORTANT thing ever, the rest doesn't matter THAT much.

We'll just have to adapt to some new gameplay elements and to some new gametypes, but the best Quake players will still be the best because true-hardcore-quake-gameplay is still there and not broken, we'll just adapt to the new other things eventually and feel in our "comfort-zone" again.

If you're intelligent enough, you'll adapt... or die if you're dumb :P
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I now have a "new" philosophy (10 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:03 CDT, 4 April 2017 - iMsg
If you can play the game you enjoy at maxed out GFX with high and stable fps, do it!

In order of importance, here is my list :

1st) Mouse and sensitivity
2nd) Monitor Hz (120Hz is the strict minimum)
3rd) FPS (120fps if 120hz = strict minimum. Ideal settings are 144hz and 144/152fps. Insane settings are 240hz and 250fps)
4th) Screen resolution (native screen res is usually the best, except on CRT, but CRTs are now things of the past)
5th) Crosshair
6th) Clearly enough visible enemy models (green keels @ ql are nice, green robots @ rflx are nice too, models with blue/red/green/whateverColor outlines @ ow are nice aswell)

- I'm now playing QL at maxed out GFX since my PC can handle it with stable 250fps even at Asylum 4v4.
- I'm playing RFLX at default lowest GFX settings, cause i'm not sure if my PC can handle 144fps stable in any situations with maxed out GFX. And by default I really mean default, I actually barely touched my cfg file, I did everything at the ingame menu.
- I was playing OW at lowest default settings with 152fps, but if I could play this game at maxed out GFX and stable 152fps, I would do it for sure.
- I'm going to play QC at lowest GFX settings, and maybe in 3-4 years when I'll upgrade my PC I'll be able to play at full GFX settings with 144/152 or even better, 240fps stable.

All the distracting effects you can remove (in older games with older engines like QL, or specific "new" games like RFLX), all the nerdy customizations you can do like changing every little detail in the game WON'T actually give you an edge over the players playing with default settings.
For some reason your eyes/brain can adapt pretty fast to basically any GFX settings even if it's set on ultra high with a lot of effects, with practice with the same config for a long enough period of time. Picmip 16 doesn't actually gives you an advantage over picmip 0 players. Like I said already, as long as you can see the enemymodel(s) clearly, with whatever method, having ultra clean config or ultra detailed one DOESN'T matter at all.

IMHO customizing every little details of the visuals is a thing of the past. Out of all the FPS games available, basically only Quake (except QC) allows you to change/alterate EVERY single little detail in your visual settings. Like I said, at the end, it's only a nerdy thing, you know, you can spend 60hours tweaking your CFG to death, nothing will make you play better than someone playing on default HIGH or default LOW settings for years. I think rapha is a good example of it, his config is pretty much standard/default/ugly, but yet he's still the best quake player of all times.

Don't underestimate muscle memory and the capacity of your brain to adapt to anything. Practice is much more efficient than tweaking your CFG to death.
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Made a QL config close to QC on lowest GFX (31 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:18 CDT, 23 March 2017 - iMsg
Based on the videos of QC's gameplay we've seen so far, I made a config that looks close/very close to what will prolly be the lowest GFX settings of QC.

Made by guessing it won't be possible to hard-tweak the config file(s) etc, but only lowering the GFX at the ingame menu(s), just like in Overwatch or any (relatively) recent AAA games.

You can get it from there :

Screenshots :
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I now have 16GB of RAM (52 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 16:55 CDT, 17 March 2017 - iMsg
Went yesterday to buy some more RAM. Already had 8GB (2x 4GB), bought 8 more GB (2x 4GB again). I now have 16GB of DDR4 RAM. I'm ready for QC & streaming :D.

cpu : i5-6500 (4 cores at 3.20GHz up to 3.60GHz with turboboost)
gpu : GTX 970 4GB
hdd/ssd : crucial something 250Go SSD and Seagate something 2To
ram : 16GB DDR4 (4x 4GB)
monitor : benq xl2411z (144hz @ 1920x1080)
mouse : zowie ZA11 (@ 1600dpi 1000hz ~11.3cm/360° no accel)
mousepad : goliathus speed extended (XXL one)
keyboard : ozone strike mech black switches (solid as fuck keyboard, last longer than any steelseries mech keyboard)

250fps @ QL
144fps @ RFLX (feels smoother than QL)
152fps @ OW (feels just as smooth as RFLX)

If my graphic card doesn't allow me to play at 144fps with lowest possible gfx settings @ QC, I'll get a GTX 1070 8GB. If I can already play QC @ 144fps stable with my GTX 970, I'll be fucking happy :D.

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My update on Reflex (17 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:25 CDT, 13 March 2017 - iMsg
So, as you guys might already know, I'm playing reflex for almost 2 weeks now. Duels and Doubles and some pub insta for fun.

I'm currently platinum @ reflex and got ranked 50th at some point :D. So I'm improving slowly for surely. I'm already at above average level, but nowhere near the top ofc.

I like a lot the engine, the netcode, the cosmetics, most of the maps, the weapons (ion cannon AKA lg can be so fucking strong, and plasma aswell), the movements (I like both VQL and CPM-like actually) and ofc the matchmaking and ranking :).

I bought some cosmetics today, just take a look at my beautiful character :

Peace, HF!
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QC Weapons switching & ground accel ? (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:57 CDT, 12 March 2017 - iMsg
Anyone knows if the weapons switches will be very fast (reflex-like), instant (CPM/QW) or relatively slow (Q2/VQ3/CQ3/QL) ?

Anyone knows more about the actual ground accel of the game ? Relatively slow (QW, but higher max speed), normal (Q2/VQ3/CQ3/QL) or fast (Q4) or very fast (CPM/RFLX) ?
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Energy drinks (65 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:02 CST, 28 February 2017 - iMsg
What you guys think of energy drinks (redbull, monster, etc) ? Do you drink it ? Does it improve your game ?

These days i'm doing a lot of 3L at once (6 cans of 50cl) and i feel ultra awake and it's basically like i played for 3 hours right at the 1st game.

3L + 1 or 2 pills of xanax and i'm ultra focused.

only downside, after 3-4 hours i start to feel sleepy, sometimes real sleepy, so only thing i can do is relaxing myself browsing the internet, watching movies, playing single player game, basically i lose almost all my stamina after 3-4 hours (but only if i didn't sleep enough at the previous night)

Do you think it should be called "drug abuse" ? Do you think it's like adderall, so basically cheating with your mind/body ?

i personally can't play on weed, cause i'm not used to it and often it's bad quality weed (here in France), so it makes me too relaxed and sometimes very sleepy, and it's like i'm in another mental state. I like weed, it's the only drug i would smoke from time to time if it were legal in France, and good quality one.

alcohol sux real bad, it's been like 1 year or something that i didn't get drunk. Last time i tried it, was like 9-12 months ago, and i just couldn't play at all, it makes me slow and clumsy. And it's BAD both physically and mentally. I do not recommend alcohol at all, except maybe if you're an army soldier and you have to kill people xD.

so yeah, for me, from all the drugs i tried, monster energy drink comes 1st, mixed up with xanax it's the perfect combo. Weed 2nd but i don't smoke it enough to get accustomed, and i don't plan on smoking it if i want a quake practice session.
Alcohol is last, this shit is cancer.

would like to try adderall if i had the occasion to do it, even tho it might be dangerous and get you addicted to it. Methamphetamine could also be worth a try, but only once, cause that shit becomes dangerous real fast.

what you guy think ? :>
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noone gives a fuck... (24 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:49 CST, 28 February 2017 - iMsg
... but my rockets finally improved \o/

i think my low ping helps a bit for it (15ms on FRA servers and 23-25ms on DEU servers) but it's mainly cause i don't play 1v1 anymore, or just occasionally and i play a lot of 2v2 where you have to rl more.

i'm happy :D

drawgun 3 + crosshair 11 small size = basically cheat :D

and my mouse/sens/dpi/monitor/pcSpecs etc are near PERFECT

now that i have close to perfect lg, good rail, good rockets i'm on my way to be #1 again


"hits da cig" =]<o~~~~ ~~
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what are the best softwares to check RAM (15 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:58 CST, 2 February 2017 - iMsg
so, like you might already know, i want to get 2x more RAM (so 16GB in total, 4x 4GB). Currently have 8GB of DDR4 (2x 4GB) with my core i5-6500. However I can't remember the brand name of my memory and at what clock/frequency etc it does work.

maybe CPU-Z is a good software to check it ? Any other(s) software(s) ?

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So, just got fiber connection <3 (45 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 18:59 CST, 1 February 2017 - iMsg
100mb down (<3), 5mb up (</3), ~20ms ping at DEU servers (I'm from France, Paris) (<3)

~11mo/s download speed (<3)

never played with a ping below 34ms in my whole life, i'm so happy to get such a low ping <3

i have a question :

can i stream with my current connection or is 5mb up too low for smooth streaming ?

if you say me i can, i'll do it <3, prolly most useless stream on earth (mainly thunderstruck, small CA 2v2 @ small CA maps only, boring to watch for most people :D), but still worth it cause i'm sure i'll find it fun :D


peace everyone
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QUAKE Champions poll, pls participate! (43 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:28 CST, 22 January 2017 - iMsg
Hello everyone. I made a poll below about the possibility of hidding the weapons in QUAKE Champions™. Tell us if you care about it, or don't.
Anyway, no need for a lot of talk, vote below:
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Quake III Arena latest SpeedRun (7 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:44 CST, 6 January 2017 - iMsg

scripted aimbot OR just high sens + unsmooth demorecording ?
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need moar facebook friends from quake (9 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:35 CST, 2 January 2017 - iMsg

add me i give free blowjobs

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pls allow us to hide the guns in QC/DBL (35 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 08:55 CST, 2 January 2017 - iMsg
pls "id" and "2GD" , give us the possibility to hide the weapons in QUAKE Champions™ and Diabotical.
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2 features really missing in RFLX (18 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 06:12 CST, 16 December 2016 - iMsg
1°) /cl_weapon_opacity , from "0" to "1" , where "0" would be opaque , "0.25" would be 25% translucent , "0.5" would be 50% translucent , "0.75" would be 75% translucent and "1" 100% transparent.

Would be nice to keep the colors and textures even if the weapons are translucent (like in Warsow, but not like in QL where you can't define the level of opacity and the weapons are plain white/grey)

2°) bind game x +zoom as well as a /r_zoom_fov (or /r_zoomfov) command.

And probably a command to change your zoom's sensitivity.
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I'll play the season 3 of OW only cause (62 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:04 CST, 27 November 2016 - iMsg
... C O O L L E R won DreamHack with misfits, and they finally buffed the soldier:76 (from 17dmg/hit to 20dmg/hit).

Ofc I'm going to play s76 ONLY, and I don't plan on getting pro or anything, I'll probably play when I'll be done with already 2-3 hours of thunderstruck :D, or maybe 1-2 hours before thunderstruck :>

I don't like Overwatch much but at least you can shoot at moving targets, and there's s76, the only interesting hero to me. Moving targets + MG/LG-like weapon = fun. The rest : CBA.
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Need some help guys! (10 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 18:37 CST, 12 November 2016 - iMsg
Where can I contact gaiia, kyto, rama ?

IRC ? what channel(s) ? Discord ? Give me links pls ! :)

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Why does my setup make sense ? (6 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:57 CDT, 24 October 2016 - iMsg
Ok guys, I'll try to explain why I'm using that mouse rather than that one, why I'm playing with X keyboard, mousepad and so on... Why I have that CPU/GPU instead of that other GPU/CPU etc...

Ok, I start:

I think the keyboard you're using is actually much more important than the mouse or monitor you're using. Let me explain why.
Actually you're not switching weapons with the mouse (except in rare cases), you're not typing with the mouse, and you aim much better with a good rubber dome keyboard than with a shitty one.
Also, last but not least, when you browse a website (usually a porn website or ESR, which is basically the same), you write the url with the keyboard (yeah I know you can still have a virtual keyboard in windows but it's still much faster to type with a real keyboard), not with the mouse or even monitor. I agree tho that you still need a monitor to watch movies (usually porn movies or quake frag movies, almost the same in fact) or play quake, altho the best quake players can still play without a monitor (or let's assume you're blind, how can you see your monitor anyway ? Even if you're blind you can still feel your keyboard with your fingers or you can still masturbate with porn movies sounds).
Tbh I think that the most important part of your setup is your keyboard. With your keyboard you can dodge like cooller or strafe-aim like Z4muZ, but i agree tho that you CAN'T hit harder than toxjq in q3, whatever keyboard you're using.
Oh and I forgot, when you're angry/raging, when you had a bad day, usually you tend to smash your keyboard rather than your monitor or mouse. Actually smashing a good quality and very comfortable keyboard with your head feels much MUCH better than a shitty keyboard that will probably break your bones cause after 2 or 3 hits you're basically hitting your desk.
In my case, I can't remember the model name of the keyboard I'm using, but it's a very high quality keyboard, it's a razor something, which I bought 350€ or something. Ah yeah, forgot another thing, when you buy a keyboard, MAKE SURE that it has 16.8M led colors, because when you play in the night, if you don't have any leds on your keys, you can't see them, and then you're basically unable to dodge or strafe-aim or switch weapons etc.. In my case (at least), when I'm focusing on my dodges, I don't look at the monitor but directly at the keyboard,and I try to focus on the sounds to locate my enemy's position.

Headset is probably the 2nd most important thing in your setup. Actually I have 3 headsets, because when some people (friends, family etc) are at home and watching me play, everyone can hear the sounds. Personally, I don't have any real life friends but in case someday I'll have some, then my 2 other headsets will be useful.
My headsets are razor kraken pro 9.1 dolby digital THX ultra creative fatal1ty atmos digital. I prefer them over any other headsets because razor is arguably the best gaming gear brand at the moment. I have dolby digital THX 9.1 with my razor synapse drivers because even if there's no sound or my pc is off, I can still hear sounds that don't exist in real life, just like when I was at the psychiatric hospital and I was able to hear voices.
Also, everyone knows that when you play thunderstruck almost 24/7 like me, you need to hear the quake sounds perfectly, especially since the map is big and sometimes, especially if you have your monitor off (like most best quake players), you need to know exactly where your enemy is. And even if he's hidding behind a wall and walking, I can still hear him like if he were running or jumping because of dolby digital THX 9.1.

I like mice. Especially razor abyss. I miss accel tho, like when I was playing with my good old kinzu v1 (which was probably the best mouse I had ever used). Imo, it's clear that when evil beat rapha at the quakecon 2016 (the latest one), it was obviously because of his keyboard, but in this particular case also because of his mouse). Same for strenx when he won all the online zotac cups and the IEM dubai 2014 when he beat great players such as Z4muZ, cooller, rapha, cypher, av3k, k1llsen, agent and finally MAKIE in the grand finale.
Personally I think the perfect mouse doesn't exist (yet), but if I had to make one, it would be deathadder left-handed shape (if you are right handed it's actually better to play with a left handed mouse, because that way your right hand (strongest and fastest one) can use the keyboard, and like I said, the keyboard is the most important part of your setup). I would probably also add as much weight as possible, like 1 or 2kg, so that you still have perfect control with high sens (low sens is overrated).
ATM i'm using razor DA chromatus 16.8B colors at 26000DPI (I'm using high dpi because I'm playing with high sens). I still miss my kinzu and razor abyss tho, but I like the shape of the chromatus a lot and people often say that the best sensor available atm are in the DA chromatus and logitech G Pro. I personally don't like the G Pro because it's way too light and my 1st gaming mouse was a razor, back in 2004 or something. Razor > logitech, everyone knows that, it was like that since the beginning.

I personally don't have any monitor anymore. It's like when you start to remove your crosshair and realize that you can still hit as hard as if you had one. Over the years, I just realized that I don't need any monitor as long as I have a good keyboard and headset. Also, that way, I can save money for a better keyboard,

I have a razor goliath ultra fast extended XXXXL elite edition. Since I'm using high sens, psychologically it feels better to think like "even if I do a very very large mouse's movement, I'll still have like 1 or 2 meters left on my mousepad". I mean, it's all in the head, it's like when you have a bugatti veyron with 1000HP, if the speed is limited to 90km/h, psychologically it's nice to think that you're using 1/1000 of your HP, you don't have to worry about it too much. And also, you all know that I'm on meds, so I think that (at least in my case), anything that can make me feel more comfortable psychologically is good for me.
So yeah, at the end, just get an ultra large and fast mousepad even if you're using 5cm/360° like agent does. And take a razor one, preferably, because like I said already razor is the best gaming gears brand atm.

ATM I only play quakelive, so I think that the more cores I have with my CPU, the better. I have an intel core i7-5960x with like 8 cores of something, that way I don't have any fps drops at maps like asylum etc...
I also have a GTX 1080p so that I can play at 1920x1080p very comfortably. And since my keyboard uses 1000hz USB polling rate, I need a very strong graphic card as well as CPU to handle it.
You will probably ask me why I bother about screen res if I don't have any monitor. Actually it's quite simple.
When I play quake it's much more smooth to use 1080p screen res with 26000dpi, even if I don't see anything, I can feel EVERYTHING.


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I'm on vacation hehe (12 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 10:02 CDT, 12 October 2016 - iMsg
At the Reunion island, a rather small island located at the southern of the big Madagascar island.

9000km from Paris, France :D 10hours flight travel :).

my mother is from that island, she came in France at the age of 17 and met my father at the age of 21 or something :) My father is 100% french.

so basically i'm with my whole family, and it's gonna be so so nice :)

3 weeks and a half and then i'm back to Paris again ^^. So no quake possible during my vacation. When i'll come back i will be like "wtf how everyone is so good at this game?" xD

but at least i have internet so still gonna make useless threads and comments :D

Peace guys, hf!
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CPM -VS- RFLX (53 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:17 CDT, 8 October 2016 - iMsg
So, I'm wondering why suddenly all the top Reflex players went up to CPM again.

Just to clarify, I won't go into a "but RFLX is so much better than CPM" or "RFLX is dead, CPM gameplay is the best".

I just want to know the opinions of most CPM/RFLX players. Like, why did they switch back to CPM ? Or, why do they keep playing RFLX ?

I heard "newborn" left RFLX dev team, any more info about that ?
I heard CPM is gonna get patched again with more options etc, is that true ? If so, who's gonna make the work ?

Basically I would like to know everything, so if someone informed enough could enlighten me, that would be great.

Also, making a list of what you like/dislike about RFLX and what you like/dislike about CPM would be cool, especially if you're a top CPM/RFLX player.

So yeah, tell us the reasons why you're back to CPM, or why you think RFLX is just an improved version of CPM.

If you're a hardcore CPM/RFLX player, tell us what went wrong with RFLX or tell us why you will never go back to CPMA/CPM.

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Give >=10-15cm>= a try! (48 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 22:47 CDT, 4 October 2016 - iMsg
So the last few days I've been trying out different sensitivities and DPIs settings.

The most notable ones are :

(1) 400dpi sens 4 = 26cm/360°
(2) 3200dpi sens 7 = 1.9cm/360°

(1) feels good, especially at long range and with "straight rocket aim". You have to move your hand/arm a lot, actually it's quite nice when you get used to it. But imho if someone moves in circle around you, it's hard to keep track of the target. And sometimes you end up in an uncomfortable hand position on the mousepad. Actually you have to make quite a lot of effort to follow the long/med strafes. I would say this kind of sens requieres you to be in shape, to not be sleepy or anything, and you need to play a lot to get used to it.
I like this setting, but imho not optimal. I can still find quite obvious flaws when I play with it.

(2) yes, I know, it's MADNESS. Most people will be like "WTF did he just try ?! Insanely high sens !". In fact, it's not as bad as people might think. When you play for more than 1 hour with it, you start to understand how this kind of sens works. You never move your arm, only your hand/fingers/wrist. When you start to calm down and you start to control every micro movements, it's fine. Obviously my overall accuracy dropped a bit, but I think that it was mainly because I probably would need at least 4-5 days to get used at almost 100% to an extreme high sens like this one rather than this kind of mouse settings being just bad.
Now I understand a bit more how agent can be so good with ~5cm/360°.

I won't try anything that is slower than 30cm/360°, because imho low/ultra low sens is overrated.

Then I went back to my usual 1600dpi 11.3cm/360°, and you know what ? I almost felt instantly at home lol. I remember when I switched from 23.1cm to 11.3cm, it took me like only 2-3 days to get used to it at almost 100%. I think there's something "magical" with 10-15cm, it's high, but not ULTRA high, you still have to move your arm sometimes, and unlike with 25-30cm, you can track better the target in some situations without having an uncomfortable position on the mousepad. Ihmo this kind of sens has almost no weakness(es), but you have to try it yourself to understand.

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Little bot exercice for LG (123 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:28 CDT, 29 September 2016 - iMsg
Ok, so, one of my QL friend suggested this little exercice against "custom" bot to warm up your LG with mouse-aim only.

1°) First, go to "Start A Match" then select "Clan Arena" as gametype on any map, then while in-game type these commands :

/devmap drunkenmummy
/g_knockback 0
/g_infiniteammo 1
/g_startinghealth 999
/g_startingarmor 999
/bot_thinktime 0


/addbot slash 5

2°) Then position yourself there on the map (right in the corner) : and DON'T move, wait for the bot to come at you.

3°) Then when he's at the right range, use the LG ONLY, with mouse-aim ONLY.
Do it up until 10 frags. Check your accuracy afterwards; tell us your accuracy in a reply to this thread.


I personally CAN'T go above 62%, which is my personal record. No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be able to beat 62% (even when warmed up).
I'm curious to see what kind of accuracies you can achieve, you guys. I guess that my record isn't that hard to beat and I presume that some people can reach 65%+.

Let's see :)
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Infidels, traitors, money addicts, fame (48 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 11:59 CDT, 24 September 2016 - iMsg
I understand that if you are/were already a TF2 player, the switch to Overwatch seems natural, especially considering the fact that, altho being popular, TF2 doesn't have any major LAN event(s) and is playing mainly by casual or hardcore gamers, but not really by "true pros" players. I think it's fair to say that OW has a brighter future than TF2, and on top of that, is more "complex/strategically demanding", and finally, OW is fresh, new, and made by $$$$$$ BLIZZARD.
Both games share a lot of similarities, I think that OW can even be called "TF2 2.0", to be honest.

However you will probably ask me, "then who are those infidels, traitors, money addicts, fame addicts ?". The answer is simple : Quake players. And I was one of them at some point, but not anymore, luckily God oppened my eyes and showed me the right path : continuing to play QL/Reflex until Quake Champions or Diabotical come out.

OW is NOT Quake, if you are a true Quake player then stick with it and support the game no matter what. You can play QW, Q2, Q3 CPM, QL, Reflex, it doesn't matter, as long as it's QUAKE or a Quake rip off.
90% of us grown up playing Quake; Quake isn't only a game, it's a life-style; Quake does have the most beautiful/epurated/skilled FPS gameplay ever made. OW on the other hand, is a game full of gimmicks, imbalance and lame gameplay features that have no place in a true hardcore FPS (which obviously OW isn't).

Let's be honest, at least 80% of the Quakers who switched to OW are just in the "HYPE train", they play it not because they like it more than Quake, but because the game is very popular, new, and you can earn money by playing it, unlike Quake at the moment. But the reality is that they are, pardon the expression, "fucked into the ass by BLIZZARD". At the end, it's a WIN/WIN situation for BLIZZARD and WIN/LOSS situation for the Quakers playing OW, but they will eventually realize that only at long term, if they keep playing it...

At least people like evil or rapha didn't miss the last QuakeCon, so props to them for that.
Don't lose your faith in Quake, no matter what happens. Once a Quake player, always a Quake player.

But Lord has mercy, so hopefully all those quakers playing OW at the moment will eventually come back when Quake Champions or DB will come out, and finally follow the right path again. God will be like "Welcome back, my sons".
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144/150fps vs 250fps with 144hz monitors (18 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 10:54 CDT, 12 September 2016 - iMsg
Am I the only one who feel like it's slightly smoother to play with 144/150fps with a 144hz monitor compared to 250fps ?

The difference isn't huge at all, but still I tried both Overwatch @ 150fps and Reflex @ 144fps, aswell as Reflex @ 250fps and obviously QL @ 250fps. The difference is barely noticeable but it's still there.

Maybe an ideal fps cap for 144hz monitors would be 288fps ?

Starting from now on, I'll play Reflex at 144fps instead of 250fps.

Also, is there a way to set QL fps cap to 144 ? When you do /com_maxfps 144 you end up with 166fps :O
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Some ideas for a "new" CA gametype (QC) (16 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:07 CDT, 29 August 2016 - iMsg
So, considering the fact that CA is one of the most popular quake gametype, and also considering the fact that it has its flaws, I think I have some very simple ideas to improve it.

1°) Make the use of the different Champions available, unlike duel, I think that the Champions can improve the depth of the gameplay without breaking everything up. It can actually be a quite nice addition and bring some more interesting "strategies" or tactics to CA.

2°)a) Make something kind of like Domination, but instead of having to control multiple points in the map, make something like a "King Of The Hill" approach, where you have to control a large "zone/area" on the map, but not necessarily always "bridge" or "top". Make the large zone/area you have to control always change position at each new round. With indications of where you have to go to "control" the map before the round starts.

2°)b) Obviously the maps have to be big (unlike asylum), like Overkill or even TheaterOfPain in order for the gametype to not end up behind completely chaotics RL only battles. Allow the players to have space to move and dodge within the different zones/areas you have to control each new round.

3°)a) Add something like "regeneration" when you stay in the zone/area, like you gain 1-2 HP or 1-2 AP, or both, each second (or maybe like every 2-3 seconds or something) you stay in the zone/area. Obviously the regeneration has to be very slow and makes you gain only a few amount of health/armor over time, so that it doesn't make it completely "imbalanced" or unfair when you're not in the zone/area.

3°)b) Add something like "degeneration" when you're out of the zone/area, maybe after 2 or 3 minutes, if nobody from your team is in the zone, or you're the last man standing (and still not in the zone/area), your HP/AP start to decrease slowly over time.
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A fun idea came to my mind recently (50 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 21:27 CDT, 23 August 2016 - iMsg
So yeah, please don't laugh at me, don't make fun of me, don't troll, this is a serious idea.

Considering the fact that I feel at 98% of my potential, that I feel very comfortable with my settings (monitor, quakelive config, mouse, sensitivity) and that I've been playing regularly from 1h to 3-4 hours a day almost everyday for like more than a month now, I think that I feel ready for a challenge.
What's this challenge you will ask me ?

Pretty simple :
If you think you're good enough to beat me at my beloved map thunderstruck in a Best of 7, let me now, and add me @ steam (or give your steam ident so that I can add you). I've been playing more 2v2 CA than 1v1 lately but I still feel good at 1v1.

Wouldn't be LG only, obviously it would be all weapons.

It can be anyone, from any 4v4 CA hero (like ranked in the top 30 @ to well known quake pros...

What came first to my mind are obviously ItalyHal, ItalyJigglypuff, SwedenSpart1e, Germanyk1llsen, NetherlandsSilencep, Belarusclawz, GermanyTodesknecht, BulgariaT1HOL, NetherlandsGOHAN, CroatiaMakie, DenmarkV1um, RussiaLatrommi or maybe (I say maybe because I'm pretty sure that they cba doing something like that) Netherlandsdrejk, Russiabase, even Russiaevil or Francewinz would be awesome (Yes I know, only in my dreams :P).

Can be anyone really, as long as you think you can beat me, then let's do it!

Also it would be AMAZING if this Best of 7 could be streamed (for fun obviously), maybe the ZLive (ZootLive) team could arrange that for example in a sunday or saturday ?

This would be just for fun and I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to see myself getting humiliated :P.

If you win this BO7, you get the reward "Thunderstruck 1v1 King" :D
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today quakecon ql matches start at ? (2 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 17:44 CDT, 5 August 2016 - iMsg
At what time do the ql matches start ? I mean CEST.

don't want to miss spart1e k1llsen and rapha evil
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ZOWIE ZA11!!!!!!!! (22 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 12:51 CDT, 3 August 2016 - iMsg


YTJRTYKRTY HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111:!!!
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Who's the current best RFLX dueler ? (34 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 20:33 CDT, 31 July 2016 - iMsg
According to you, if you have some insight about it and you follow the practice games, the few tournaments as well as the community, who is the current best RFLX dueler ?

I know a few names, I will put them in no particular order, so tell me who's better than who ;) :


and.... ofc Vo0 when he was still playing.
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Uninstalling synapse only for my mouse ? (6 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:38 CDT, 29 July 2016 - iMsg
So, as you already probably know, I'm going to get the zowie ZA 11 as a replacement to my razer abyssus 2014.
Also, I have a razer kraken pro headset with razer surround pro (with synapse). Yes, obviously, I have synapse installed.

I don't want to uninstall synapse for my headset. I have it installed for my mouse too, I looked for any ways to uninstall my mouse drivers through the synapse menus, but did not find anything.
Also, my mouse is recognized by windows 10.

So here are the questions :

1°) Do I have to uninstall synapse for my mouse ? And if so, how do i do that, without uninstalling it for my razer kraken pro headset ?

2°) If I don't have to uninstall anything, then I guess I just have to switch off my computer, unplug my razer abyssus 2014, then plug my zowie ZA 11 in and then start my computer, right ? Synapse and windows won't recognize my razer abyssus anymore but only my headset, right ?

thanks for your help!
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My next mouse will be Zowie ZA 11 (29 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 13:35 CDT, 28 July 2016 - iMsg
So, I was hesitating whether to take the new abyssus v2 or going for a zowie mouse.

Since the abyssus v2 is only available on razerzone store, to a certain extent, this has detracted me from the interest in taking it.

But what made me finally decide to take the Zowie ZA 11 is because I want to try something new, and especially the so-called 3310 sensor. I want to see if this sensor is really as good as people say ;).

I'll buy the ZA 11 instead of the ZA 13 because I have rather large hands, and the sides buttons worry me a bit about the grip on the mouse. I mean, since the ZA 11 is bigger, it's less likely to happen that i'll accidentally hit the buttons located at the right side of the mouse.
And as long as it's ambidextrous, I don't really mind the size or weight. I can't stand ergonomic mice however, I play better on "simple shapped" mice, ambidextrous ones.

I will play at 1600dpi 1000hz, and ofc change my sensitivity accordingly in Quake / Reflex / Overwatch to have approximatively the same sens than with the abyssus 2014.
Currently I have sensitivity 2 @ QL (with 1800dpi, which mean 11.5cm/360°) without accel, and tbh i LOVE high sens. So my sens will remain the same with the ZA 11 (sensitivity 2.3 @ QL which means basically 11.3cm/360°).

And finally guys, are any of you using a zowie ZA series, how good/bad to you find it ? Does it track perfectly, is it very responsive and accurate ? Do you have any issues with the sides buttons ?
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Weed vs alcohol vs metamphetamine (66 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:50 CDT, 25 July 2016 - iMsg
what you guys think is the best ?

for me weed is best but because i'm mentally ill it can be like 50/50, like i can feel so fucking good smoking it or feel very anxious/paranoid, it's a bit random.


share your experience guys ! :)

thanks :)
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Just drank 25cl of 49% rhum (45 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:10 CDT, 22 July 2016 - iMsg
2 mins ago.

I'll try to keep you updated on the situation. I won't drink more cause this shit is hardcore for me.
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Razer Abyssus 2014 v2 (8 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 14:31 CDT, 20 July 2016 - iMsg
Is it any good ? What sensor in it ?

is it worth to upgrade from my current abyssus 2014 ?
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FRANCE PORTUGAL (20 comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 01:25 CDT, 10 July 2016 - iMsg
Who's gonna win ? Who's gonna watch it ? I will for sure !

I'm so hyped ! Gogogo FRANCE you can do it !
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