So, I was hesitating whether to take the new abyssus v2 or going for a zowie mouse.

Since the abyssus v2 is only available on razerzone store, to a certain extent, this has detracted me from the interest in taking it.

But what made me finally decide to take the Zowie ZA 11 is because I want to try something new, and especially the so-called 3310 sensor. I want to see if this sensor is really as good as people say ;).

I'll buy the ZA 11 instead of the ZA 13 because I have rather large hands, and the sides buttons worry me a bit about the grip on the mouse. I mean, since the ZA 11 is bigger, it's less likely to happen that i'll accidentally hit the buttons located at the right side of the mouse.
And as long as it's ambidextrous, I don't really mind the size or weight. I can't stand ergonomic mice however, I play better on "simple shapped" mice, ambidextrous ones.

I will play at 1600dpi 1000hz, and ofc change my sensitivity accordingly in Quake / Reflex / Overwatch to have approximatively the same sens than with the abyssus 2014.
Currently I have sensitivity 2 @ QL (with 1800dpi, which mean 11.5cm/360) without accel, and tbh i LOVE high sens. So my sens will remain the same with the ZA 11 (sensitivity 2.3 @ QL which means basically 11.3cm/360).

And finally guys, are any of you using a zowie ZA series, how good/bad to you find it ? Does it track perfectly, is it very responsive and accurate ? Do you have any issues with the sides buttons ?