2v2 public: 29% (92)

1v1 invite groups + playoffs: 19% (59)

Davis Cup System (2v2 + 3x 1v1): 16% (51)

2v2 invite groups + playoffs: 8.2% (26)

2v2 invite: 7.6% (24)

something totally different (comments): 7.6% (24)

1v1 invite playoffs only: 6.6% (21)

3v3 (duel, king of the hill): 6% (19)

Since G Data will be over after the upcoming tournament on Saturday, July 31, we (the company behind the G Data & ZOTAC Cups) are thinking about new ideas for Quake Live online prizemoney tournaments.

The possibilities in this poll are just a small variety of the ideas I had over the last few days or ideas people told me in private. If you have any other ideas or would like to give some input then please either use the comments, write me an iM or query me in irc (name: vash on #zotac.qlive). Please also keep in mind that we want to start tournaments going over a longer period of time (1-2 months per tournament) before screaming for 1-day-cups ^^