just released a new short article about DOOM's multiplayer. What is presented in this article are two things, a new mode and new items. Warpath being the new mode in DOOM multiplayer features a "king of the hill" type of mode with the difference in capture-points being in circular motion. To quote this rather complicated explanation:
Meanwhile, a game-changing demon rune moves in lockstep on the opposite side of the path. Players have to decide where they want to be: rushing toward the power-up to turn into a Marine-destroying Demon; clustered around the capture point to defend or steal control; or simply roaming around looking to pick off any errant foes.
There's a gif in the article showing brief in-game action.

The second new feature named Hack Modules represents single-use disposable items. Apparently, these items will be available to you through game's progression system (XP points?). What makes these items a bit different than to what we are usually used to, are their properties. One being a Supply Timer which displays respawn timers on pickups and this is 'awesome' because and I quote:
So when you’re running through the world, you might see that an armor piece is coming back in 10 seconds and you could decide to hang back and take it.
Other Hack Modules include Retribution, Scout, Vital and Power Seeker check the article for more detailed explanation about each one of them.

How these will function and affect the game we will just have to wait and see. The item idea is not bad at all but I would rather see it in some sort of a tutorial or training about duels or TDM. That would give the new players who are entering the FPS arena games for the first time, some insight on how timing and opponent positioning works.

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