I am glad to inform you that we have started working on a new Q3 with some new features with simply everything good from the current gameplay for insta players and with some additions like a proper anticheat. If you have some ideas in terms of gametype, gameplay etc. Please feel free to post them here or to the link below. What features do you think should be added and what should be fixed from the current gameplay? Waiting for your suggestions.

P.S. If you are willing to help in any way, feel free to contact us via admin@q3reloaded.com

We highly welcome,

Map Makers (for new gametypes),
Web builders (for stats, user profiles, server syncronizations)
Graphic Artists (for better texture, possible new characters)
Want to donate a few bucks to see this real feel free to do it.It is much appreciated

The project Webpage(will be updated soon)

The thread on RLDD forum