Welcome Captains and Players to our QL CTF Nationscup. With signups behind us it's time to start playing! Groups are now up, with 13 signups it is divided into 7 and 6 nations. Top 4 of both groups advance into the playoffs which will a single elimination. The first games are planned to be starting in the upcoming week. Final date being for them to be played is March 18. The standard time every week for games is Sunday 20:00 CET. Make sure you schedule your games to avoid problems. You only have 1 wildcard! Round 5 is spread over 2 weeks to avoid problems with Nations who are attending @ TheParty in Eindhoven.

Update: First matchweek delayed by 1 week so there won't be any problems with HoQ, Draft and possible TDM NC all at the same day. [eXodus]

Problem? Come to our IRC channel #JeeQL and we will (try) solve them! Good luck & have fun to all players and captains.
We will try to get streams for as many games as possible.

Streams: TBA
Links: Cup Page, United Kingdom JeeSports.com, mIRC #JeeQL