Do you guys feel mouse prediction affects your aim?
Thing is, I decided to buy a salmosa and wmo and start playing with a bit higher sensitivity: 30cm/360 instead of 40cm/360 (to not reach neg accel speeds with wmo). i used an mx518 before.
This is with plans to choose whichever Im the most happy with & wmo is so cheap anyway so why not buy it.

Now as most of you know, salmosa has prediction and wmo doesnt. and now while I can certainly FEEL (and see) the difference between having it and not, I also can't say that it really affects my aim. I can also FEEL the difference between 400 and 4000 dpi that doesn't mean it affects my aim (even if cm/360 is the same ofc).

I realize that wether or not prediction affects aim can be affected by sensitivity, how you use the mouse etc. So I'm genuinely curious: do you feel that it affects your aim?