I want to thank all of the Quake players that took part in the BenQ Quake 3 Challenge either at the event or in just supporting the event. In the end, only one person could walk away with the BenQ 24" 16:9 LCD monitor and the $250 and that person was SK|Rapha. Settling for the 22" 16:9 LCD monitor and $150 was Chance of EG with Sway|Casey taking third place and going home with $100.

Also, thanks to the players that helped support it by watching the matches in GTV or just supporting Quake in general. This was a trial run to try to get the players to have fun again and I think this was definitely a fun event. Even players like Jarod "StreetRunner" Reisin from the AGPTour took part in the event. Please thank BenQ for showing their support and sponsoring this event so that we can shoot for a bigger event next year.

Also, a special thanks goes to Joe "nineX" Szymkowicz for running this event for me. He's been a great friend and helper to the Quake community. Also, thanks to the others involved in running Warfactory 2008 like Dave Derington, Mike Allen and Rushi Desai. We realize that this year has been hard on the gamers with the shift in games and events but they still throw a great event and we look forward to another one next year.

SK-Rapha -vs- EG-Chance Demos