The second installment of the interview with Jarod Reisin, the president of the AGP, is here. This fascinating individual talked about the state of DM games and how they lost their position in competitive gaming.

In the second part of the interview, he talks about how he plans to put them back on the map. He also explains why he thinks the tour needs four different games and why he chose Q4 Quake 4 and ut3 UT3 in particular. Snippet below:
We will forever have the fighting about everyone's preferred game and how it is better or more skilled. Well, now it will be put on a pedestal and the fans will have a lot to talk about and watch. This in some ways will unite the communities. FPS 1v1 has some great communities, positive and negative. They all will now finally have a place to really see the encompassing of the entire FPS 1v1 sport in itself. Unity is everything. This format should allow a good percentage of each games fan base to unite. Yes, I know the QW fans and Q2 fans, and all of the UT's prior to 3 among the tons of other potential games will not be satisfied. But we cannot have a tour of 20 games.
Read the entire interview right here.