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ql race is a disgrace to defrag (43 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:10 CDT, 18 July 2013 - iMsg
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ql na server routing, two years later (59 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 16:02 CST, 7 March 2013 - iMsg
been trying to play lately, unfortunately this is my situation.

as you can see, the only playable locations are chi, toronto, and IN.

No one plays on Toronto or IN actively, especially IN.
NYC got taken down.
TX and VA are active, but I can't play on either.

that leaves me with one playable QL server.

if the routing was NORMAL, I could be playing on these servers. I ping 55 to TX and 35 to NYC in other games, but when NYC was up I was 80, and im 100 to TX.

VA is such an awkward location too, I tried to compare my ping with other games, but not a lot of servers for other games are in VA. The few I did try my pings were the same as QL.

sometimes I suck it up and play but it's a lot less fun when you average 85 ping.

I complained about this two years ago, but the issue seemed to be with a Tier 1 network, so unless ID changed their QL game server hosts to another provider that didn't use the same back-end, my issue would always exist. it just sucks that two years later, it's the same shitty situation.

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Quake EBooks Twitter (42 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 16:19 CST, 1 February 2013 - iMsg
just something i stumbled upon today. I don't recognize a lot of them, would be cool to see if people could id each one.
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Shootmania BETA Information (163 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:59 CDT, 27 June 2012 - iMsg

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the ShootMania Storm Beta is about to begin. To any player wishing to test the game, you have until the 2nd July 2012 to register.

To begin the Beta, all of the Alpha players will receive a 7-day Beta key. So itís very important that all Alpha players have indicated a valid email in their ingame profile.

Now for the best partÖ Every player who has registered for the Beta on the official site will receive a 7-day ShootMania Storm Beta key!

But thatís not all, a new mode will also appear in the Beta : ďSiegeĒ, a 5 vs 5 competitive mode.

So to everyone interested in playing ShootMania Storm, register now at before itís too late !
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Cybersum - Stream + Predictions (29 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:38 CDT, 22 June 2012 - iMsg
Many notable Quake players will be in attendance for this weekends Cybersummit event, six teams (3 international, three French) will compete for Ä8 100. We will also see a team composed of top american CS players, Mercenary Ops. The teams below are in attendance.

The stream starts 07:00 CDT, 23 June 2012

France Kevin "strenx" Baeza
Poland Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski
Belarus Alexey "Cypher" Yanushevsky

3 Old Men
Sweden Flag Pelle "fazz" SŲderman
Sweden Flag Magnus "fox" Olsson
Austria Richard "noctis" Gansterer

Mercenary Ops
United States of America Erik "Da Bears" Stromberg
United States of America Mark "Masternook" Torrez
United States of America Shaun "HST" Catron

France Pierre-Emeric "l1nkin" Portier
France Michael "winz" Bignet
Italy Alessandro "Stermy" Avallone

France Dylan "aKm" Bignet
France Philippe "lanf3ust" Rivain
France Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre
France Michael "HaRts" Zanatta
France Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez
France Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet


The format is different for this tournament, more information about the structure can be found here.

I can't see LDLC winning both their matches. As good as a team as they are, ADK and COWLN just hold too much skill and talent for them to lose. They might take a map, but I'm confident they will not win a set.

Next in that group are ADK and cowln. This might be the most important game of this tournament. ADK had reached the finals and unfortunately lost against cowln in a quick 3-0. Dylan "aKm" Bignet, winz brother, is deemed one of the best Shootmania players right now. Their aim on offense is good, and their defense is strong. While I wish cowln the best of luck, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if ADK defeats them in the group stage. The games will be close, but both teams have an equal chance of winning. I haven't had a chance to spectate a low of cowln or ADK, so I can't comment too much on their team play and performance. This is going to be the match to watch in this tournament.

On to the other side of the group, Millenium, Merc Ops, and Three Old Men. This gets very interesting.

Merc Ops is the American team that contains professional CS players on them, they've been practicing and preparing a lot for this tournament. They've been playing at a ping disadvantage against European teams, but their chemistry is where it should be. They know what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong, they're smart on attack, and their defense is tight. This leads me to Millenium.

While Strenx has been playing this game for a while, Cypher and Av3k almost have to play "catch-up". They were mostly preparing for Dreamhack, so from what I've seen, they have only been really able to practice after Dreamhack, which isn't a lot of time compared to how much experience the teams have. I'm sure many people are thinking that it won't matter since it's three amazing Quake players, but it does. Their attack rounds are good because of their aim, but poor because of their knowledge and experience. They seem to still be understanding what positions defense should take, especially on their defending rounds. Their defense is spread out, and they seem to get caught off guard a lot. They have had two days of practice since I've last seen their games, so maybe that's the time they'll need to compete with the likes of cowln and ADK.

Three Old Men are unfortunately still in the same boat. Lacking experience with the game, and playing against top teams. They're practicing, but I'm not sure how much it's going to benefit them with the event occurring tomorrow. Both them and Millenium can win their matches, don't count them out. This tournament will be a great experience, and it will give them a great idea of where they're at and what needs to change. Don't be surprised if these Quake "dream teams" don't do as well as you'd think the would, Shootmania is a different game, and it shows.

I expect Merc Ops to advance first out of their group, and either ADK or Cowln for the other group (it's just too close to call for me).

Good luck to everyone at the event!
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Tearing in Quake 3 but not Quake Live? (25 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 12:50 CDT, 10 April 2012 - iMsg
I thought I had problems with OpenGL in general, but it just seems to be Quake 3. I built a new rig, and it seems I have a lot of screen tearing in Quake 3. In Quake Live it's smooth and I have zero issues.

I've tried cnq3, ioq3, dfengine, all of them give me tearing. I think ioq3 gives me less tearing, but I'm not sure. I never had this issue on my older rig, it's the same config too.

Windowed mode gives me no tearing, but I get a reduced frame rate, except it still shows 125fps in the corner. I rather play fullscreen anyways.

75hz LCD, my r_displayrefresh is 75, rez is 1280x1024.

Any ideas or solutions? Maybe I need to change the openGL mode?

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Dual NIC Setup Question (7 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:26 CDT, 30 March 2012 - iMsg
I'm currently on a cable connection, and the routing is pretty bad to a lot of locations in many games. My ping was almost half on a DSL connection, the only issue is I can only get a 2mb connection at my place for DSL. I'd be willing to pay the extra $25 a month to have a good ping.

The only thing I'm wondering is how the setup would work. I'd only want games to use the DSL connection, and everything else through my cable connection.

How would I do that? Unless there's software that could do it, my plan right now is to have each connection coming in go through their own router, and to my pc. From there I would block pretty much every port on the DSL one, other than basic thing (like web access), and allow traffic through specific game ports. That way, it would go through the cable connection for everything else. I would also block the game ports on the router hooked up to the cable modem so it would have to go through the DSL connection.

Is there a better solution to this? Is there software I could simply use to direct specific activity to go through specific NICs?

EDIT: Found this but I have no way to test it.
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I-Rocks IR-7572 Mouse (20 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:49 CDT, 29 March 2012 - iMsg
Been looking at lots of different mice, stumbled across this one.

It's basically a WMO shape, with a solid optical sensor (the one found in the Zowie AM). 1000hz, 900/1800/3500dpi, light (weight listed includes the cord), cheap ($25), no drivers, good build quality, and good mousefeet.

UNFORTUNATELY, two things. The first is high lift-off distance. I find that interesting since the Zowie AM uses the same sensor (Avago ADNS-A3090) yet has the opposite problem (too low LOD).

Secondly, they turned ON mouse prediction. With the 3090, you can choose whether you want it on or off when you're making the mouse. They unfortunately forced it on, and there's no way for the end user to turn it off. Kind of sad because that mouse had potential to be a solid product.

This video below shows more mice they're going to release with the same sensor (or so I've read).

Anyway, it's something to look out for.
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Tribes Ascend - It's good (Guide inside) (25 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 10:31 CDT, 29 March 2012 - iMsg
Download here (it's free to play) -

I thought I'd talk about the competitive side of Tribes Ascend a bit, since Quake players are a little skeptical. This is a guide for people who want to play a fast game like Quake, and jump into it quickly and do well.

Tribes Ascend is coming out for a full release soon, and the game has been improving a lot with recent patches. The game will be released in April, WITH Private Servers. The game isn't as much of a twitch shooter as Quake, but I find it can be played fast, and many weapons are similar to common deathmatch weapons. The main mode is CTF, while TDM and Arena (similar but not quite the same as Clan Arena) exist in the game also.

The format for competitive play is 7v7 or 8v8, it hasn't really been set yet. There's many different roles on a team, the two fastest roles being a capper, and a chaser. The reason I'm focusing on these two roles is because I find this will satisfy what a Quake player would want to play. The other roles aren't quite as fast, but that's for you to decide.

If you're interested in playing these roles, I'll go over them briefly.

Capping and Chasing use pretty much the same items/weapons. You will be the Pathfinder class, using a bolt launcher for chasing, and a disc launcher for capping (but that's your call, what I listed is typical). You use Impact Nitrons to force a flag drop on an enemy, and give yourself a speed boost. They explode on impact, so if it's throw near an enemy with a flag, you will force them to drop it and do a bit of damage. If you're capping, you can gain a speed boost from them. If you want a speed boost from them, treat them just like you would a rocket jump. It doesn't operate exactly like a RJ, but it's close enough. Try to aim for a 50KPH gain from one nitron. You can also use your weapon for a speed boost, but you take more damage from it.

The frictionless moving is called "skiing", which is done by holding down a key and it allows you to slide without losing speed (unless going up a hill). Similar to crouch sliding in Quake 4.

You will be using a Thrust pack for an initial boost of speed, at the cost of energy. Your perks will be Egocentric (reduced self damage), and the 2nd is situational. Capping you want Reach (Bigger grab distance, you don't hit a bind to grab the flag, it just increased the hitbox that allows you get a flag), and for chasing, you can use Reach if you want, or Safety Third (allows for another impact nitron).

Your secondary weapon is the Light Assult Rifle (shotgun is rape for TDM or Arena though).

Here are some videos demonstrating capping and chasing. Blinks is a north american player who is very good, especially at chasing. Kiwi is a great player too, great at capping at high speeds. Most top players will grab the flag around 270-330KPH, don't ever expect those kinds of speeds from pub players). - An example of a fast route. - NA scrim

for more scrims/pickups check out Blinks channel -

Remember NVC? He players this regularly, and casts it. This is an example of a competitive match. There is currently no first person view option while spectating, but that will be added soon.

I've been playing for about two months, and if you do well in Quake, this shouldn't be any different. Defrag players will especially have fun with the skiing.

This game is graphically demanding, so if you're on an older system, you can do some config editing (much like you would in Quake). You can do that by reading up here -;t=58583

I've also created a config that's made to give a good frame rate, while allowing things that would help you for aiming (shadows for depth perception, bolt launcher trail, etc). If you're on a much older system, you might want to get a config that lowers the graphics even more. There are Picmip 15-like configs out there, check the thread for them.

If you want to play pickup games, you can start by joining #ascend or #tribespickup. There is also a #tribespickup and #tribesascend channel on Quakenet.

North American pickups are done through TS3, here.
password: tribestalk

Euro pickups are done on IRC (the Quakenet channels), as well as on Mumble.
PORT: 64738
PASS: commune

Community sites:

The last thing I want to mention is the initiative for Tribes Ascend to exist and do well in e-sprots. HiRezBart works for Hi-Rez, and is actively pushing this game into tournaments, as well as making sure the competitive features are there to make those players happy. He's gotten Tribes into an online NASL tournament, and pushed for private servers on release. He's actively trying to make sure this game is both balanced, and supported for competitive play, as well as talking to organizations to get it in tournaments. Here's one of his most recent posts.;t=64009

Without someone like him, I'd have little faith in this game.

You can download the game here, it's free to play. You can earn weapons and unlocks through in-game experience, as well as paying real money. If you're bored of Quake and want something fast, I highly recommend this game.

Hopefully this helps you guys, there are some Quake players already playing this game, and they're already on top teams for NA and Europe. I hope you enjoy it :)
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ZOWIE AM Arrived today. Final Thoughts (65 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:48 CDT, 20 March 2012 - iMsg
March 30th 2012: I plugged in the WMO last night and I'm back on that. After testing it on numerous mousepads, the lift-off distance is just too low on the Zowie AM. Almost once a minute my turns go 3/4 what I want them to do because of how low the LOD is. It got extremely frustrating, the pros didn't outweigh the cons. If the LOD was a tad higher, I would use it and love it. Walter tried the AM too, he PM'd me on IRC with the exact same complaint.

I shall wait for this -


I got it $60 shipped on Amazon. I got the non glossy side one. Tested on a Puretrak talent.

Slightly heavier than a wmo, shape is slightly different. I can't see how people wouldn't like it if they liked the wmo.

Scroll wheel is a bit stiffer, maybe I'm just too used to the loose one on the wmo. It's nice though.

Comes with extra mousefeet, that's a plus.

SENSOR: Seems very very nice right now. I thought at first it had negative mouse accel problems, but since the lift off distance is so low, it was just the way I was using the mouse. I can't really get any massive positive accel or negative, it feels very nice.

I love how simple it is to use too. No bullshit software, you can choose polling rate and dpi from the hardware.

Cord is fine, not thin but not thick.

If anyone has any questions let me know. I have other mice to test against. If you want pain lines compared to a wmo, just ask me what dpi and hz you want to see it as. I have a number of mousepads too, QCK, Artisan, and an old plastic func pad. If you want anything tested at all leave a comment and I will do it.

Yes at 1150 and 2300 dpi the line isn't as thin in paint compared to the WMO, but in practicality there's barely any jitter at all. None to ever get worried about. The paint tests come up a lot better than many other mice right now. A LOT better.

Can't see any massive mouse prediction. If it's there it's the lowest I've ever seen.

PROS: Awesome sensor, good mousefeet (and replacement ones), clicks are fine, wheel is fine, weight is good, cord is fine,

CONS: Clicks could of been better. They feel slightly stiffer, but I have been using the same WMO for the past few years. The right side buttons don't work if you use left hand mode. Believe it or not, the lift-off seems too low. This is day one of me using it, so I'll assume I'll get used to it.

This is a solid WMO replacement, seriously. There's nothing else really to consider, the Sensei/Xai/XaiRaw are all bad, the Kana and Kinzuv2 have a shit sensor, haven't really seen anything to compare. Maybe the G100, but the shape is different, and it had dpi issues (pixart sensor). Maybe the Abyssus, shape is also different. I've been waiting a long long time for something that comes close to a WMO, I'll write-off any mouse that has dpi issues, accel issues, jitter issues, or pad compatibility issues. I don't think you can find anything better than this right now if you want a WMO replacement.

Yes, you could just buy a wmo for $10 and be done with it, but this offers more, especially for competitive people. You'll never have to overclock a usb port (players who attend lan know how frustrating that alone can be), it has side buttons, a scroll wheel that doesn't occasionally scroll on it's own because it's loose, proper mousefeet, proper cord, and a functioning higher DPI. The WMO is great if all you ever want to do is play Quake at home, but if you want a little more from your mouse, this is your replacement.

Oh and that guy who reported the Mouse1 and 2 rubbing against each other, I don't know what the fuck that guy is doing, because I can't see that ever happening in a real world application. Yeah I can barely do it on mine, but you really need to force the left one to the right, and the right one to the left.

Maybe problems will arise the more I use it, I'm pretty happy with it right now though.


1000hz, 1150 dpi. I've used a 400 dpi mouse for about four years, and sensitivity in windows is 6/11. I'm not used to it at all and that's why those swirls look like shit.

Anyway here's some lines you guys all like to look at.
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Tons of tearing on new system? (Quake 3) (14 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 01:26 CDT, 12 March 2012 - iMsg
I built a new rig, the card is a 6870. I tried some promode and I get a lot of tearing compared to my older rig and laptop. It's all on the same monitor, the only real thing that changed is the cable (laptop only had VGA, now using DVI). Also, 75hz.

Vsync is off, my frame rate is fine, and there's no crazy changes in the drivers. I've tried multiple clients, same issue.

Anyone know of this or know of things I should try?

Also if anyone knows a fix to the gamma issue in windowed mode, that would be awesome.

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Best 60/75hz LCD/LED Monitor? (45 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:01 CST, 28 February 2012 - iMsg
I'm building a new rig in the next few weeks, and I wanted to get the Planar SA2311W, but it went unavailable on a number of sites I wanted to get it from, and it's a lot to spend right now.

So I was thinking of getting a 60/75hz panel for the time being. Something I can get for $150 or so, just to get off of the 19" 4:3 LCD I'm on now. I'm looking for a 1920x1080 (1920x1200 is great) that has low input lag and a good response time. 23" or better would be preferred.

Any suggestions or experiences with any monitors like that?

EDIT: Matte only too :D
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Superjake = Super Troll (w/ evidence) (9 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:47 CST, 6 February 2012 - iMsg
Because this whole thing needs to be put to bed.

Superjake was the guy who made up a story about getting injured on a job, getting over a million dollars from a lawsuit, and promising a number of NA duelers like Walter paid trips and hotels to Quakecon, as well as brand new PCs.

Of course, none of this happened, because he's a fucking idiot. He made up countless excuses for the PC's not being sent, including "I have to send them through a friends company", "they'll be there next week", to "you can pick them up at Quakecon". (Why would you need to save money shipping computers when you have over a million dollars?)

Then his "sister" dies, which is why he can't pay for anyones trip, or computer. Of course, no local news articles or anything about this.

Icel0re called him out on his bullshit in IRC, and so did I. This was the awesome, amazing personal messages I got. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I read them.

Session Start: Sat Oct 22 05:32:21 2011
Session Ident: superjake
[05:32] Session Ident: superjake (QuakeNet, Gillz`[51]) (
[05:32] <superjake> Water St?
[05:32] <superjake> (705) 877-3457
[05:32] <superjake> make sure to start checking your mailbox

Session Close: Sat Oct 22 22:05:58 2011

Session Start: Mon Oct 24 16:03:45 2011
Session Ident: superjake
[16:03] Session Ident: superjake (QuakeNet, Gillz`[51]) (
[16:03] <superjake> is that your place or your parents that you live in
[16:03] <superjake> ?
[16:03] <superjake> just need to know before I put it up for sale
09[16:54] <Gillz`[51]> how are you going to put it up for sale
[16:54] <superjake> google mindphasr
09[16:55] <Gillz`[51]> its a band
[16:55] <superjake> Chad Davis (born 1981) is an American hacker (or cracker) from Green Bay, Wisconsin, who operated under the alias of Mindphasr. He was the subject of one of the most high-profile prosecutions of cybercriminals of the late 20th century. Davis is a founding member of the globalHell syndicate of hackers, and is suspected to have authored or participated in the hacking of the websites of numerous businesses and government agencies.[1]
[16:55] <superjake> this is my rl best friend since we were 7 yrs old
[16:55] <superjake> =)
[16:56] <superjake> shouldnít have ran your mouth bryan
09[16:56] <Gillz`[51]> doesn't really explain how you're going to sell a house
[16:56] <superjake> you asked for this
[16:56] <superjake> oh well Canada and america are the only two places in the world you can sell ASND buy a house online
[16:57] <superjake> not the first time itís been done
09[16:57] <Gillz`[51]> you cant sell what isnt yours
[16:57] <superjake> now plz excuse me iím hooking partie up with some music
[16:57] <superjake> youíre selling it
[16:57] <superjake> not me
[16:58] <superjake> well thatís what itíll look like anyway
09[16:58] <Gillz`[51]> so when i get requests about people interested in the house
09[16:58] <Gillz`[51]> ill say "no thank you"
[16:58] <superjake> cool
[16:58] <superjake> have fun dealing with that
[16:58] <superjake> oh and I signed you up for every credi card I could find
[16:59] <superjake> gl with your credit
[16:59] <superjake> this is nothing compaired to what icel0re has installed for him
[16:59] <superjake> you should feel lucky
09[16:59] <Gillz`[51]> you need my SIN for that
[16:59] <superjake> LOL
[16:59] <superjake> I know that
[16:59] <superjake> you think your computer isnít rooted?
[17:00] <superjake> how cute
[17:00] <superjake> you think your info is gaurded?
[17:00] <superjake> how cute
09[17:00] <Gillz`[51]> my SIN has never been typed on this machine
[17:00] <superjake> I know that
[17:00] <superjake> itís in the canadian governments database
[17:01] <superjake> which is a nice open book for my friend
[17:01] <superjake> you just need to know where to look
[17:01] <superjake> :)
[17:01] <superjake> but back to helping spartie
[17:01] <superjake> have a nice day
[17:28] <superjake> maybe a simple apology for sticking your nose where it doesnít belong
[17:28] <superjake> and maybe going back to when we actually talked
[17:28] <superjake> would be nice
[17:28] <superjake> for icel0re itís too late, he pushed me too far
[17:39] <superjake> ya know what
[17:39] <superjake> screw it
[17:39] <superjake> you were just jumping on the icel0re bandwagon
[17:39] <superjake> iíll let it go
[18:35] <superjake> k bryan?
[18:35] <superjake> you leave alone and Iíll leave you alone
[18:35] <superjake> agreed?

fun notes: he had me added on Facebook, yet searched the phone book for "Brian".

He insists he got my SIN from rooting my PC, yet then claims he hacked the Canadian Government. The Canadian Government...

I think we can all just ignore him now and let this go.
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Tribes Ascend Usernames :D (4 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:48 CST, 7 January 2012 - iMsg
Post yours with server location.

Gillz - NA East and West

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Picked up a Steelseries Sensei... (14 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 21:59 CST, 23 December 2011 - iMsg
I'll keep it short.

Software is surprisingly cool, but a lot of options I see that would just screw up your aim. This includes the Steelseries "Freemove", "ExactAim" and "ExactAccel". I just put them all to zero. The profiles thing is really nice, especially seeing other players settings too.

The look of it is pretty cool, definitely different. Lights are nice.

Clicks feel decent, side buttons do too, but the mouse feet feel like it's scratching on my mousepad. I use a Puretrak takent.

Tracking seems to be fine on the pad, yes there's some mouse prediction. I don't know about positive accel, my sens isn't really low enough to find that out. I could test it if you really want.

I'm returning it because of the weight. This thing is fucking heavy compared to a wmo. I used it for ten minutes, and I tried the wmo after, and my aim felt better if anything. I could flick easier and lg fights felt a lot better. A lot easier to aim left and right.

I'd keep the mouse if it was lighter, but who knows. I'll pick up a kana next and try that. Then the Kinzu v2 pro.

Post any questions you guys have, I'll post mspaint lines from any dpi and polling rate you want.

EDIT: SteelseriesEngine.exe is taking up 130MB of RAM and is making my system act funny. Awesome.

EDIT2: It can be closed. So that's nice.

I really have to praise Steelseries for the software. I have lots of options, but most importantly, I can write those settings to a profile saved on the mouse, and those settings are there regardless what pc I plug it into. As someone who's had to put a WMO to 500hz at tournaments, I've seen my fair share of bullshit for me, and others. This is an extremely nice change, and I really hope they implement that software into their other mice.
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Kana / Kinzu v2 / Kinzu v2 Pro thread (92 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 19:46 CST, 20 December 2011 - iMsg
There's some reviews and feedback on the Steelseries Kana, Kinzu v2, and Kinzu v2 Pro. I love kb and mice stuff, so I thought I would sum up what I've read in regards to those mice. The Kana is the "Mouse 1.1" where they held the color choosing contest/voting. I thought I would sum up the 35 page thread on overclockers instead of just linking you guys to the thread and making you read it yourself.

Kinzu v2
Kinzu v2 Pro

Pics, not marketing ones either.

From what it seems, there isn't many changes in the v2. All of these mice use the pixart sensor (which is different from the Kinzu v1 sensor), the v2 has teflon feet, and I think the braided cord is new. Other than that I'm just not sure.

The v2 pro has omrom switches (the best switches you can get in a mouse), teflon feet, and is glossy (personally I don't like that, but some do. I wish they had a normal grip, I'm not buying the v2 pro only because its glossy. My hands sweat a decent amount, making any mouse like that completely unusable).

The Kana uses the same sensor, but "better" (I'll explain later on about that), teflon feet, big side buttons, and is a different shape. Slightly bigger than the kinzu, slightly smaller than the xai/sensei.

Now, I'll quote what people have said about the mouse. From what I can read about, yes there's positive accel (apparently less than the kinzu), mouse prediction (very minor), and an interesting bug when moving the mouse up and down quickly. It seems to jump to the right about 10-20 pixels. Not sure if that would ever happen in any game though. The positive accel kicks in at a certain speed, I believe the malfunction speed of the mouse.

This is kim roms original post about it.

Someone had a few questions for someone that reviewed it, here's his replies. Skylit (the person answering the questions) is using (Raindrop XL, QCK, HIEN KAI.G3 RED, Talent) to test the mice.

Some questions for the testers when they're available:
1. Does the Pixart sensor have any acceleration? Yes and no. It hits positive acceleration once it approaches the malfunction rate.
2. Does the sensor have any prediction or jitter? Prediction? Yes if you would like to call it that. It's lower than most early Avago based gaming sensors, but if you absolutely hate linear correction, you may get annoyed.
3. The spec list for the Kana and Kinzu state different tracking speeds, is this a typo or do they track differently? They have different variations of the same sensor. Kana was upgraded in terms of performance.
4. What kind of perfect control speeds were you getting with the Kinzu and Kana? Close to spec. 70~ and 135~ IPS. I wouldn't recommend the Kinzu v2 if you use a low sensitivity and swipe with your full arm.
5. As someone that loves the WMO but is getting frustrated with the low perfect control speed, would you use the Kinzu V2 over one? Yes and No. WMO has a higher max malfunction rate. Perfect control is slightly higher than the early intellimice bumped over 200hz.
6. I recently tried a IMO 1.1 and had problems with my ring finger hitting the right side button, do you experience the same problem with the Kana and/or can you turn off the side buttons? If you palm, you may accidentally hit mouse 5. Didn't experience any trouble clawing. Shape and size is almost identical to the WMO. Only thing "1.1" is the side buttons on each side.
7. What are your general opinions of each mouse and would you recommend them to avid WMO/1.1 fans? External build of the Kinzu v2 is like the original, but glossy. I didn't really care for the Kana's build, but I honestly don't have final samples to determine that. Internals aren't any thing special, but that's my opinion.
8. Is the Kinzu V2 Pro worth getting over the normal V2? Its up to you. Better mouse feet and Omron switches. My beta model used omron d2fc-f-7n on every switch, but that isn't likely on retail. The TTC 159 series is actually rated for 10m clicks according to their website.
9. How is the scroll wheel on both mice? What would you compare them to? Early beta samples used the same TTC encoder found in Kinzu v1. 2nd Kana sample was unmarked and felt slightly looser than the first.
10. How much force is required to use the middle mouse button, I use middle mouse on my WMO for PTT. Ehh. Medium-Heavy~. Wheel is the smallest on the Kinzu. Requires more pressure. Kana's is a little larger, less pressure.
11. Is it still possible to make Kinzuadders with the Kinzu V2? Still has a dual PCB main-daughter design, but I'm unsure if that will change with final retail models. the shell is also slightly modified for the newer PCB.

So the Kana is better? He replies...

"In terms of max IPS, it's good. I'm not really fond of the Pixart sensors though.

While it didn't bother me as much as Derp, there was a noticeable bug that would occur every so often where the cursor would randomly jump to the right. (I could feel it in game randomly) It's reproducible paint, but you have to try and wait until it kicks in. I'm not claiming anything, but it may be due to lower sensor FPS. (Older low FPS Agilent sensors used to skip fairly easily)

Is this fixed for retail? I don't know."

The bug can be seen here. It's an issue with the pixart sensor. One reviewer "derp" said that Kim Rom told him it was fixed in the final version. Derp said his updated samples still had the bug.

Some users say compared to the Avago (the good versions at least) it feels odd, or weird. Just not as good.

Here's an image of paint tests for the Kinzu v2 pro -

Now, you might be wondering why the Kana and Kinzu v2 use the same sensor, but have different specs. This can probably be explained by quoting Skylit.

"The initial Kana would have likely launched with the PAW3305DK + 1.0x lens (68 IPS) and plastic feet. I tried making it clear that a lot of people would find the max tracking rates a tad low even coming from an Intellimouse or WMO. Thus they swamped out the PAW3305DK, for the PAW3305DK-H and gave it a 0.5x lens.

In doing this, the max CPI range of 3200 wouldn't be possible. I suggested interpolation as it wouldn't have mattered. Tracking beyond 1600 CPI @ 1.0x got really bad. The 0.5x lens @ the 3200 CPI registry value (1600) isn't that great, but I was waiting for a "finished" mouse to make judgements."

Furthermore, you'd think reviewing these mice would be fun. He disagrees.

"I regret even getting involved with these mice at this point."

But lets get some other opinions going on!

"This is not true. Avago 3060/3080/3090 are not inferior to 3668/3888. The only advantage DA has is the lack of prediction, which the 3090 is also capable of. Let's not forget it took Razer many years to make DA the mouse it is today. As a personal opinion, the A3090 in the Zowie AM is just as good and could be much better if they put more effort into testing/firmwares. The way is see it they prefer to focus on adding more DPI to those flawed laser sensors and pretty lights. The "raw material" is there, but their priorities changed drastically."

The Kana?

"From what I've gathered, the sensor had a few bugs, but they seem to have been fixed in the kinzu v2 retail version, so expect them to be fixed in the kana as well. And I think it was skylit who said that the build quality of the kana was pretty bad. But since that was a beta version, I'm sure they have fixed that as well, since steelseries does pretty well when it comes to build quality."


It's interesting to see how Steelseries have operated over the years. When they announced ther 7G and 6G keyboards with black switches inside of them, that definitely made me wonder. Black switches are the absolute worst for gaming, so it makes me think why a company that's so dedicated to hardware that will make you a better gamer, makes choices that create worse hardware. Blues or browns would of been much better for gaming in that keyboard (Razers Blackwidow uses blues and browns). The xai and kinzu were both a disaster in terms of performance, a lot of people had issues with it. Now with the decision to use the Pixart sensor, they still have me thinking about why they're making the decisions they are. Even not using omrom switches in the mice is a big deal. Sure that drives up the cost, but isn't that what this is all about? The BEST hardware for gamers?

I think it's beginning to turn around for them though. They released the 6gv2 keyboard with mx cherry red switches, which definitely surprised me. Those are the best switches they could of put in a keyboard, so kudos. They took some advice from people about the kinzuv2/kana, but ignored others.

For me, I'm looking to try the Kana, ONLY because the Kinzu v2 pro is glossy. My hands sweat and I can't use mice like that, end of story. If they have even one version that's a regular grip like the kinzu1 or xai, I'll try it.

Hopefully they start to re-think their decisions. They seems to get on the right track, but off of it again. They want to make themselves know as the product to buy if you want to "play like a pro", yet they make silly decisions like taking the Xai, and just adding features that don't help for gaming. Instead of letting you choose a color and customize it, they should of focused on getting or developing an actual proper laser sensor, instead of using the xais (that has tons of complaints) and making it pretty. They bash the competition for putting lights on their mice, but they go and do the same.

I own steelseries products, so I'm not anti-steelseries at all. I look forward to every mouse release from them, I've been always looking for kana/kinzu v2 news and updates.

I know ESR is waiting for that next WMO/3.0 challenger, maybe these mice are it, I don't know. We all love that microsoft sensor, and all it would take to satisfy everyone would be to make a sensor as reliable as that one, that offers a higher dpi, with two different shapes, that works with 90% of pads (I'm looking at you abyssus, work on my Puretrak talent please) and anything on top of that would be a bonus. For a reasonable price of course. I'd drop $80 on a mouse knowing it will replace my WMO indefinitely.

Post your thoughts :>
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Building a rig soon... (15 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:20 CST, 10 November 2011 - iMsg
Looking to build a rig in the next few months (around January-Feb), looking to spend around $1000, probably a bit more. Yes this is a gaming rig, looking to stream + play games at a decent frame rate while doing it.

Anything I should be waiting for? Looking at Intel and Nvidia, plus looking at an SSD. Is there going to be a big drop for them soon?

Also any recommendations for anything? Processor, video card, doesn't matter. I've been out of the loop in hardware for the past two years, just seeing what you guys would recommend. What to buy, what to avoid, etc. Considering water cooling too, not sure though.
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Steelseries Kana / Kinzu V2 Preview (11 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:51 CDT, 2 November 2011 - iMsg!/SteelSeries/status/131695982776823808/photo/1

Going to lean towards it being the Kana because of the look of the mousewheel.

Any info on that board that's useful?
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RTS Mice? (15 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:25 CDT, 25 September 2011 - iMsg
So I'm looking for a mouse I can play RTS games with. WMO dpi is too low, I like to play on a somewhat high sensitivity. I'm here asking for suggestions because I've never really looked into mice for other reasons than FPS. Hoping some people can help me. Looking for at least 800dpi, maybe higher. I plan on getting a widescreen monitor soon, so it will be much high res than I have now.

I tried the G3, too heavy.
I tried the Salmosa, prediction is insane, so is liftoff, and shape is weird.
WMO is too low dpi.
I can't find my G1, but I'll try it when I do. (It's 1000dpi right?)
Not interested in the Abyssus because I use a Puretrak Talent. I would have to buy a new mousepad if I wanted to use that mouse, which I refuse to do, because I shouldn't have to buy another $30 mousepad because a company can't use or develop a sensor that works on common surfaces.

I have a Zowie Mico in the mail, I heard the 1600dpi is bugged, but 800 might be enough for me, I'll have to see.

The G100 is only in China right now, and I think it has the same weight as the G3, which is too heavy.

What other mice are out there that are light, over 800dpi, and work well? Kinzu has too much accel for me, Xai is expensive. Sensei uses Xai sensor, so no thank you.

Maybe I don't need as high as a DPI as I think? I can't stand seeing pixel skipping, I wish I didn't notice it.

Anyway, any mouse suggestions would be awesome, thanks :)

I guess I'll put overall what I'm looking for

- Small (Abyssus, G1, etc)
- Light (not super heavy at least)
- 800+ dpi that WORKS
- Not $100

EDIT: Heard the Abyssus jitter is "fixed" in newer models. Seems doubtful. Is it true?
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Number one thing you hate in frag movies (81 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:11 CDT, 5 September 2011 - iMsg
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Hard Reset, a game by the PK guys... (20 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:46 CDT, 2 September 2011 - iMsg
Found a game called Hard Reset, a PC exclusive game that was made from some of the guys who developed Painkiller.

Now it's not finished, but it has potential. It's very Quake-ish, in the sense that the gameplay is that of a fast paced FPS game. You have a proper health meter, armour meter, the weapons are all similar to Quake/UT weapons, etc. I don't see any form of advanced movement though.

Downside? No multiplayer. I hope they do make a multiplayer game though, this doesn't look too bad.
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How to change sens while zooming in Q3? (4 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:30 CDT, 21 July 2011 - iMsg
Trying to change my sensitivity while zooming in CPMA. Below is the script I was given by someone, but it's a toggle. I want to hold spacebar to zoom, not press it once to zoom in, and press it again to zoom out.

seta zoomin "+zoom; vstr sens_zoom; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomout"
seta zoomout "-zoom; vstr sens_norm; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomin"
seta zoomtoggle "vstr zoomin"
bind space "vstr zoomtoggle"
seta sens_norm "sensitivity 4.4"
seta sens_zoom "sensitivity 3"

So how can I do this for holding spacebar?
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Q3 CPMA working on my phone {nvc} (35 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:10 CDT, 7 April 2011 - iMsg

50fps, works very nice :)

post any questions, I might do a video on how to get it working (it's android 2.1 btw).
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How to watch QL demos EASY (Rewind too!) (1 comment)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 16:45 CDT, 31 March 2011 - iMsg
Demo watching isn't an "easy" thing in QL. What are our options?

Program solutions: Wolfcam, QLDT

Issues: Wolfcam is more upkeep. Baseq3 needs to be updated every so often, as well as the demo folder. QLDT is a lot easier, as you can run demos by double clicking them, as QLDT will open it, from there you can play them.

Problem: Wolfcam offers a bit more, including rewind. In my opinion, rewind is extremely important, as casual and competitive players will use it frequently. Unfortunately, QLDT doesn't offer rewind. So, what if we could have the easability of QLDT, with the features of Wolfcam?



STEP 2: This step isn't necessary, but it helps.

This allows Windows to copy the contents from one folder to the other, without actually using more storage. You can do this for the baseq3 folder, so you won't ever need to update it. You can also do it for the demo folder, but that won't be necessary. If you are getting errors when you junction in CMD prompt, make sure those directories don't exist. For some reason it can't junction unless it's a directory that doesn't exist (so delete baseq3 from wolfcam first, or demo folder, etc).

STEP 3: Get this batch file, then put it in the same folder as the wolfcamql.exe file.

STEP 4 (optional): Right click the batch file, and edit it. You will see I've put in "+exec good.cfg". You can either rename it, leave it, or delete it. You can put in the name of your config, it doesn't matter. The config needs to be in the correct wolfcam folder, or else it won't exec it, and will load up defaults

STEP 5: Right click a demo, choose "open with", and point to that batch file that's in the wolfcam folder.

Now when you double click ANY demo, it will start playing in wolfcam!

Here's some nice binds.

"bind KEY pause"
"bind KEY rewind 10"
"bind KEY fastforward 10"
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TDM Scoreboard... (14 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:39 CDT, 14 March 2011 - iMsg
Coming soon ;)

(Also, sandbox thread, idea here!)
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ESWC announces "Official" FPS Games (28 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 09:42 CST, 24 February 2011 - iMsg
eswcESWC today released the first three official games for their tournament this autumn. csCounter-Strike 1.6 for both men and women together with CSSCounter-Strike Source are the official FPS-games of the event.
Ė Since Source has an increasingly active community, Games-Solution aims to satisfy the expectations of both players and spectators and maintain its level of excellence in the world of competitive gaming, ESWC states on their website.
More games, both individual and team-based, will be announced "soon". Unlike previous years, eswcESWC won't hold their finals during summer. Instead, Games Solutions have chosen November or December for the event, with no exact dates announced. A total of $220,000 will be awarded in prizes.

Rakaka World Article
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Quake Live and MLG in 2011: "A chance" (31 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 19:28 CST, 8 January 2011 - iMsg
Major League Gaming CEO United States of America Sundance DiGiovanni has stated there is "a chance" that Quake Live will make an appearance in the 2011 MLG season.

Co-founder and CEO of Major League Gaming Sundance DiGiovanni is always one to let it be known what's on his mind. Immediately after his jump up to CEO, he gave a seriously in-depth interview to Live on Three surrounding all kinds of topics regarding MLG.
"We met with the id guys. They're fantastic and really wanna work with us and hook us up, and it's really really exciting stuff," Sundance said back in May on his Live on Three segment. "And then we get to the place where we're like... Who the hell's going to pay for this?

You can read the full article at SK Gaming
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Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:12 CST, 28 November 2010 - iMsg
All vods and demos are now uploaded by Level Up TV. One day after the event, all content is uploaded for everyone.

Level UP TV for Quakecon.
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Recent JIBO Sighting (12 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 12:23 CST, 28 November 2010 - iMsg
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Nujabes - REAL Hip Hop (47 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:03 CST, 19 November 2010 - iMsg
Anyone else listen to his music? If not, you should know he makes hiphop/jazz instrumental tracks, and all of it is absolutely amazing. He mostly creates the instrumental tracks, and they're either released on their own, or some hip hop artists add lyrics to it. He is also known by some people who watched Samurai Champloo, because he did most of the music for the show.

It's unfortunate that he passed away, because he was extremely underrated, and I think had he of had more time in the music industry, his beautiful music would have been a success.

Modal Soul Classics II was just released about a week ago, which is a dedication album to Nujabes, with some more amazing artists on it.

No doubt there is still many unreleased tracks from him, but Hydeout Productions has only put out the newest Modal Soul, and that's it.

If you've never heard any work by Nujabes, I will put some links below here of some of his work. Zack Austin (also known as Nistua) creates music very similar to Nujabes, as well as Kondor and Blazo. I hope you enjoy Nujabes, his work is beautiful :D

R.I.P Nujabes :(

You can listen to his still on GrooveShark too ~

Nujabes Instrumental:

Nujabes Hip-Hop (Lyrics):

Nitsua (Also known as Zack Austin): (sounds slightly different than the one I have, I think I prefer the other one) (short, but amazing) (should be familiar to some ;] )

Blazo: (Nujabes tribute)


Nujabes is real hip-hop.
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Just A Reminder (29 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:13 CST, 7 November 2010 - iMsg
DM6 is dead.

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120hz LCD Monitors, Wait or Buy Now? (21 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:50 CDT, 3 November 2010 - iMsg
Thinking of purchasing a 120hz LCD, and I'm not sure what to get at the moment. The 2233rz is nice, same with the Viewsonic.

The new BenQ looks very nice too (fans of Spawn and Heaton also) and it has a lot more features than the 2233rz, but it looks expensive, and isn't even out yet (at least in north america).

Are there more 120hz lcd's on the horizon, or is the time to buy now? I probably won't get one for a month or two more, I'm just looking at my options right now :)

Also, scoreboard soon ;)
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Your Mice Worrying Days Are Over (20 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 10:40 CDT, 1 November 2010 - iMsg
Razer saves!

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Hey Everyone, Battleforged is GOOD Now (21 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 08:29 CDT, 21 October 2010 - iMsg
So tournaments, use it.

That is all.
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MLG Removes WoW From Dallas Finals (4 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 10:57 CDT, 20 October 2010 - iMsg
On Monday, reported based on several conversations with Major League Gaming staff that they would be dropping World of Warcraft from their PC Circuit starting in United States of AmericaDallas and it would not come back next season. This however was contradicted by several MLG representatives on other websites. Major League Gaming has come out to explain the situation with the game and have stated that patch issues are forcing them to postpone the National Finals which they ďfully intend to finish outĒ.

Lee Chen, the Senior Vice President at MLG said the following:
As I posted on, WoW is NOT at the finals because Blizzardís efforts to get Cataclym launched have definitively broken Arenas. Not only is the Arena Queue master not spawned, but Blizzard removed him/it from the game because Arenas are not spawning under the patch. On launch of Cataclym, Arenas will not be working at all. For the normal game development cycle at Blizzard, this isnít a concern. But it obviously has ramifications for those of us who run competitions and tournaments around World of Warcraft.
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Quakecon VODS (4 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:12 CDT, 23 September 2010 - iMsg

QCon2010tempVODS: I don't think any other VODs are coming out. There will be an official Quakecon DVD set with match videos or something.

Pay up folks.
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vVv to MLG "Get a f***ing water sponsor" (29 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 00:20 CDT, 11 September 2010 - iMsg
vVv Gamings owner United States of America Jerry "Lord Jerith" Prochazka has recently written an open letter to MLG regarding the financial structure and overall strategy of the company. He goes on to suggest things MLG could do to improve, as well issues that the league currently has.
There is a diabetes crisis in this country. Parents and teenagers that are overweight have dietary restrictions. Can you get a f***ing water sponsor? I donít care what you have to do, but you secure some brand of water tomorrow. It should have been done yesterday.
Lord Jerith on his teams accomplishments in e-sports:
I do, however, believe that organizations like vVv Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Complexity have had a history of passion, performance and understanding of the ever changing landscape known as competitive gaming, or dare I say eSports. You must bring brands like this on board and legitimize and evangelize those that add so much value in this space.

You can read the full letter to MLG over at the vVv Gaming Forum
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Mousepad Review (I need YOU!) (55 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 10:10 CDT, 10 September 2010 - iMsg

What would you like to know?

I'm doing a video review for some ARTISAN mousepads, and I was hoping you guys could post some questions you might have of the mousepad, so I can answer them. I don't want to make a video then have a good chunk of requested information not in it.

These mousepads are actually VERY good, on the level of Puretrak Talents and QcK's. Although they are a Japanese company, I want North America and Europe to recognize them too, because their products are very good. Many people who bought these from them at Quakecon are using them over their QCK or Talent pad.

So, please post any questions you might have of these mousepads.

Also, any tests I should be doing with them :D
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Miss Precious (48 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:51 CDT, 7 September 2010 - iMsg
1 New iM

My email address is
Hi happy day to you,i am miss precious who viewed your profile today and like
it very much,which makes me to write to you to let you know that i am interested
in you,therefore i will like you to write me back through my mail address so
that i will tell you further about myself and send you also my picture for you
to know me physically.
Here is my mail address,
My email address is
Miss precious


EDIT: Chapter two.

I got a reply! There will be BLOOD!


How was your night over there in your country and the day,i believe you had a nice night and that the atmosphere in your country is very nice today? Mine was a little bit cold over here in Dakar Senegal.

My name is miss Precious Njaiy i am (24yrs) but age doesn't matter in a real relationship,so i am comfortable with your age,I am from RWANDA in Africa,5.7ft tall, fair in complexion, single,(never married ) and presently i am residing here in Dakar as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years ago.

My late father DR.RAYMOND. NJAIY was the managing director of Upeh COCOA INDUSTRIES (Ltd) in KIGALI (the capital city of RWANDA,my country) and he was also the personal adviser to our former head of state before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood.

It was only me that is alive now because i live in a dometry school
and I managed to make my way to a near by country SENEGAL where i am leaving now as a refugee under a Reverend father's care and i am using his computer to send these message to you. we only allow for 10 minutes in the Rev office computer.

I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently.I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.Attached here are my pictures.

Hoping to hear from you soonest

Yours forever,


Attached Image:
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Mouse HZ problem, mouse or port? (8 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:07 CDT, 5 September 2010 - iMsg
I just moved into a new place, and my WMO is acting up. When I plugged it in to the same port as I had it before it was 500hz fine, but then I noticed while playing Q3 that the mouse felt like it was performing at 125hz at random times. I checked the rate again and it was spiking from 500 to 700, even 800, completely unstable.

I rebooted and had the same issue, so I tried other ports, overclocked to 500hz, and it appears fine right when it's performed, but if I go try it again an hour or two later, it's back to the 500-800hz issue.

Is this WMO dying? I'm pretty sure it's relatively new, I bought it off a defrag buddy, he got it somewhat recently.

I don't know if I need to start playing around with motherboard drivers, or if this is a common occurrence of a defective WMO.

Any help is appreciated, thanks :)

EDIT: It appears it's going down...the max that happens now is 200hz...

Is there another mouse hz rate checking program I can use?
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Is there a TOO high sensitivity?TOO low? (203 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:54 CDT, 3 August 2010 - iMsg
Is there too high of a sensitivity? Or too low?

This is something that I think a lot of players wonder, and adjust their sensitivity because of it. Some worry their sensitivity is too low, so they raise it. Some do the reverse. But, is there really a sensitivity that's wrong? First lets discuss extremes.

Too high of a sensitivity can exist when the mouse begins to skip pixels when moving it from left to right. Obviously, this is a sensitivity that is too high. Too low of a sensitivity is just something ridiculous (100cm/360 for example). I've seen some players use 40cm/360, even 50-60. For simplicity sakes, we'll leave accel out of the discussion (for now).

So, lets take a look at some players. Below I listed some players who are considered top tier (Don't think X player is top tier? Don't discuss it here). I've listed their sensitivities, accel, and what they use to aim (wrist, arm, fingertips, etc). Some are listed with (?) because I'm not 100% sure on that information.

Strenx - Very low sensitivity, wrist + arm
Cooller - Medium sensitivity (Low sensitivity + accel) uses wrist, fingertips, some arm. Aims by flicking the mouse most of the time.
Toxic - Medium sensitivity, wrist, some arm (?)
Stremy - Medium/High sensitivity, some wrist, mostly arm (?)
Rapha - High sensitivity (Med sensitivity + accel), mostly arm.
CZM - High sensitivity, wrist + fingertips (?)

So, first off, are any of these players bad at aiming? Sure, raphas rail might not be amazing, but he makes up for it with his rockets (Side question, is rocket skill affected by sensitivity? Or does it not matter what sensitivity you use, it's purely knowledge of placement of shots). I don't know much about CZM, was he considered a top aimer? Or average with amazing brain (I know he was a very smart player, I just don't know about his aiming).

Each sensitivity has it's flaws. First off, low sensitivity requires more energy to move your mouse, your movement might be not as good as a high sensitivity player, but your hitscan might be very good.

High sensitivity might have worse aiming in regards to rail, but typically higher sens players have excellent rockets and good movement.

Now, LAN. LAN can cause a lot of people to get nervous, shaky, etc. So, this is obviously not a worry for a low sensitivity player, because there is less room for error if your cm/360 is higher. However, a high sensitivity player who has nerve issues typically would suffer more.

Comfort is also key. Some players might not be able to aim using their arm, and just prefer their wrist or fingertips.

Already, we have many factors for a sensitivity. Movement, nerves, how you aim with your hand/wrist/arm, rocket play (subjective), hitscan, and overall, comfort.

So, do you recommend people use a sensitivity like Strenxs? (Low sensitivity) CZMs? (high sensitivity) Raphas? (high sens from accel) Stermys? (Medium/High sensitivity)

Also, do you think any of these sensitivities are ONLY a good scenario for that player? For example, maybe XX player is known for playing with a VERY high sensitivity that no one else that's good can play with. Or, the same situation with a low sensitivity.

Thanks :)
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hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and... (53 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 04:03 CDT, 29 July 2010 - iMsg
"Obviously we have a rapist here... so hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband 'cause dey rapin' e'rybody out here."
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$5 Steelseries cord holder (10 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:51 CDT, 28 July 2010 - iMsg

Qwerty told me he was an old CS player who started an e-sports store, but I assume it failed since he's selling all this stuff for super cheap. He's selling some other stuff too, Black icemats, other pads etc.

Anyway, I posted this since you can't buy those anywhere else, and the only alternative is the $20 Razer cord holder. I just received mine today, good shipping and it was super cheap.

I hope this doesn't qualify as advertising (Just trying to help people)

EDIT: Also ten mouse bungees left at $5 ~
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$1k Euro QL CTF Tournament (58 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:01 CDT, 27 July 2010 - iMsg
Quad Gaming would like to announce another $1,000 ql Quake Live CTF tournament for Europe Europe!

Tournament Information

Update: The cup is postponed to tomorrow because only 3 teams have signed up so far.

Links: Tournament Website, mIRC #quad
Stream: LvL up, mIRC #lvl^
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New QL Scoreboard (IT'S HERE!) (422 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:11 CDT, 24 July 2010 - iMsg
I think it's really nice that we're finally getting a good scoreboard, and I'd like to thank everyone here for that! I had put the scoreboard I designed up here to make it more of a community contribution, to get the scoreboard in a condition that everyone would love. I really didn't expect ID to be interested in it. At the end of the day, all I wanted was a good scoreboard for duel into QL.

Anyway, a couple months later, and here we are!

For people asking about money (did you get money, did you ask for money, etc etc), no, I did not ask for money, nor do I want any. The reason I made the scoreboard was to make QL better, whether it be small or large. I'm happy that it's close to the public, that's all I really wanted. I didn't do it for money, nor will I ask for it. Happiness is far far away from money. I am flattered that people think I should be paid for it, but I am completely fine. If anything, everyone should get paid, since everyone contributed to it. Yes, unrealistic :)

For people complaining about it being a premium only feature. What you need to understand is there are now paying customers for QL. These people paid the $25 or $50, and are now getting updates and features directed towards them. This is simple business, nothing more. You keep the paying customer happy. Quake Live is a business, not a charity. It's the same with any game. The free demo of XXX game will have much less content and features compared to the full game. Yes, I know you paid $30 for Quake 3 back in the day, but this is a new game, on a website, for everyone (even Germany!). If you're still that upset, go for a run/jog or something :)



This has been sent to ID software - they told me to send it very quickly to them, which is why I changed it from being sent from four days, to tomorrow. But, I reviewed what people had said, both here and IRC and I'm comfortable with it, so I sent it today. It came a long way (I still can't believe I thought version two actually was usable) and I'm happy with what I sent.

We should try to stay optimistic, we all know a big QL update is coming, so we can hope this might make it in! I try to stay optimistic, so here's to hope!

Thanks everyone for the responses again!

Full version here:


Update #2 Titles for weapon statistics added, fixed right side table for ping, Score numbers bigger, slight gradient added to them, ping section altered slightly, "readyup" section changed to show colors for Ready and NotReady, Damage now a 'D' under armors, player names 90% opacity to make score more distinct, 'ms' added to clarify ping, removed gradient due to potential impossibility or extreme difficulty in coding.

Update #1 Fonts are thinner, darker accuracy percentages are grey instead of 50% opacity, added grid system for weapons, awards bar added, removed white border, slightly moved things, armors now vertical, damage given at the top, ping bigger, hit/fired colour changed, Ad is now a rectangle (Although I want to put it somewhere else)

Update Notes: I appreciate the positive response so far, and suggestions. I've implemented some and ignored others. Unfortunately, with something like this you cannot satisfy everyone, you can only do your best to make as many people as possible happy with it. I saw some suggestions that seemed to only be suggested because THEY want it to look that way, or they want it to look exactly like the CPMA scoreboard. Let me make this clear, if you want a CPMA scoreboard, this isn't going to turn into one. This is trying to make something new, combining features from OSP, CPMA, etc, and making it look fresh and usable for ALL communities.

The largest complaint I got was definitely a problem with it looking like a "cluster fuck". I did as many changes as possibly to tidy it up, and make the colours look less vibrant, easier on the eyes, etc. I feel this version has done that, although maybe it could be better. Something that has to be understood is that there are many different types of monitors with different Contrast ratios. Some monitors have a very high contrast ratio, some have lower ones. Please consider this when looking at it, if I make icons too dark or grey looking for high contrast monitor users, I ruin it for the low contrast users. There needs to be a happy medium :)


Country Flag Concept here: Could be used for things like TDM Nationscup, ESWC, WCG, etc -

Note: This is the first version I did in photoshop, it's come a long way!


First off, I'll make a few things clear. This isn't real (Photoshop), I'm not looking for money (ID can use this concept if they want, I want no money) and this is made for the community. All communities.

This is something I believe should be implemented, so the demand needs to be high. If you want this too, make sure you make posts that reflect that.

The main idea for a QL scoreboard isn't to directly copy any other scoreboard. ID wants QL to feel like a new game, and this follows that ideology. Yes, OSP scoreboard is efficient, and so is CPMA, but we need something new. I looked at both the OSP scoreboard and the CPMA scoreboard, found their flaws, their features, fixed the flaws, and combined the features. OSP is full of information, but isn't pretty. CPMA's is nice, simple, but too simple. Great for pros, not for anyone else.

So, new is what I wanted, but nothing too insane that it couldn't be implemented. I also wanted information to remain the same in terms of what's available to a player while in-game. For example, in CPMA you could know your opponents accuracy per weapon, but not know how many megas they took until the game was over. This is meant to stay true to that concept.

We all know how bad the current QL scoreboard is. Not only is it horribly inefficient, the layout of the scoreboard doesn't reflect what the gametype is. This is duel, one person vs one person. The scoreboard used now only gives the casual the impression that it's just two people in a FFA server. A new scoreboard needs to instantly tell the user what mode it is, and who's playing.

Keep in mind, Duel is most shown and streamed mode in Quake Live, the least it can do is provide those spectators with a proper tool for measuring players.

There is also unnecessary information on the scoreboard. While Frags, Deaths, and Time is technically good information, it's subjectively unnecessary. Duel requires only a score, a score of 5-2 tells the user one person is winning, and one isn't. It doesn't matter how many times they died, or how many times they killed themselves. The old scoreboard makes all information equal, when it's not. Score is more important, as it stands now, score is as important as deaths. Duel score is simple, the person with the higher score wins. This reflects that.

Using +stats only brings up stats for that player in a small window. In order for a spectator to view both stats for both players, they would need to show that box twice, each at a different time. This scoreboard allows for all information, at once, with additional information for spectators that they maybe wanted, but couldn't get. This scoreboard doesn't replace +stats

These are some new features that I've put into the scoreboard (That for the most part, could be implemented).

Layout - Name and score are large, and scoreboard is split between left and right ~ this shows the user and allows spectators to quickly understand all the information about the player. I can focus on the left, or the right, instead of following lines and numbers, much like the current one.
Country flags - all accounts have a country associated to them, this information can be pulled from the server to the scoreboard when a player connects. (This is also another concept for TDM Nationscup, ESWC, etc ~
Ping - Is coloured to represent great, good, bad, terrible (Green, yellow, orange, red)
Font is the same as what QL uses - Simple as that (Handel Gothic)
Spectator bar - Scrolling spectators makes for a great space saver, but isn't efficient. Spectators with the (s) will automatically be put at the end of the line, any player waiting in-line goes first, in obvious order. Acts much like CPMA.
Server location added - While in-game, there's no indication of where that server location is. This solves that.
Clan name - Clan support (if/when added) can be taken from the web based server when the player connects.
No information is MORE important - The concept is that this scoreboard is made for everyone, so all information is treated equally. Yes, maybe the competitive community doesn't need the awards/medals that large, but the casuals might look at that more than other information. Everything is created equal.
Damage Given - We all love it!
Character Avatar - these are only the character images taken from their profile. This won't allow for custom avatars (if ID did, would need rules and moderation in place, wouldn't work well). Once again, a feature for spectators and casuals.
Readyup - Clear and concise, the colour changes from orange to green when the player is ready.
Armors added - You now know what you've taken, and at the end of the game, what your opponent took. Armors taken from your opponent is not known during a game.
Weapon damages - Accuracy, hits/fired, kills per weapon. All information is available to all players during matches. This was a BIG part of CPMA (Knowing what your opponent was railing or LG'ing, especially at the end of the game. You might change your play style due to your opponent hitting a high rail percentage)
Size remains the same - In terms of how much is taken up on the screen, it is the same size as the current one (With the exception of the spectator bar)
Information restriction - Much like CPMA, your opponents armours, and both players 'Damage Dealt" is hidden during the game. You can only see it after the game has ended. Specs may see this information however.

One thing we all need to remember, this isn't about what you want, it's about what works for everyone. Yes, some might disagree with the layout, or think that MORE information is needed. What needs to be understood here is that there only needs to be a common agreement for what exists.

Let me mention again that this satisfies all user bases of the community, casual, competitive, and spectators.

I've gotten a lot of feedback from a few irc channels, so over the past day or so I've made a lot of changes. Below are changes I've made, they are in order of date changed (First one being oldest)


* First Version, was only made for layout idea (Done in paint) ~
* 2nd Version (GOOD version, done in photoshop) ~
* 80% opacity added for most of the text ~
* Weapon names removed, kills per weapon added ~
* Weapon numbers and icons now smaller ~
* Line added, dmg given added, text smaller, weapon names removed ~
* Damage Given moved, colour added ~
* Middle line removed, highlighting for higher percentages added, top icons smaller, spectator example shown ~
* White percentages ~
* Green swapped for red (kills from weapon number) ~
* Important text turned back to full white colour ~
* Drop shadow added, accuracy table smaller, medals/awards smaller ~
* Moved stuff around, allowed for possible names above the accuracies to explain what they are - ex "accuracy" "hit/missed", etc ~
* Stuff moved back ~
* New box added, medals moved ~
* Flag images added, this is an example that could work for tdm (teams that are solely representing one country) and tournaments like ESWC and WCG ~
* Fonts are thinner, darker percentages are now grey instead of 50% opacity, added grid system for weapons, this better? ~
* Awards bar added, should another one be made the same size for Armours/Mega below it?
* Removed white border, slightly moved things, how is it now? ~
* Armours vertical, better? ~
* damage given at the top ~
* Ping bigger, hit/fired colour changed, armours vertical, better? ~
* Damage Given renamed to Damage ~
* Ad is just a rectangle now ~
*Score numbers bigger, slight gradient added to them, weapon accuracies are now a table, ping section altered slightly, Damage now a 'D' under armors, player names 90% opacity to make score more distinct ~
*removed gradient on scores, fixed right side table for ping ~
*Readyup colours added to show ready and not ready ~

Constructive criticism, ideas, and other concepts made by you are all welcome.

Thank you!
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Pre-Quakecon NA $1000 QL CTF Tournament! (No comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:48 CDT, 20 July 2010 - iMsg
Quad Gaming would like to remind everyone about the ql Quake Live CTF tournament for United States of AmericaCanada North America!

Tournament Information

Links: Tournament Website, Tournament Information, mIRC #quad
Stream: LvL up, mIRC #lvl^
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Two More $1000 QL CTF Tournaments! (19 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:26 CDT, 11 July 2010 - iMsg
Quad Gaming would like to announce ANOTHER ql Quake Live CTF tournament for Europe Europe and United States of AmericaCanada North America!

Tournament Information

Links: Tournament Website, Tournament Information, mIRC #quad
Stream: LvL up, mIRC #lvl^
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Accel (95 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 18:30 CDT, 24 June 2010 - iMsg
I've turned on accel about a month or two ago. I'm using a WMO (400dpi), as of now I'm using 4 sensitivity and .2 accel. I was using .1 accel before but decided to increase it.

I've toyed with other values, lowering sens, increasing accel, then trying increasing sens and lowering accel, and I find 4 sens with .2 accel is comfortable, but I don't feel confident with it. It's a nice sensitivity, but when it comes to rail, I don't feel confident at all. My rail accuracy has dropped 5% or so since turning on accel, which I'm fine with, considering my rockets are a lot better and LG.

Point being, during tense situations it feels odd. Maybe too high, I'm not sure.

How long did it take for you to get fully confident and comfortable with accel? Should I try having accel turned off when I have rail out? Are there any tips or suggestions for accel?

Thanks :)

BTW I'm an arm player, I aim with a BIT of wrist but mostly arm. (if that helps)

UPDATE: I appreciate all the responses so far, very helpful, you are kind people :)

What I think I've decided (not 100% on) is that maybe accel isn't me. Maybe I'm not a person who should be using accel. I never grew up with accel when I played PC games, and maybe if I did with certain games, I didn't know it was on.

That being said, I never grew up with it, so I don't think I should be turning it on at this point. 4 sens with .1 felt pretty nice, but the rail was definitely lacking.

When I tried having 4.6 sens with no accel yesterday, I felt 1000% more confident in my game. I felt like I was actually aiming properly, it felt extremely nice. With accel, it felt like there was always some doubt, and if nervousness kicked in or anything, I didn't feel confident at all.

So, unless I add some very LOW amount of accel to my existing sense (Running 5 sens now), I doubt I'll turn it back on. I think if I grew up with accel a few years back, maybe I'd be used to it. At this point, I don't think I can really mess around with accel right now. Who knows, it could take me a year to fully get confident with it, and that can be a long time. Sure I have to move the mouse more now, but I just feel so much better about my aim with it off.

I guess I'm just not an accel person :)
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$1000 EU QL CTF Tournament This Weekend! (31 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 01:56 CDT, 24 June 2010 - iMsg
Quad Gaming would like to announce the final ql Quake Live CTF tournament for Europe Europe!

Tournament Information

Quad Gaming will also be looking to sign a team to play under the Quad Gaming name. This team will also be sent to Quakecon in United States of America Dallas, Texas to compete against the best in the world in CTF!

Links: Tournament Website, Tourneytree, mIRC quakenet #quad
Stream: LvL up, mIRC quakenet #lvl^
VoD: Fnatic vs Broken (own3d)
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$1000 QL CTF Tournaments By Quad Gaming! (152 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 12:36 CDT, 14 June 2010 - iMsg
Quad Gaming would like to announce two ql Quake Live CTF tournaments for United States of AmericaCanada North America and Europe Europe! These are two separate tournaments with $1,000 cash for both.

Tournament Information
Special Note - Sponsorship Opportunity

Quad Gaming will also be looking to sign a team to play under the Quad Gaming name. This team will also be sent to Quakecon in United States of America Dallas, Texas to compete against the best in the world in CTF!

Useful links: Tournament Website
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Why did we replace T4 with T9 (161 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 23:54 CDT, 3 May 2010 - iMsg
Please give your reasoning as to why you think this happened. Does everyone really think T9 is a good map?
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Keep Calm And... (31 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 02:05 CDT, 17 April 2010 - iMsg
I've seen many variations of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" image, so I thought I would create some related to Quake.

Yes I know this is hipster garbage, but if there's any constructive criticism I'd appreciate it. I had a hard time deciding on the first image in terms of contrast, saturation, etc. This isn't for anything really, just for fun.

I have a few more ideas, still working on them though.
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CPMA 1.48 - CQ3 Crouchsliding (89 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:49 CDT, 20 March 2010 - iMsg
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Name Of This Song? (13 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 23:11 CST, 10 March 2010 - iMsg
Please help identify this song, I've looked into it a lot, cannot find it. Best I have is that it sounds close to JUSTICE.

Pluses for right answers :)

Thank you!
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FIXED:Max Refresh Rate 85? Windows 7 ATI (5 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:34 CST, 9 March 2010 - iMsg

I didn't think it would work considering I'm on a VGA connection, but it did. Fuck you ATI, I win.

Please try that solution first, works amazingly.


I have a laptop with Windows 7 64 bit. It has a Radeon 4330 in it, and I have Catalyst installed. The laptop won't output more than 85hz. I know the monitor supports it, when it's plugged into my desktop I can get 120hz on 800x600 just fine. Windows 7 caps me at 85hz. I can go into Quake and do 85, but anything higher will put me at 60hz. I unchecked the 'hide modes this monitor doesn't support' setting in Windows also.

Is there ANY fix for this? The ATI drivers are shit, but the new versions don't do any better. Lots of people are reporting the problem also, but I cannot seem to find a reliable fix for it.

- ATI RefreshFix doesn't work.
- Haven't tried INF editing, I can't see this being the problem seeing my monitor drivers have the proper refresh rates listed in it.
- Registry editing? Not sure, haven't found a solution regarding that.

- - I tried that, can't find that driver file.

- - Doesn't seem to work either, I don't know what version of CCC I have either, ABOUT doesn't tell me.

ANYONE have a fix? Please help :)

Thank you
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Nevermind (33 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:43 CST, 23 February 2010 - iMsg
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FOUND!!! "Farewell RA3" Video (33 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 09:13 CST, 22 February 2010 - iMsg

I managed to track down d1ablo in IRC, and asked him about the video. d1ablo helps run (From my understanding). He managed to find the video, and reupload it for me. So, enjoy!

Song: Stars - Undertow (From Sad Robots album)


Just wondering if anyone knows if there's another hosting for it? Or another name? It was uploaded a few days ago, someone linked to it on #quakelive (Qnet), but later that day it was removed. It was put on, I believe by d1ablo or Mesta-, I'm not 100% sure. Some japanese site managed to save some information on it.

I really liked the video, I just wanted to see it again (And recommend it to others)
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Posted by oneroomdisco @ 08:37 CST, 17 February 2010 - iMsg
(Overreacting title)

I ordered some hyperglides a few weeks back, took about two weeks to get them, but I did. I ordered the MS 1.1/3.0 feet.

I got the Logitech MX1000 feet.

I emailed them, it's been over a week, no reply.

Anyway, if anyone is planning to order hyperglides, I'd recommend getting them from a retailer, and not directly from the website.

It could be an honest mistake, it could be some guy being a dick, I have no idea. I'm not going to unfairly judge them, all I'm saying is to purchase them from the retailers, and not the direct site.
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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 (44 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 12:27 CST, 6 February 2010 - iMsg

So it's real. I'm not really surprised they did this, considering for the past ten years all they've heard is complaints about their awful new games. Sure there's only one second of actual gameplay on the official Sega site, but, it once again looks promising.

But, other things have looked promising from Sega before. I can't help but think they'll fuck this up too. The typical Sega agenda nowadays is to first release a small teaser of a game. They've done that, and this looks really good. Next is a bigger teaser, which looks even better. They haven't done that, but we'll wait. But lastly, as this happens with EVERY Sonic game, the final trailer is something that just completely ruins the game forever (Take Sonic Unleashed - Wearwolf).

So, I can't help but think this will happen again with Sonic 4. Sure, I'd love for it to be an amazing game, but I'm not getting my hopes up due to the trends that Sega has shown over and over and over.

We can dream though :<
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Recommend Good Earbuds? (29 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:42 CST, 12 December 2009 - iMsg
My 2nd gen iPod Touch earbuds are falling apart on me, and I'm looking to get new ones. I'd get these again, but they're like $40 new, and I know I can get better for that price.

I'm just looking for some recommendations. I love the shape of the Apple ones, they fit my ear perfectly (new gen ones do, don't know about the old ones). Sound quality isn't a huge deal, as long as it's equal or better than the Apple ones. The most important factor for me is them fitting. The Apple ones worked perfectly when I went for runs, so I imagine anything around the same size would also work.

What I DO NOT want are these type of earbuds.

They don't fit my ears, and I don't like squeezing them in. I just want ones I can pop in.

I'm looking at these ones right now.

They're about $30 on ebay, but I wouldn't mind spending up to around $50.

Any recommendations would be extremely helpful!
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Dear id (11 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 23:30 CST, 11 December 2009 - iMsg
best regards.
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New Update Help or Hurt Rapha? (44 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 21:55 CST, 8 December 2009 - iMsg
The newest QL update has just been released. The fixes include smaller hitboxes, improved netcode (Although on LAN this won't matter), fixed rockets on stairs and ledges, but more importantly gameplay wise, increased LG damage (7-7-7).

So with this newest update, the gameplay is bringing it back closer to what Quake 3 is. Since LG is more dominant, there will now be more of a clash for gameplay styles.

Could we possibly see Rapha not place 1st at the next international tournament? Rapha has a playstyle that doesn't cater towards LG dominance, which means other players might be able to exploit that.

I think if there's a chance of Rapha losing, it's more likely now than ever. Of course this is just my opinion.

Your thoughts?

(I am not bashing Rapha in any way, I am just curious to see what people think will happen at the next international event)
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Where are Z4muz demos + config (23 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:38 CST, 5 December 2009 - iMsg
I want the DH demos =(
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Would TL10 BO5 Shut People Up? (48 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:47 CST, 2 December 2009 - iMsg
I've been reading what people want for Quake Live timelimits. Seems that people want the old 15 minute limit back, and that's understandable. So to the people that are hating on the current 10 minute timelimit, I ask...

Would Timelimit 10, Best of 5 suffice? Would that make you happy?

I'm just curious as to what everyone wants. So, I'll throw out some options. It would also help if people posted what POSITION they are deciding from (Player, or a spectator).

Timelimit 10 - Best of 3 = 30 minutes
Timelimit 10 - Best of 5 = 50 minutes
Timelimit 15 - Best of 3 = 45 minutes

As you can see, having it BO5 would allow for close to the same amount of time as BO3 with TL15. People who dislike TL10 I find have either a problem with less time in the games, or complain about lack of a chance for a 'comeback'. I personally wouldn't mind BO5, it would allow for ALL maps to be played (assuming it's a 5 map pool) and would allow for ALL peoples strengths to come out. With BO3, you'll see someone drop T7 against Dahang, because that's arguably one of his best maps. This now allows Dahang to maybe not show his full potential (HEY INTERNET: I said 'ARGUABLY' and 'MAYBE', don't take those statements like I'm trying to make them look like FACTS, they're OPINIONS)

In terms of a spectator and tournament director perspective, BO5 TL10 would be more time for one set of games. An event like Dubai (Which was wonderfully casted, and amazingly handled. Better than a GTV tournament) might not have happened. It would of been an added 20 minutes to matches. Who knows, had it of been BO5, we might not have seen such an awesome schedule like we did.
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Google Chrome OS Released - This Sucks (128 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 10:00 CST, 20 November 2009 - iMsg

I got the .vmdk file from Pirate Bay, and loaded it with VirtualBox (VMWare is screwed up for some reason). Also, if you downloaded the torrent from Pirate Bay, the username is Mark, password is chromeos.

Anyway, the idea is to create a quick small OS that looks like it's designed for netbooks at the moment. You login normally with your Gmail account, all data is stored through that Gmail account in a 'cloud' account (something of that nature).

So basically, it's a dumbed down OS, where EVERYTHING is stored online (You would need to have music on external media). Also, it HAS to be online 24/7 for the OS to work.

Seriously, this is the most retarded shit I've ever seen. Google is great, and technically this is innovative, but it's also fucking horrible. Yeah, it's new, but even if I had a netbook, why would I put this on it? All data is stored online (So AUS users are fucked), it can't run specific programs, and HAS to be online 24/7.

Even if my mom wanted an OS (She reads email, browses web, that's it) this would even be stupid to install for her. She has ZERO upgrade-ability, in exchange for what? Nothing. I can throw on a netbook version of Windows XP and be done with it. That way if she ends up needing a program, she can install it.

And if I'm wrong on anything here, please correct me. I've read over everything and I'm running the OS in a VM right now.

Anyone else use this?

TL;DR - Mad retarded.
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Good Microsoft IE 3.0 Mouse Feet? (14 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:26 CST, 19 November 2009 - iMsg
Right now I'm using a stock 3.0, stock mouse feet. The mouse is only a couple months old. I've tried the Steelseries mouse feet before, and I liked them, but I found them a bit too slippery.

I recently tried a Deathadder on a QcK, and that was a very nice feel. Basically I want a nice smooth feel, without it being like butter on ice. I know Hyperglides makes them, and Steelseries, but who else? I'm using a QcK Heavy.

Basically, give your recommendation for good mouse feet for the 3.0.

Thanks =D

EDIT: These are the ones I know of. Has anyone tried more than one of these?

QPAD Mousefeet
Steelseries Mousefeet
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Gillz/Sparks -vs- Mesta/Wonko (5 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 16:08 CST, 10 November 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 1.7 (2 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: Gillz
Version info: QL
How to play back QL demos

QuakeNights Exhibition Match - Broadcasted in on November 10th 2009.

Area 51 vs Paramedics

First map: DM6
Second map: T7
Third map: ZTN

If there's a game to recommend to watch, it's 100% ZTN. Close game, the other two aren't as close.

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Google Search Awesome, Gmail Search Shit (21 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 19:22 CST, 8 November 2009 - iMsg
Can someone explain this to me?

Why is it that Google search is so amazing, so advanced, yet when you search for something within Gmail, it's fucking awful? How is this possible?

Examples: I want to see emails from a friend, his email is If I search for 'Vertigo', I get no results. If I search for 'Vertigo193', I get the results.

I want to search emails from me (If I'm not at home I use Gmail as my personal notepad). I search for 'me', no results (No emails from me). I search for my email, I get pretty much everyone email sent to me. There's no way to just aggregate all emails that I sent to myself.

I search for an email from I search "esports", no results. I search "esportspress", no results. I search "", I get the results.

Why do these searches have to be so exact? Google search is so amazing, but somehow they managed to make it shit within Gmail? I can't see this as being an accident, you can't fuck search up this bad without planning it. Searching my email has literally become a chore. It's not EASY. It should be (That's a fair assumption, no?)

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Modern Warfare 2 - Sparkling Shit (19 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 12:48 CST, 5 November 2009 - iMsg

Basically, to give you some nice point forms on what IW (Infinity Ward) thinks.

- We don't need a console to type in commands and change values. Their game is perfect, play it their way.
- We don't need to mod it. Their game is perfect, play it their way.
- We don't need to lean in the game. Less movement is better!
- We don't need dedicated servers. IW's servers are the best!
- We don't need to be able to kick people from a server. IW thinks that's mean!
- We don't need to play more than 9v9. Screw having fun, IW is in charge.
- We don't need maps designed for anything but 9v9. It's the best gameform!
- VAC/Punkbuster is perfect. Hackers will never get through it, and will always get banned!
- 100ms is a 'fun' ping to play on. Why would you need to play on anything lower?
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Halloween Costume? Post yours (26 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:16 CST, 2 November 2009 - iMsg
I know you bitches went to parties.

Post pics of your costumes for this year.
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Gillz Sucks (74 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 00:10 CDT, 1 November 2009 - iMsg
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Quake Live in CEVO? (PLEASE READ!!!) (22 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 20:15 CDT, 29 October 2009 - iMsg
@CEVO: what game would you like to see CEVO pickup next? Let us know!

Well, looks like CEVO wants to know what game they should start supporting next, and what better than Quake Live? Rumor has it that CEVO is considering the game, but right now it's between Quake Live and HON (Heroes of Newerth). Obviously Quake Live would be the superior game in terms of e-sports and spectator value.

So how can we push it that much further? A few things. Please take the time to at least do one of these simple things. It would help a lot! Doing all three things gives you a special surprise!

1: E-Mail Jonathan Celone -

Dear Jonathan;

I have recently heard that CEVO would like to support a new game in its tournaments and leagues. I would like to take this time to recommend Quake Live. It is an extremely popular first person shooter, spectator friendly, and is one of many excellent e-sport games. I do hope you consider my request for this.

Thank you.

2: Twitter - Reply to @CEVO

@CEVO Please use Quake Live as your next supported game!

3: Reply in this thread.

[quote]Please use Quake Live in CEVO![/.b] (remove the period in the last tag)

I don't think it's a lot to ask from the community. CEVO is an extremely good league, and there's nothing wrong with more competition!
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[Win7] Anyone go BACK to XP? EDIT: I did (125 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 00:10 CDT, 21 October 2009 - iMsg
FINAL EDIT: Yeah, back on XP. Everything is nice and fast, simple, just really nice. I have a bunch more edits below as to the reasoning. <3 XP

I just installed Windows 7 tonight (Had to burn it 4 times, the first 3 were corrupt, I apparently burned the images too fast) and I'm sitting here feeling like I really want to go back to XP.

Aero is okay, but it just reverts to Aero Basic when I quit QL.

My sound drivers (X-FI Extreme Gamer) are iffy, I can't hear sign in sounds for IM clients.

I really hate the taskbar preview (Yes I tried disabling it in Group Policy Management, didn't work), plus I can't make the shift+right click (on taskbar) the default.

Performance is amazing, super quick, and looks great. The new Explorer is iffy, I don't like it.

Quake Live runs fine too, have it in Prism with greasemonkey script, no problems. Mouse Overlocking tool worked too, no mouse accel, and I'm at 500hz. (Microsoft IE 3.0).

Also, my mic won't stop playing through my speakers. Other sounds don't play randomly, the sound drivers are a bit frustrating if anything at this point.

I guess I can work on the sound issue, but I really can't think of ANYTHING that Windows 7 does that Windows XP can't.

Thoughts? Feature wise, I can't see anything that makes me stay to Windows 7.

Am I missing things?

EDIT: Updated Windows, the video problem is fine. Now it's just sound problems.

I'm using an X-FI Extreme Gamer, and downloaded the drivers from the creative site. Are there better ones out there? These are obviously shit.

EDIT 2: Fixed visual program, it keeps aero all the time now.

Dual monitor bug that I had in Windows xp STILL exists. If I have a monitor on the right side that's NOT primary, when I load Quake on the left one (800x600) it moves everything on the right monitor to the right, and I have to move it back when I quit. Annoying problem, I thought they would have better support for dual monitors.

EDIT 3: NEW PROBLEM: HZ bug. If I'm in QL, and I go to windowed mode, go to IRC or something, and go back to QL, go fullscreen, it goes to 60hz on my CRT. But, QL sees it as 120, so I have to set the refresh rate to 100 then 120. Super annoying, doesn't always happen either.

I rebooted a few times, it's consistent. Looks like Nvidia driver issue? I guess I'll have to try older drivers, or wait for never ones.

EDIT 4: So sound is fine, and so is QL. Basically, everything works. My only problem is that I can't see a SINGLE thing here that benefits me. Everything works just the same as XP, slightly slower, but still quick. In terms of features, I'm not taking advantage of anything here. There's nothing here I'm doing that I couldn't on XP.

So, over this weekend I'm going to do a backup and go back to XP. Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's that QL runs a bit faster, maybe it's Explorer. Either way, there's no sense in me using this operating system.

Windows 7 isn't bad folks. I guess just not my cup of tea.
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Fox Signs To Mousesports (101 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:46 CDT, 13 October 2009 - iMsg
Swedish Quake Star Sweden Magnus "fox" Olsson will join the Germany mousesports Quake Live team. The 25-year-old Swede is one of the world's best Quake players and was one of the key players in the legendary iCE cLIMBERS team.

The mousesports management left the following statement on their website:
We are happy to add exactly the player we wanted to our roster. Crucial for making him an offer was, among his immense experience, the fact that he excels himself in deciding moments and as an opponent and as a spectator you always have to think about him as a favorite in every tournament. Furthermore his professional attitude towards professional gaming convinced us. These factors make fox one of the best cyberathletes in the world.

You can read the full article and interview with fox on
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Mouse Fixes In Windows 7 32 Bit? (13 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 23:50 CDT, 8 October 2009 - iMsg
I've been searching a bit, and I've yet to see a 100% solution to some mouse problems in Windows 7. When I get my new hard drive I want to install Windows 7, but not if the mouse problems aren't fixed. I'm using a Microsoft 3.0, so I wanted to know a few things.

- Does usb overclocking work? (500hz)
- Can you 100% disable mouse accel?
- Is the sensitivity the same?

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Emotional Quake/E-Sports Video Moments? (99 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 21:45 CDT, 30 September 2009 - iMsg
In video form?

The two that stick out in my mind the most are;

Cypher beating Cooller @ ESWC Athens

Cl0ck losing to Cooller @ ESWC 2005

(Footage of Clock at that moment @ 4:12),18140.html

I like the Cypher one the most because you can see the guilt running through him so much. The person that helped him (probably the most) in Quake, was now just defeated because of himself.

I know there's more situations (Cooller ranting after losing to Spart1e, Forever bottle incident, Vo0 chair) but only a few are in video format.

Any others out there?

EDIT: Forgot these ones. Might as well be classics.

Celex @ ESL IEM 2008 Montreal

Serennia and Swarm @ ESL IEM 2008 LA
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Gillz -vs- Vorpal (The Champ) (10 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 21:46 CDT, 26 September 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 1.3 (11 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: N/A
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: Gillz
How to play back QL demos

ESL American Qualifier #2

First Map: ZTN
Second Map: T7
Third Map: T9

ZTN was definitely a good game, but T7 is a map I don't feel comfortable in, as evident here. T9 I felt I should of pushed a bit more when I was stacked, especially in the second half of the game. Unfortunately I was not fast enough to catch up to my opponent in certain situations. It appears THE CHAMP is too skilled in such arts like hiding and running!
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carnage/relic -vs- sparks/gillz (5 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:30 CDT, 23 September 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 3.9 (7 votes)
Gametype: TDM 2v2
Map: N/A
Mod: Team Death Match
Viewpoint: Gillz
How to play back QL demos

Quake Nights 2v2 TDM Match

Carnage + Relic vs Sparks + Gillz

First Map: CA2
Second Map: DM6

It was only our third time playing as a team, we picked CA2 because we couldn't pick T6, and most of the other maps are slightly different from duel to TDM. We found out how much rail dominates on CA2, as well as how bad spawns can be. CA2 is only there for other people to decide how it is as a 2v2 map, if it should be there at all.

DM6 was a lot better and closer, CA2 is probably boring (Except for double gaunt by Carnage)
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MLG/Gamebattles Cancels QL Tournament? (11 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 16:20 CDT, 2 September 2009 - iMsg

Well, you whiny bitches got what you wanted.

Seriously, do people not want Quake in leagues and tournaments? Do people really want Quake to just stay as some online only game?

Yes, it was $15 to get in, but that shouldn't fucking matter. You pay for an ESEA subscription, you pay for CEVO fees, you sometimes pay for LAN events. How is this different?

98% of people here just WANTED them to cancel it, because of this 'money issue'. Well thanks, now we don't have a tournament at all related to Gamebattles. They offer money and prizes and do work, and everyone here just shits on it.

Fucking pathetic, it really is. SUPPORT THE FUCKING GAME

It doesn't matter if it's ESL, if it's MLG, or if it's WCG. They want money? You pay. You pay your $5, or $20. That money allows them to continue to do it. You think these companies and leagues are just going to take things at a loss for EVERYTHING? There needs to be some profitability here, but god forbid the fucking QUAKE PLAYERS HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING

Jesus christ this is sad. This probably ruined the chance for Quake to be in the MLG PC Circuit, and if it didn't, it definitely hurt the chances.

Do people not see the connection here? This is exactly what ESL did. Run some online tournaments to see what attention it could get, then make decisions about the game in the Extreme Masters LAN tournaments.

You can't want something like this to fail, then want other leagues to succeed. I'm tired of fucking QQ'ing bitches with their double standards.

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Sparties Headphones? (46 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:58 CDT, 28 August 2009 - iMsg
Anyone know? I know they're the Sennheiser Helicopter models, but I can't find out which model number it exactly is.

They also look to be the same as what Grubby used for Blizzcon finals.
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Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:36 CDT, 30 July 2009 - iMsg
This week the classic match of the week of AGP covers their first TDM match. This is the 2003 Quake III Classic Invitational League Finals match between United States of America Executable and United States of America Clan519 with shoutcasting from djWHEAT. Presented here by the AGP (Association of Gaming Professionals). This game is played on "Campgrounds".

You can view more classic matches from Last week the classic match featured the WCG 2002 USA match between Daler and Zero4.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2
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How I Got A FREE Microsoft IE 3.0 (42 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:17 CDT, 3 July 2009 - iMsg
The reason I'm surprised at this is because I've never seen a company give you such good service with little to no information.

The back story is that I may or may not have threw my 3.0 at a wall about 4 months ago, which may or may not have broken the left click. I wanted to try the Razer Salmosa, so I bought that.

I had the 3.0 for about a year and a few months. After using the Salmosa for about 3 months, I found the way it was shaped was putting a lot of pressure on my palm, due to the way I hold it. I could play for hours on my 3.0 and be fine, but the Salmosa was giving me some pain. Nothing against the Razer mouse, unfortunately it was just the shape.

So I decided to go back to the 3.0, but seeing how money was tight, and the 3.0 is roughly $45, I slowly forgot about it, until recently.

I saw a thread here about mice, and someone had linked to a gotfrag thread about someone saying they couldn't get a replacement 3.0, because they were no longer manufacturing them. I went to the Microsoft site, looked around for warranty information, and couldn't find a single thing. I kept reading, and found a link to this thread.

So I gave them a call, and the guy who helped me was extremely friendly. I had told him that the mouse was 6 months old, and that the left click no longer worked. He said he was happy to help me. He took my name, address, phone number, and asked me for the number on the bottom of my 3.0. I was expecting to send in a receipt, or the old mouse, or something, but at that point he told me my 3.0 was going to be mailed to me in 2 weeks.

Today (6 business days since I phoned them) I got it in the mail.

(Salmosa, old 3.0, new 3.0)

Notice reviews from Gotfrag are on the front also.

I'm going to see if it's changed at all since the last one, but overall I've got to say that Microsoft's service was fucking amazing. I'd imagine any other company would of asked me for some bullshit receipt, or send the old one back, but not good ol' Microsoft!

Although I had paid for one over a year ago, I still got a brand new one for free. I'm just more or less shocked at how easy this was. I'd expect for them see proof of payment, see that the mouse was broken, or anything else.

Just wanted to show everyone else how I got the mouse, so maybe if they have a broken one, or need a new one, they know what to do.
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Microsoft 3.0 Scroll Wheel Fix? (18 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:43 CDT, 2 July 2009 - iMsg
I think I had it bookmarked a while back, but I lost mine. Tried to Google it, couldn't find anything.

From what I remember correctly, you can take apart the 3.0, and put a small piece of cardboard in a specific area of where the wheel operates, or a couple small pieces of paper.

Anyone have a link to this or remember?
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Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:54 CDT, 25 June 2009 - iMsg
This week the classic match of the week of AGP covers the 2002 World Cyber Games USA match between United States of America Sean "Daler" Price and United States of America John "Zero4" Hill with shoutcasting from djWHEAT followed by an entertaining interview with Zero4. Presented here by the AGP (Association of Gaming Professionals). Game A is played on "Vertical Vengeance".

The video is available from, or from YouTube. Last week the classic match featured the WCG 2002 USA match between Socrates_ and Fatal1ty.

Edited by xou at 07:46 CDT, 26 June 2009 - 4283 Hits
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:28 CDT, 19 June 2009 - iMsg
This week the classic match of the week of AGP covers the 2002 World Cyber Games USA match between United States of America Jason "Socrates_" Sylka and United States of America Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel with shoutcasting from djWHEAT followed by an entertaining interview with Socrates. Presented here by the AGP (Association of Gaming Professionals). Game A is played on "Proving Grounds".

The video shoutcasted by djWHEAT is available from, or from YouTube.

Last week the classic match featured the WCG 2002 USA qualifier between Makaveli and Zero4.
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Looking For Keyboard (11 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 00:10 CDT, 13 June 2009 - iMsg
Right now I have a BenQ keyboard, and it's falling apart at this point, so I'm looking for a new one.

Basically I just want one that isn't a full size one in terms of length. I don't need a numpad, or the arrows. Something like the DKT board layout is what I'd want, either or.

I know Logitechs keyboards type softer. Instead of it being kind of clickly, it types a lot softer. I'd prefer that if possible, but from what I can see, there aren't any smaller ones from Logitech that aren't over $100.

Also I'd want something cheap. DKT board if cutting it, but I'm looking into it. I'd also prefer something that DIDN'T light up and have stupid gamer bullshit features.

Any suggestions?
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Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:35 CDT, 1 June 2009 - iMsg
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What Are Some Good New LCDs? (2 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:04 CDT, 26 May 2009 - iMsg
Trying to replace my terrible LCD that I run as a second monitor for a good LCD that I could use for Quake if I needed to.

I was looking into the VX922, but they're extremely hard to find.

Been also looking at the new 120hz Samsung, but spending 300+ is a bit much right now.

Also heard the LG L227WTG is decent, almost no input lag, and low response time.

Saw this too, how is it?

I don't want something massive like a 24", anything 22 or under is fine. I'd prefer a 4:3 19" LCD, because it's small, not widescreen, and I don't really need any more.

So anyone test or own anything recently that's decent? What should I get?
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SK Interviews Shane "rapha" Hendrixson (158 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 11:40 CDT, 20 May 2009 - iMsg
SK Gaming has recently interviewed Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson, one of North Americas top duelers in Quake 3. Rapha talks about his personal life, growing up with sports, and personal beliefs.
Were you any good in basketball, or did you have any intentions of becoming more then just a regular player?
SK.Rapha: I was a solid player, no Lebron or Kobe but I played decent. I just loved the game and played it because I enjoyed it. I still try to play even now when I have the time to.
As a young kid say 8 or 9 year kids have those dreams of becoming a professional at some sport or, becoming an astronaut or something but, likes and dislikes change, the same went for me.
You can read the full interview over at SK Gaming.
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Post Your LCD Lag Test Results (4 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 14:51 CDT, 14 May 2009 - iMsg
LG1952 - 19" rated at 5MS

Compared to:

Samsung 997DF 19" CRT

Use this:

Scroll down to the timer, run both in clone, take picture with flash.
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Top 5 Douche Bags Of Gaming (33 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 15:38 CDT, 4 May 2009 - iMsg

Number 2 is arguable, but the rest fit in pretty nicely.

Actually, Shane should be number 1.

Fuck you.
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Is This 'Cheating' ? (115 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 22:17 CDT, 21 April 2009 - iMsg
EDIT: Creator of the HUD and config further explained after his original post that there is no countdown, just static numbers on your HUD.

So ignore this.
Edited by Gillz at 13:10 CDT, 22 April 2009 - 18213 Hits
TV Movie Censorship... (3 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 19:23 CDT, 21 April 2009 - iMsg
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ESWC Bankrupt? (212 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 13:15 CDT, 5 April 2009 - iMsg
As just reported on (french), it appears that Game-Services, the company that owns ESWC, is undergoing judicial liquidation (bankruptcy).

Complexity had contacted Game-Services about this issue, and received this response:
Games-Services SA ceases all activities. Its liquidation has been pronounced by the Commercial Court of Paris March 30, 2009. In consequence, all the employees and managers have been relieved from their duties and laid off April 2nd, by the adjudication. The process of liquidation, which is starting this week, will notably organize the potential trade-in or resale of the companyís assets including the Electronic Sports World Cup and Overgame.
So although ESWC can be bought by another company, it appears that as of now, there will be no future ESWC Qualifiers or Final Events.

Also reported by Complexity here.
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DPI of Microsoft IE 3.0? (45 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:51 CST, 6 March 2009 - iMsg
I was using the IE 3.0 for a while now, with Steelseries mousefeet, on a SS QcK+. I broke the 3.0, and when I went to go to Future Shop to get a new one, they didn't have any on the shelf, but I did see the Razer Salmosa. Being a fan of the G3 previously, I bought it.

My issue right now is the sensitivity. While the 3.0 was out of commission, I used a Microsoft WMO for a day or so. The feet were awful, but my sens felt the same. I didn't install Razer drivers, I don't see a need for them.

In Q3 and QL my sensitivity was 4. I did the math accordingly, but for some reason, my sensitivity feels lower. The Salmosa is 800dpi at 500hz (My IE 3.0 was also at 500hz)

I did it under the assumption that the 3.0 is 400dpi (Which is what I've heard and read from mostly everyone).

My Math (grade 2 stuff, but whatever)

4 sensitivity @ 400dpi - IE 3.0
2 sensitivity @ 800dpi - Salmosa

Right? Those two values are essentially the same, correct?

Well, this is the reason that leads me to believe that the 3.0 is indeed 450dpi, and not 400. If you Google "Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 450dpi" you get a decent amount of results. - Sujoy lists it as 400dpi.

The math assuming it's 450 dpi is

450/800 = 0.5625

4 * 0.5625 = 2.25

Now when I go into Q3 and play with 2.25, it feels a LOT better, feels more like my 3.0, the sens feels almost identical.

But, that could just be me. Anyone else have more tests on this?
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ESL welcomes Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz (53 comments)
Posted by oneroomdisco @ 17:42 CST, 25 February 2009 - iMsg
From and ESL World.

Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, former Editor-in-Chief of SK Gaming, will now assume the role of Product Manager for ESL's Extreme Masters series and from the look of it have a large input into the way the tournament is presented to its audience.
"Throughout my time in eSports I have written about and analysed almost every eSports tournament there was," said Carmac, "the time has come to start building something."
You can read the full article here.
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