I got the .vmdk file from Pirate Bay, and loaded it with VirtualBox (VMWare is screwed up for some reason). Also, if you downloaded the torrent from Pirate Bay, the username is Mark, password is chromeos.

Anyway, the idea is to create a quick small OS that looks like it's designed for netbooks at the moment. You login normally with your Gmail account, all data is stored through that Gmail account in a 'cloud' account (something of that nature).

So basically, it's a dumbed down OS, where EVERYTHING is stored online (You would need to have music on external media). Also, it HAS to be online 24/7 for the OS to work.

Seriously, this is the most retarded shit I've ever seen. Google is great, and technically this is innovative, but it's also fucking horrible. Yeah, it's new, but even if I had a netbook, why would I put this on it? All data is stored online (So AUS users are fucked), it can't run specific programs, and HAS to be online 24/7.

Even if my mom wanted an OS (She reads email, browses web, that's it) this would even be stupid to install for her. She has ZERO upgrade-ability, in exchange for what? Nothing. I can throw on a netbook version of Windows XP and be done with it. That way if she ends up needing a program, she can install it.

And if I'm wrong on anything here, please correct me. I've read over everything and I'm running the OS in a VM right now.

Anyone else use this?

TL;DR - Mad retarded.