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Rating: 8.6 (26 votes)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a game on its last legs, but once in a while there is something beautiful coming from this scene. Some teams are still hanging in there and playing actively determined that this scene wont die any time soon.

One of these teams is Europe Violence is Bad and as a result of a undefeated campaign throughout the past two seasons, dirrty 'n pheex (dnp) has produced a movie that is surely an icon on its own.

The frags in Violent Reflection are one by one brilliant. Nevertheless, what defines this movie from others is the way how their awesome teamplay and ful round have been captured through sublime editing by France dirrty.

Even if you are not an RtCW fan, it might be worthwhile watching this movie. It is just one of these movies that are just so unique and defining it is a must to watch.