Nicknames - How did you go about getting yourself a nickname for online games?

Im just curious as hell, how ppl go about getting their nickname, whether is be cs, q3, wc3 etc.

Im actually looking for another nickname, as ive had the same nickname since all the way back in q2 :/ Time for a change, and q4 is coming out soon.. so all the better :)

Another thing, do you get peeved off when someone pronounces your nickname wrong? Seen it on numerous occasion's like for example: zyz in a pk movie i saw a while ago.. neok was saying that zyz's name started off being said ziz.. sorta like sis but with zzz's :P

Saw an old vikings demo the other day and they had a guy called >Bobob i mean how is that pronounced? Bob-ob? or Bobo-b :P

My quake name "Condor" i got from the movie Condorman, pretty old movie about some american action hero. Need something new, any ideas? ;/

Random rant.