Tomorrow we will see the greatest inet tournament from the time of ESO. This time Europe Europe.Quakers organisers will invite 16 former champions of eQ tours and other online tourney's. Among of them we got players like 14 year old polish boy, Poland av3k who made some succes vs. other inet players. Now he will face best of them (even players who was invited to ESWC). If he will fall to match between Sweden Arww, I'm clearly sure that will be very interesting game.

Like always, we are going to cover this show on GTV ( ofcourse). Join channel #Europe.Quakers too. Demos from the final will be publicated on CyberFight if someone will be not able to see this. Tournament will start at 18:00 CET. Dont miss it. Stay tuned for more informations !


Russian snorlax can't play this evening, so he is replaced by ESWC participant, Belgium occ|ReF. In first round Belgian will challenge with Dept. Let's pray for him.

Grand final will be played tomorrow around 17:00 CET. Don't miss it !

Poland h_av3k vs. Russia Rush3D`Makaveli

first bo3
- hub3aeroq3 40:12 (demo)
- pro-q3dm6 21:10 (demo)

Congratulations Poland av3k (photo) ! GG :s

Final Tournament Standings

1 place - Poland h_av3k
2 place - Russia Rush3D`Makaveli
3 place - Russia rC-Dept
4 place - Norway hell4nd
5/6 - Sweden ArrW-491/ Austria suNL\shagrath
7/8 - Russia rC-Leon / Spain impulse|allter

Channel: #Europe.Quakers @ Quakenet