How would a game start if the weapons had like a 5sec delay to spawn?

fooKitten was like "man i don't want to start with sg on dm6 all the time" so he started thinking about how it would work if the intial spawn of the weapons were delayed for a bit, say 10 seconds, and the armors like 20? Say fooKitten spawns at bridgestairs on pdm6 and he likes teh rail, so he does a backwards jump to rail and 5 seconds to go till the rail spawns... but then [sml]woodgrove comes from lg stairs and up the bouncepad to rail, and gets the upper hand using mg.. fooKitten retreats and takes some damage but takes the upper hand when woodgrove misses a rail!
or maybe if the armor spawn was at the same time as the weapons you could choose not to go for the weapon and take ra before a weapon and go for pg while they get rail or whatever?
Would this be any good for like.. alternative gameplay or just... something new? Opens up alot of new tactics and shit.. whaddya think?