Can ANYONE help me to get my money from Quakecon 2003? I placed 2nd and won 12,500$ for over 1 year ago.
First of all I had alot of problems to get the Tax-ID from USA.

I tried to get that one over 1 year, I tried and tried...
(I need that Tax-ID so I dont have to pay 35% tax of my money)
And NOW! thanks, I got it. I was happy over that and I have sent the fax with my Tax-ID to ID-Software so they can send me the money.
I tried to e-mail them and ask if everything is ok and if they have recive the fax with the Tax-ID.
But no answer...I wait over 2 weeks, and tried to e-mail them again...Im still waiting for the answer, but I havent heard a shit from them.
Can anyone help me with this? Im frustrated to that I have been waiting so long for this money, its alot of money for me actually.
What I have heard is that everyone else has recive the money from Qcon, zero4,czm,fox and so on...

Why not me ? =(

I will be thankfull if I can get some help with this!

thanks alot!