View Coverage: LOEW
Organiser: Daishi & aNouC
Location: Online
Duration: 17 Apr 2004 to 16 May 2004

IRC: #loew

The Fantom” is fermenting war between the nations with his advanced weaponry and devious cunning – we need you and a selection of fellows to confront this madman, halt his nefarious plan and save the world! This band will be called… The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen!

Actually, we just want to run an online girl's Counter-Strike tournament, and aNouC liked the name. So calling all European girl's CS teams! We are creating a ‘for fun’ online tournament to be run over the next couple of months, as a more competitive way to practice for the ESWC.

Firstly this competition is for girl’s teams only! We intend this to be an online warm-up event before the ESWC, so that teams can see where they are against many that they may not have had the chance to play against before.

We would like sixteen European teams to compete in this tournament, which will run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons every weekend from April 17th and 18th, until the finals on May 15th and 16th. The teams will be split into two groups of eight, who will play in a round-robin format, with the top two from each going to the semi finals. These two groupings will be split according to geographical location where possible, so as to ensure the pings are as fair as can be.

Each team will play twice per weekend, so we will need quite a few admins to help out – both in IRC and in the games. We are therefore asking for experienced volunteers to lend a hand, perhaps for a game a weekend, or more if they wish. Volunteers coming from teams already entered in the competition will be allowed, but will only help out in games from the other group.

The full rules, schedule and map lists will be available once we have a good idea of how many teams will be registering.

If you have any questions, you can find us in #loew on Quakenet. If you have any flames, we won’t be there; we’ll be hiding behind our sofas.

To register to compete in the league, please email aNouC.
To volunteer to help admin the games or in IRC, please email Daishi.