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Rating: 6.1 (11 votes)
TheBeast has released, yet once again, another superb movie but its a netquake-movie with the best possible grafical-clients that are avaible!
The sound is perfectly synchonized and well there arent a sentence that can explain this masterwork better than: the _BEST_ movie so far.

I give it 8/10 points

TheBeast's words about the movie:
Finally it's done, even earlier then I had expected it to be!

The prevous movie (BW1 ofcource) featured the 2 brothers Trouby and me. This time our stephbrother Luquodis became good enough to make pretty moves too so you will enjoy his frags, believe me.

The GFX cant be better, it will ask pretty much of other fragmovie creators to overdo it similairly.
The soundtracks were picked very carefully to synchonize it perfectly with the video and to create the feeling that I intended to create at a specific moment.

There also are 2 scenes that will show the following Quake engines:
Glquake, NPRquake, Xquake, Darkplaces, Telejano, Tenebrae, Jakequake, Joequake, Cheaphack, Netchild, Tomazquake

Then we think, when will we get this dude over to QuakeWorld?

Well after a long time playing and making netquake movies I decided to join QW for moviemaking. QuakeWorld Overloaded will be our next project, which we'll make together with Jebur and Sassa. I allready have some GFX stuff laying around and Jebur has allready elected 40 outstanding demo's

Well more about the movie now..
TheBeast has always been known to be great at intros and once again the proved us with making the best damn intro I have ever seen.
With a great 3D-flight and ending it with a nice Quake-mark
They showed what Quake-clients can do and how different each client is!
All of the frags were just general QW frags but you haveto remind yourself that this is NetQuake and those frags are quite hard but yes, not that fancy at all!
The end was just fantastic and I really dont got a clue how you did that but it ws great and the music fitted in perfectly.
Grafics: 10
Frags: 4
Music: 9
Intro/end: 10
Total of 8/10 points

Dont forget the Irc channel #qmovie

More info @ http://www.quakeworld.nu/index.php?page=news&id=368 where this was posted!