Ladies & gentlemen, Iím proud to present you what will be the following guidelines / rules for an upcoming just for fun (or eventually with a prize pool) tournament onÖ Doom 3!. Yes, you heard it well, Doom 3 classic multiplayer is back!. Since I started playing D3 multiplayer when it was basically already dead (in 2018 if Iím right), the passion for this game took over so Iíve decided to make a turning point. After all these years of silence, what I simply thought is ĎI need to do something to bring a little light back to this gameí so here I am!. Already started to spread the word among the last ďactiveĒ players with no very promising results BUT I still managed to get the attention of some important old school players and ending up with a collaboration with some couple of eXg clan members that are helping me a lot with this project of mine and they are also still active/cool players. I think that D3 multiplayer was and still is an underrated yet very exciting experience that needs to be shown to the new generation of fps players.

IMPORTANT: Iíve done my best to be as detailed as I can, sorry for my bad english. Maybe the rules will need some editing or fixing but as long as Iím alone I canít do too much or cover all the essential things that a respectable tournament should have. I will be more clear if you decide to contact me. I'm open to all kinds of constructive advice / tips.

Now, enough with talking!. All you need to know is stored in these 2 links that I will leave you here below. You can contact the fool behind all this at: or simply add me on here on Steam (My Friend Code is: 857460537)


One special thanks to 5M1L3Z, HavoK!, Henry Sellers, Bonehead and pointb|anK for supporting me with this idea and of course to all of you that will be seriously interested in making this tournament possibile!