hi there it's me

Honestly its doesnt make sense to write anything about this guy, because watching teaser and second video will make is obvious for everyone
But there are always people who are in doubt and it's ok. For these people I will do some explanation.

About his aim style.
Well it's hard to watch honestly, the way he aim... He is like swinging his mouse left and right all the time. While spamming AD like crazy. And he is aiming like that all the time except really close fights when his whole screen is just an enemy model. It's not like he is very good at strafing. But he does some weird moves that I wasn't able to explain until I found out that his crosshair snapping at other enemies. And that explains why he struggles to aim when there is multiple enemies in the background and sometimes he even stop shooting and making really long strafes just to position himself toward the wall to focus on enemy that are close to him and prevent his crosshair from snapping on random enemies.

I think that he using a bind, trigger bind that makes his crosshair snap on target, but not permanently, its like assist for aim. When he losing tracking he hits that trigger button and it snaps to the target and since he shaking his crosshair a lot it looks +/- alright. I mean he probably using it not all the time but sometimes. Guess he spent a lot of time figuring out how to use it and when, to make it look like legit aim. But aim it's not just how you hit, it's also how you move… it's funny how those cheating kids don't underestimate experience...

So here is the links
This one is like a teaser https://youtu.be/A1gCg9GMiRM just like a mini movie for my new friend
This one should make it clear that the guy is cheating https://youtu.be/StqWd9CHpl8
This one is a link of his stream https://youtu.be/Vud2WwkOB10 some hilarious 2v2 at the end (aimbot for rockets included)
And a demo where he snaps on other target (last moment from teaser) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UGu8mA9MYICh...sp=sharing
I hope all the links are working. If something is wrong let me know.
It's pure luck. Twitch keep vods for 14 days and when i downloaded his vod it was already 12 days old vod, so few more days and it's gone forever.

I couldn't do a better video. I pick bad editing software. I was looking for a free one and I chose the one that have nice ui. And it have nice and intuitive ui but working really bad. After some time it starts lagging, cpu hits 100% load and i can't preview what i am working on. So all this moments i cut is like 1/4 of his stream. All these trigger moments are from 1 or 2 hours of gameplay.
Btw his stream is recommended to watch. His comments become really hilarious after understanding that he is just a little aimbotting kid. At some point he said “OMG you got destroyed and i am not even warmed up yet”
All the most obvious moments are from his stream (yea another genius streaming how he using cheats) And this moments is so obvious that it should be good proof. But i also have a few demos where he snaps at other enemies it might be enough to vac ban him.

Bonus clip of his buddy sldr (sharing same config, spamming same binds) https://youtu.be/mWuHaqgAv6I Sad part is that it's not only these two geniuses.

20/02/21 Fucking Nice Guy