handicap option

An old idea.

Of course it should be NON RATED games

Basic idea is to have a checkbox option over FIND MATCH button (handicap checkbox) wich can reduce queue times. If you are strong player your stack cap will be decreased.

Developers just need to check average statistics ELO = DMG and DMG received. and compare this to the other ELO's. May be it's should not working in all gamemodes. May be it need some test in SHAFT ARENA or 1v1 aim arena before it will be implemented in serious gamemodes. May be we need "HANDICAP AIM ARENA" and "AIM ARENA" separatedly, coz all 4 players in 2v2 should be agree with that.

As a result it's not precisious, but it's something and you can correct handicap coefficients in future.

What do you think?