Since there will be no Diabotical duel tournaments. I think we need some compensation.

Custom online tournaments LIST within the game. Should be in main menu as advertisement.

Why inside the game?

+ No need to check internet sites. One platform and it is visible to everyone. As a result, it is easier to gather people.
+ In-game tournament bracket.
+ Everything is automated. Time between games. Time to warm up. The system kicks latecomers.
+ No admins needed.
+ Tournament results are saved and easily exported to html format.
+ Tournament conditions are set by the creator. and they can be read before joining the tournament. ELO Glicko range option. Gamemode option. Timelimit option and so on .... Map pool .. Date. Maximum players, minimum players.


+ Internet problems? - you out
+ You coming too late? - defeat
+ We can see the nickname of the tournament creator
+ Tournament creator can't ban player's for any reasons. NO ADMINS NEEDED. !!!
+ For TDM tournaments should be more options.

Example here in the picture below. Everything is Automated !!!! No Admins, no bullshit. Working 10 years without problems and admins.
EXAMPLE here, check it