The game was finally released on pc and I joined the hype train... I didnt regret it!

Its just GTA with cowboys and this game is just pure fun to play. The only thing which sucks are game crashes and the buy menues are tricky for a "pc" game (I bought lots of stuff accidentally).

I cant speak for the single player mode due I didnt play it yet. Online is just fun to play.

Another bad thing are the system requirements for ultra gfx... 4k and ultra settings isnt possible with any gfx card. A proper mixture of high/ultra settings gives 60% more fps and does look almost the same as ultra settings and I can run it fluently with my old 1060

Maybe other cowboys want to share some tricks/tips? I need some due im new to red dead redemption. I just managed to find out how "dead eye" modus works :)