the wingman mouse had a force feedback version:


i know someone who can sell an unused one to me but not for too cheap, so for those that might know, is it possible to gut the force feedback mechanisms off the mouse while installing a "perfect" optical sensor in it effectively? im more than willing to pay someone to do a mouse mod for me, but the important thing is weight and whether it can be made into an accurate mouse for games on a competitive level.

if someone has experience or knows about this mod please let me know ASAP, so i can decide whether to buy it off him or not (because obviously i would only get it if it can be modded). also useful is what sensors could work; old school ones like the wmo one (MLT04 i think) are also fine, mainly lookin for "perfect" sensors, and then as well higher dpi ones (not sure there actually is a high DPI sensor thats really perfect, dont think there is)