Let's ask Bethesda to move SyncError out of Quake Project

Coz SyncError - metastasis from Tim Willits

I have bad english. So someone need to write good (english) letter. After that we need a poll with image of letter text.

I found e-mail .

1370 Piccard Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

First. Let's plus comment with better text.

Main idea

Sync working very long since .... He makes sometimes good maps as designer.... But he is an idiot coz of. 90% maps, schematically wrong. Also he announced a war to Quake pro players, by idiotic mappools, idiotic random brackets, idiotic patch changes like 0.98 he changed to 0.9800001 etc.

After that we must spam their e-mail.

We have 1 week before QuakeCon. Let's start and move this garbage out of our minds forever...