I just want to let you know we made a Network, called Golot Network, at discord, making this out home for old gamers with time to spend and knowledge to use :) thats it if you interessed in joining make the apply life on discord, to make sure we do things right we looking for aimers and snipers as well as fantasy members to play roles on mmo rpgs as we looking for everyone :) we aiming high as looking for skilled webmasters and webdesigns zero profits , to make a good website for some games with leadership , leadercup like barrysworld :) first we need/should know each others better them we pass to the action!

I wish you all a good day for those who work :) keep the good mood alive and dont drama

P.S: HOP(reloader)quake,cs,seekingdawn,warsow && STAR(abovethesun) worldofwarcraft, leagueoflegends,tera
All other games can/should be considered, hop is the clan, star, is the guild and so on, if you want more information , join the link above at discord, it will be funny people will actually have so founds and incomings in the end of the month ..and so on.

Golot Network | 2019 comunicate "SM"