First of all, let's list all the champions available at the moment, we have:


Obviously, that's a total of 16 different champions.

Out of these 16 champions, 3 of them ain't played anymore, or at least VERY occasionally. Current QC's meta has never been so good, but there's still many rooms for improvement(s).
The weakest champs at the moment are respectively Scalebearer, Sorlag and Deathknight.
Scalebearer in early versions of QC was one of the main champion, without being particularly overpowered though. Sorlag was one of the main champion for a long time and prolly one of the most OP champion in early versions of QC, because of the speed you could move around the map and the fact that he had a shitton of health combined with a very strong active ability. Deathknight was OP due mainly to his too strong active ability, which got nerfed a lot afterwards.

Now let's take a look at light, medium and heavy champs most played:

- Light champs: 1°)Nyx, 2°)Anarki, 3°)Athena, 4°)Slash (from most played to least played)
That's a total of 4 light champions.

- Medium champs: 1°)Ranger, 2°)Eisen, 3°)Visor, 4°)Galena, 4°)Doom, 5°)Strogg, 6°)BJ
That's a total of 6 medium champions.

- Heavy champs: 1°)Keel, 2°)Clutch
That's a total of 2 heavy champions.

See what's wrong there ?
Only 2 heavy champs compared to 4 light and... 6 medium... We could say that atm QC is mainly a matter of medium champs and thus plays more like VQ3 than any other movements itterations of all quake and quake derivatives combined.

So, basically, what's the solutions to improve the variety of gameplay elements (especially movements) of QC ? Let's keep it simple without going into more details:

Sorlag and especially Scalebearer need a buff, slight buff for sorlag and big buff for scalebearer as he is the weakest champion in the game at the moment. I don't know specifically how you could buff both of them, but maybe you guys got some interesting ideas.

Deathknight needs also a slight buff, so that he becomes playable again, and effective. Tell us in comments how you could buff DK without making him OP like in the previous version.

And finally, Slash and Strogg also need some slight changes to make them not particularly stronger, but at least slightly more played.

Hopefully the next champ added with be a heavy, to improve the current meta.

What do you guys think ? Any suggestions/ideas to improve the current meta ?