I want to share my knowledge and theories because i hate all the whiny players that are better than me. They deserve to lose really badly. They are bored when they are winning and start to cry when you frag them only once. Whiny little cunts. So i want everybody as bad as me to grasp these really simple tactics on aerowalk, be uncomfortable to them, make them cry and to eventually beat them. And hopefully be better persons than them afterwards. Do not cry neither as insult, neither by claiming that you have a bad day, neither by loling or any other way you could keep coming up with to take away as much credit as possible. This is respectless behaviour. Always congratulate your weaker opponent. Congratulate him when he is fragging you and congratulate him if he was indeed able to win! They deserve it because they had to work really hard for their result. A looooot of people cannot stand it when a noob is getting on top of them. Really thats shameful. Can’t you get enough? My gosh. Let them have some fun too. You can do so by respecting their accomplishments and be happy with them! The next match you will most likely win again. Then your world will be whole again. My gosh really. One loss will not hurt sooo bad. Imaging how your noob opponent must feel when he is losing every time.


Beware this guide is for bad people like me against way better people. Where the pain gets to the level of frustration. So you need to take drastic measures and start to really think about a tactic and also to commit to it. This here is my approach.

First thing you need to understand:

There are two sides on this map, RA and YA side. RA side is map control side. You need to get there and important, stay there!

RA side:

1. Lower RL room: This is the most important position on the map. If you have it never give it back. From here you can see her/him and be on the right spot to interrupt him moving around the map. If your opponent got there then you better already be in the RA room.

2. RA room: The red in this room gives you the strength to defend RL room. Also when the opponent gets too aggressive you can go there. This position is stronger than the one at lower RL room. Never let your opponent be there right before the RA spawns.

YA side:

1. GL area: This is your base when out of control. You can escape quite nicely from all kinds of attacks. It takes a little practice and it evolves to an escape game. There is really nothing else what you can do there if the opponent decided to go aggressive. Also you can go to the top level through the teleporter or position for mega.

2. Upper RL: From here you can hear and see your opponent. You can hear when he picks up RA and also MH. Also it has nice defensive options. Be there when your opponent went to RA or is going to MH. From here you can also enter the RA room quite nicely. The higher velocity of the area before the little stairs down to LG give you slighter better odds in a fight.

Now here the tactics. Because you are bad you will be on YA side. This is the out of control side.

1. Grab GL
2. Go through the teleporter so that you can see RG (beware of rail shots when crossing the window with the bars)
3. Spam nades there to prevent him going through the teleporter on his side and spam some down to the terrace right next to his teleporter
4. Go to upper RL and before you expose yourself! throw some grenades straight down through the doorway where he will be next waiting for his chance to rail
5. Now you have some options. If he goes to bridge where RG is you can go to the RA area. If he goes to RA area you can collect the rail or position for the MH. If he starts to be aggressive, drop back to GL and play the escape game.

Here is a vid of how strenx does it: https://youtu.be/p2wd0PO-lf0?t=99

The difference here is that he does not spam nades to the terrace but to the doorway. It really depends on the situation. The goal here is to give a starting point. Something easy to rely on.

Don't do anything else. Do not go over MH to RL. Do not attack RA from lower RL. Do not go through the teleporter at RG. It is not worth it. Stay save.

Finally when in control do the following:

1. Stay at lower RL and interrupt your opponent when he tries to get out of his basement.
2. When he passes upper RL to LG it is time to go to LG. If he gets RA he will be able to take map control by occupying the lower RL position.
3. When he is about to take MH, deal damage! Do not let him take it without dealing damage. If the RA is already up, deal damage and then back up to RA. If you let him take MH undamaged then its becoming dangerous.

Don't go to YA (most of the time). Don't let the opponent get to lower RL if you are not in RA room. Let them starve to death. They will get desperate and make a mistake.

If you lose the position to the insane fighting skills of your opponent, fall back to YA side. Do not make any of the mistakes stated above in the out of control section. Start your come back from GL. Work your way to upper level and so on.

Summarized this map has to pivotal points. Lower RL room and RA room. Winning or losing fights their will decide if you lose or take map control.

In the next section you can study some replays by pros.

Watch this scene of evil vs cypher starting at 1:12. You will see evil getting a frag on cypher. After getting map control by taking the RA and being in general in the RA side of the map he starts to attack YA. See what happens.


Same situation like in the video above. Cypher gets map control by taking RA and then he leaves RA side to attack YA at 7:49. This is the beginning of him losing map control. Despite hitting really hard and also getting two more frags, cooller is able to establish his position on RA side.


When Cooller gets in full control he starts to stifle into the lower RL room. Watch it in the link below. At first you will see a cooller who was not able to be at RA before it spawns thus eating a lot of damage. But after making a frag out of this situation and collecting RA he really starts to dominate the map. His key to success is, that he never lets go of the lower RL room. He only leaves it when he is sure he will be back in time. You can see him controlling a very aggressive, hard hitting and fighty cypher. What a nice accomplishment through applying a good tactic vs a pure beast!


So the goal is to take this lower RL position. Most important thing on this map. But i don’t know how to get there by now.

When i asked jaysson about what i could do he told me, take more items, hit more shots. Lol… help appreciated, not.

I see many people making the mistakes described here and ending getting raped. If you stick to this guide you will have a really solid tactical base. You for sure will have to practise things like the escape game. When you are able enough you can start extending it and find your own game.

When the execution of your tactic starts to be successful, prepare for various insults.