Three weeks ago, our brave thirty-two Americans embarked on a journey. What was the purpose of their quest? Was it to test the pulse of the arena FPS scene? Was it prove defiantly to the masses that we aren't just seventeen players playing against fifteen bots? Regardless of their motives their Foolish Legacy will not forgotten. The group stages have concluded and here are the results of their efforts. The top two players in groups advance to Division I playoffs and the bottom two players in groups proceed to Division II playoffs.

Playoffs begin now, Monday, April 2 2018 and end on Sunday, April 15 2018. Without further ado, I humbly announce our sixteen players in the Division I playoffs and our ten players in the Division II playoffs.

*We also gathered some Fun Statistics from the group stages. We hope you enjoy them.

Links: cpma Americas Promode Conference Discord Server, Tournament Page, 1337 Match Fixtures & Betting Odds, challonge Division I Brackets Page, challonge Division II Brackets Page, cpma playmorepromode