"What would be CHAOS without a nice set of maps specially designed for it? (Of course CHAOS runs with every Deathmatch and CTF map out there in the net… …but playing in maps done for our mod gives that special extra thrill =)

Here you can find screenshots from all official CHAOS maps… a short description… (… and maybe also an inspiration ….for making own CHAOS maps =) Because we also show user-made maps here which aren’t yet in one of our map packs…"

Chaotic Dreams: The Maps of CHAOS Quake 2

Anybody out there that has played Chaos for Quake 2 and would be able to describe it a little, please do, that would be great! The inherently chaotic nature of the mod itself seems to make it hard for me to understand... For example, in the process of posting this archive, I found myself returning again and again to the same existential pondering: "What's up with the crossbow?"