I've been following the evolution of QC since the beginning and I remember a short period during which the champion system was really interesting and enjoyable to spectate (in duel mode i mean)

Maybe I'm wrong and I don't remember it so well but it was right before they released the patch that made Clutch a flying robot.

I remember Cypher using Galena, toxjq using Scalebarer, some other pros using BJ Blazkowicz.
Visor was also picked sometimes to counter Nyx. There was also Strenx using Ranger and killing it with the Dire orb.

Now it seems people only use Anarki, Nyx, Sorlag + Slash and that new Doom guy every once in a while.

So my question is: what happened ? Did they fuck up the whole balance with that patch ? Or it's just that the pros hadn't figured out which champions were the most efficient at the time ?