Quake player since qtest here. I've gone through many different input devices, starting with the old Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel, then to the 1.1a, mx518, g400, and now my current g400s (2nd revision). I've *always* used the right mouse button for jump in FPS games. Once FPS games started having 'aim down sights' as a standard function, I started using the mouse browser forward (mouse5) button for the ADS/zoom function in newer games.

I'm interested in the Basilisk because it has the "clutch" which can be bound to basically do ADS/zoom like I am used to using mouse5 for currently, but have never had a desire to own anything made by Razer.

Just wanted to get some thoughts about this mouse here before taking the plunge and ordering it. I'll never use the default "sniper" function for it as I stick with one sensitivity 99% of the time, besides when I turn up the dpi on my mouse for quicker turning in vehicles that lower sensitivity in some games, like Battlefield.

The placement of this "clutch" seems much more accessible than the mouse5 button I've been using for years, so that's whats drawing me towards buying this one. I know there are other mice that have a similar sniper button, but I don't know of any currently that are any better than the Basilisk. Any thoughts on these other mice that have a similar button and if/why they would be a better purchase than the Basilisk?

Seems the Basilisk has the same sensor in the deathadder elite, if that helps. I like the adjustable resistance mousewheel too, as I use that for item pickup/use in some games to avoid spamming a keyboard key.

Thanks to anyone who took their time to read this and respond. <3