I would say that I think the Q2 community is currently one of the MOST APATHET of the whole Quake series, and I like countless number of fans of this game, I am very sad and disappointed. =(

Yes, I can imagine the difficulty that many european q2 top-players have in traveling to the US to participate in a QuakeCon, but comparing what the QW community did yearly in commemoration of the 20 years of Q1 with what it was Done and planned so far for Q2 is something very poor and discouraging. I do not understand why so much apathy, since QW guys did something epic in 2016. Even the Doom 2 community did something very beautiful in "QuakeCon 2013".

Shit, not even the names of the american community are thinking about doing something similar and so little went to QuakeCon this year!!

Damn, this year Q2 will turn 20 years, something great should already be about to be made (or should have been done in QuakeCon) in terms of a great commemorative Lanparty! An event that hosted an epic Duel, TDM (both OpenTDM mod) and CTF (L-Fire, for being a vanilla CTF mod) tournaments!

Is that so? Will 2017, the year that Q2 complete 20 years will be gone blank without even a big event??