It's impossible to -easily- set up a multiplayer scenario without multiple people scripting events, so perhaps follow this to quickly check without running a specific route. Obviously you'll get further reduced frames in a full match... plus it's BETA.

I've included results for low, med, high and ultra... plus experimented with each setting to find the most optimal settings for the current beta on my setup i.e. which settings actually change FPS. I'll be doing something similar for a 1080p vs 1440p video I'm putting together and figured i'd just export and compile initial data to potentially help others.

I'm streaming using OBS Studio and NVENC at 720p 60fps. These were done live whilst testing a new monitor, I additionally included a set of results when not streaming for my settings in the spreadsheet. Streaming in QC tends to reduce your in-game fps in the region of 12-20. Which seems to follow an older video I produced using CSGO:

Perhaps this way you can compare with friends.