Since I started playing QC I changed my sensitivity at least 100 times. I rarely manage to play more than a couple of games before deciding I need to try different settings.
So far the only conclusion all this testing has brought me to is that I'm definitely better with accel. Without accel my aim is jittery with anything less than 25cm/360 and that's already too low for me to keep up with the fast pace of the game.
So I tried using 25cm with some accel, but when I use enough accel to make 180 turns comfortable it also makes my aim jittery again, so I tried lower sens with more accel and tried to find a balance.

Right now my go to settings when I'm not testing something else are:
0.865 sens, 1600DPI, 0.012 accel. But 0.012 accel translated to 400DPI is 0.192... that's insanely high isn't it?

You guys have any tips how I can figure out the best sens/accel combination for me?
What are the common settings?
I tested some of the settings from the thread below, but they seem to be out-dated/not suited for QC.