I have an OEM X80 that has no issues, other than some wear from use on it. Then I bought a new WMO 1.1a, also an X80, but non OEM. It was in extremely good condition (which I was a little skeptical about) I tested it out and it was a legit sensor in it. It matched my older WMO exactly except in condition and color. But after roughly 7 months I started having really bad problems with the liftoff. Whenever I lift the mouse the cursor flicks to a corner of my screen, this isn't a software issue I already checked. Now is there a way to reduce this or fix this? If not I might buy another WMO 1.1a or maybe and IME 3.0, if I do neither I might try to swap the case of this mouse with my older one, only using the older one's sensor and etc.