First of all, take a look at the following trailer. Take a good look.

What is wrong you say? There's a girl, there's asians, there's whites... But where are African Americans? First of all, we're all from Africa. Second of all, black lives matter. It is beyond me that id would ignore a whole race like this.

What kind of a message does this send to African American communities? Does id see them only as drug dealers and crack fiends? There's not even a black champion in the game!!!

Afro American community provided us with numerous great players and this is a direct insult to them. Think of Lost_cause, he's probably still in Africa (mostly due to his team not paying for his flight back), imagine how he feels now that he got ignored by the game he dedicated a lot of his life to.

Think of br1ck, the QuakeCon champion. Pretty sure he feels like shit now that id released a video in which a black man is reduced to gangbanging and drive-bys, since apparently they're not capable of wielding a mouse and keyboard instead of Mag-7 and uzi.

#blacklivesmatter #kickracismoutofesports