Long long ago I came here and ended up purchasing a Deathadder, today, it's on it's way out, or at least I think it is. In game it skips a heck load: have formatted, installed old drivers, used 500/1000, kept it on native 1800. I've also read that the QCK likes to cause skipping, could be a lot of things, either way, I'm on the hunt for a new mouse!

I've read quite a lot of threads, comments seen heaps of graphs and the EC2A appeals to me quite a lot. However, I feel like I'm missing something, or will end up purchasing it and being disappointed in someway - I guess I'm posting for verification before I buy it.

I play low sens, use my entire extended pad, vertical is still not enough, my deathadder feels back heavy which i dont like and the scrolling always jumps up and down, overall it's a really solid mouse and i love it, just a few issues the last several months.

Some of my main questions left are:

- is zowie/benq working on a new/upgraded version?
- is there anything "better"

I really like the look of the DA Elite, the rubber finish and scroll wheel look mint ( https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7y8jTQR0Cos/maxresdefault.jpg ) that photo makes me want the DA, I also don't really like how the DPI switch also toggles the mwheel colour - is there a way to turn the light off? I love how it has no software and looks minimal.

sorry for the ramble

tldr; ask me questions to help me choose the best mice for me, i like the ec2a and can't really buy 50 different mice and usually make bad decisions (don't buy corsair ram!)