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The last days, due to the inminent release of the Quake Champions open beta and Bethesda's aim to provide it with the largest amount of users possible, i've seen lots of people debating on why Quake is not as successful as other game franchises, commonly finding its main causes at the developers action or inaction, such as the scarce quantity and quality of content released, its retro graphics and the inability to update them to the present days, etc. But there's one aspect which is not so frequently put up to debate, and that could really make a difference in terms of success in the times to follow for this beautiful game: competitions.

The Quake community is famous for its competitiveness among other games, in which 90% of their commonly way-bigger-than-Quake playerbase's contact with competition is a few million viewers stream. This community has always been very active in terms of community-based tourneys and leagues (despite of not having an open LAN client), and even in the late times this has been the main support for the pro scene. The community, through events like ESL, Euro Tournaments, 125 FPS leagues and Sunday Cups, HoQ Leagues, Clanbase, and many others, played a really crucial role in the last years for Quake to remain active and interesting to follow.

My personal opinion is that competitions get more interesting for everyone when there's some reward awaiting for the winner, even if this reward is not enough to make a living out of esports. For this reason i think that we should go over this 100% free to play mood (even more since Quake is one of the few games that can provide almost infinite hours of fun) and put our very little own effort in supporting the supporters, both players and organizers. This F2P ideal has always been inherent to the Quake essence, but its now that the gaming scene has become massive that some changes are needed.

With a little bigger rewards for the players and a little bigger support for the admins, more players will take part in the competitions and also the promotional and organizative effort made by the admins will be stronger, providing a more attractive look to the product. With more players taking part in competitions, more potential viewers and followers will arrive, and, hopefully, this would generate an increase of activity into the community.

So please guys, F1 and thanks for your time.