Hi everyone I want to buy a gaming mouse can you help me out? and btw here are my criteries:
1.Grip style? Claw and fintertip :)
2. Sensitivity? I'm using 1.1 sensivity in CS:GO with 800 DPI and sometimes 0.88 sensitivity with 1000 DPI
What's your maximum budget? 1500 php to 2000 php = 30 dollars to 40 dollars (I'm from the Philippines)
Do you want additional buttons? Maybe ? but two side buttons is okay :)
What games do you play? CS:GO only
Do you mind about prediction? Not sure about this
Other relevant information:

Im looking a good mice because i want to step up my game on CS:GO so pleeasee help me

and btw Gaming mice here in our country are overpriced for example Rival 100 is priced here 1925 PHP which is around 38 dollars while Kinzu v3 is priced 1625 PHP which is around 31 dollars.
and i dont know about the other gaming mices. So what are your suggestions?
btw it is my first gaming mice