I finally got my g pro , after trying several different mouses to try and replace my wmo .

I instantly lost like 50% of my skill, grip was too od, fixed the grip some (slainted sides,width still bugging me) by adding SUGRU(love this stuff) . Now my movement was good and aim was coming along .

But it didnt get comfortable at all , and aim didnt improve more.

Went back to wmo and instantly aimed alot better, like with the wmo i can just point the crosshair with my fingers\wrist where i want to .

Why ? it must be sensor position ? sensor position when measured from fingertips is ~5 cm with wmo and ~6 with g pro .

This is annoying, i dont have time to put in the amount of hours it takes to relearn aiming this much , just want to play , but would also like to move away from this older technology , g pro buttons low latency is amazing.

Any suggestions ? frankenmouse ? Sensor placement seems today to be mostly a "agreed upon" placement by most companys .

i have a g100s shell and g303 sensor which i plan to frankenmouse, and from h8m3 pictures , it seems like this frankenmouse makes the sensor position higher then standard, good thing for me.

But ofcourse wmo frankenmouse would be the best, but it is the button latency that i would like the most to imrpove, even tho low malfunction speed of my wmo sometimes trips out on me.

Do i really need to buy a 3d printer and learn soldering to get a wmo shape\sensor position with logitech internals ?