Just recently rewatched and damn highly recommend:

Redbelt (David Mamet, 2008)

Mamet is not as known in Europe as he's with American film students and what not. Undeservedly. This is a brilliant piece, that at first plays out like one of those 08/15 regular not so interesting drama/action/relationship/everything piece with some sort of feature/gimmick which in this case is martial arts. Everything about it is just 100% there in terms of camera and actors, so I kept watching compared to let's say one of those usual Oscar baits that I don't really want to watch anymore.

But the last third/quarter just goes beyond everything. Not because it changes the story/plot or anything, just because the film changes from this 08/15 thing to a interesting work on film(s) itself.

If you LOVED those martial arts films from the 1990s or w/e and you understand how they work and manipulate you and stuff, this will be one of your favourites as well.

If you want to post in this thread, pls don't post films from those oh so alternative directors such as Tarantino, Lynch, Refn, Kubrick, Nolan. This one is reserved for those films that are just a degree less popular. Everybody knows these anyway.