So today a Korean team with 150+ ping took down some weaker NA teams and took 1st in a weekend tourney. They coordinated very well of course and used some strategic intelligent play that was very refreshing to watch honestly. I assume their whole families will be put to death if they lost but even so I was impressed with the way the were prepared.

Anyway, tonight at 12:30 am est I'm on twitch and I see about 1/3 the streams are Asian. So to me, it looks like OW has been accepted by the east which could be huge as far as money making potential for our old Quake pros. To my knowledge, asians have never really embraced an FPS.

So this makes me excited for our pros and I hope more of them join some teams. There seems to be a major lack of talent right now in OW and the game appears to have a chance to blow up worldwide for a while.

Could be a good chance for Quakers to win money, get their names out there, and then bring some popularity to Quake Champions when it comes out.

Anyone else agree?